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Good Job Microsoft!

This is just a stupid little personal story, so if you’re not into that, skip it.  Recently, I had some serious computer trouble where my computer would not reboot.  It hung and refused to start Windows no matter what I did, and I worked on it for hours and hours before I finally decided, screw it, I would just back up all of my data and reload Windows from scratch.

This did indeed solve the problem, obviously, since I’m here writing about it.  But that’s not the part I want to get to.  So I had to go back and reload all of my software, which honestly was fine because my system was pretty bloated, moreso than I even realized when I looked at the long, long, long list of software that got deleted in the reload.  I went through the list and only replaced the stuff that I really, really needed and one of those things was Microsoft Office.

Now the reload wasn’t a problem, I whipped out their disc and installed it just fine, but when it came time to put in their 25-character registration code, I couldn’t find it.  We looked for a good half hour and couldn’t locate it.  I know we have it so while my wife contacted Microsoft for it again, I just hit cancel on the registration and finished the installation without it, figuring it would pop up and ask for it the first time I ran any of the programs.

So jump forward a couple of hours, we’ve got the code again, and I am impressed that the nice people at Microsoft, or their people in India at least, looked it up and gave my wife not only a link for the digital download of the software, but her registration code, I went to enter it and… I didn’t need to.

Apparently, just hitting “cancel” registered the software.  So now I have registered software without any name on it.  Why would anyone have to pirate this stuff when they can just load it and hit cancel?  Makes no sense to me.  Now I don’t care one way or the other if it has my name on it or not so long as it works, so we tucked the registration code back into the envelope with the CD for the next time we need it.  I’m just wondering if this is some weird glitch or if this is how Office, at least Office 2016 actually works.  I mean, I’m not telling people to go do that, just wondering if anyone else has had that experience. On the one hand, I am thankful that Microsoft actually got our code back to us with no muss and no fuss, but on the other hand, sarcastically, good job for having a completely open program that anyone can install if they have the CD or a pirated download.