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Religious Super-Sensitivity

You’re asking me to take responsibility for my life? You monster!

Wow, I’m finding a lot to bitch about religion lately, which I guess isn’t any real surprise, but there you go.  I just had someone tell me a story about her family, who belong to this super-strict Christian sect that believe that you can never get re-married unless your ex-spouse is dead.  If your husband divorces you, you have to remain unmarried for the rest of your life because if you get married again while your husband lives, it’s adultery and we can’t have that.

So apparently, her brother divorced his wife of 20 years and ran off with his secretary, after conveniently leaving the religion so it was all kosher.  So she’s sitting there lamenting how terrible it is for his ex-wife, who has two children, that she has to spend the rest of her life alone because of this ridiculous religious conviction.  So I tell her hey, it’s her choice to remain with the religion, the ex-wife could do exactly what her brother did, change religions and then go get re-married if she wants! While the situation sucks and her brother is an asshole, that’s no excuse for this poor woman to spend the rest of her life alone for something she apparently had no fault in.

Oh boy, the shit hits the fan!  Suddenly, I’m a horrible, horrible person for suggesting that she can throw away her deeply held religious beliefs of the past 40 years, just because it’s convenient.  Well hell, her brother seems to have been able to do it!  I didn’t even tell her to do anything, I’ve never even met this person, but now I’m evil because I want her to go give up her religion.  Nope, I just gave it as an option.  Let’s be honest, her ex-sister-in-law is the only one keeping herself in this situation. Nobody is holding a gun to her head.  Nobody is forcing her to keep these beliefs.  This is like bashing yourself on the head with a brick repeatedly and pretending you’re the victim.  No, just stop hitting yourself with a brick!  This isn’t that hard!  But no, I’m the bad person because I dare to suggest common sense.  Go figure.

I will never understand these people.