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Hopeless Waste of Time

Sometimes, posts on other blogs will spark something I want to touch on, but it’s even rarer when it’s not blog posts, but responses to blog posts, that specifically make me want to comment.

In response to this article, a commenter here said this:

I also think your questions were excellent and pertinent. This whole blog is very well written and I’m glad someone has touched on the “guilt” some of us have for living with parrots at all. It’s kind of a catch 22 because we certainly cannot release them but we can choose to adopt rather than purchase a baby if we decide to expand our flocks – or begin one. Reduced demand is the only thing that will slow down breeding and reducing breeder output is the only thing that will will reduce the number of “un-homed” parrots. “Do as I say, not as I do” is always a tricky sentiment but that’s pretty much what those of us with parrots are expressing when we try to enlighten the uninitiated and share our qualms about parrots in captivity. Our parrots are very well cared for and they have known no other life but I can’t help feel it’s still not quite right and the number of parrots in sanctuaries would seem to bear this out.

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