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My Little Jesus

sweet_pony_jesusEvery time I think I’ve seen the nuttiest things that religion can come up with, I get blindsided with another one.  Now we all know that religious music is a big part of the church experience and, at least in my experience, much of that music is incredibly old, having been around for dozens if not hundreds of years.  That doesn’t mean that the religious experience hasn’t been updated over the years, the Catholic Church alone has tried to get away from Latin and tired, old music, introducing guitars and drums and other instruments a couple of times in their history, but now, they’re adding something else:  intellectual property theft.

At least I can’t imagine the owners of the My Little Pony music would have licensed their tunes to the Catholics for use in their liturgical music.  Even if they did though, the idea of singing praises to Jesus to the theme of My Little Pony seems patently absurd.  If you don’t believe me, please click on the link above, they have examples of the original and the new Catholic version to compare.

Now this seriously makes me wonder who they are making the new music for?  Did they just think the tune was catchy or are they shooting for a much younger audience who might recognize it and maybe sing along to the new lyrics?  We know that the Catholics, among other Christian religions, are losing members faster than they can fill the pews, is this part of a desperate attempt to recoup their losses or are they catering to a group of youngsters who really have no choice but to accompany their parents to the service?  What’s next?  Priests in colorful costumes with crosses tattooed on their asses?  The choir doing a holy hoe-down?  Animated religious cartoons of My Little Jesus in place of sermons?  Hey, it might make mass almost worth going to.  Almost.