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Memes are Stupid

I know I’ve said this before, but memes are stupid.  And yes, I know that the stupid pictures with text like the one to the left aren’t theoretically memes in the Dawkins sense, but that’s how they’re treated and labeled most often.  So that’s what I’m going with.

Memes are what happens when you’re too damn stupid to be able to talk about the subject intelligently.  They’re what happen when you’re too lazy to express your own ideas.  They’re what happen when you’re too pathetic to form your own beliefs, instead relying on what other people have made to toss around social media.

In other words, memes are for idiots and there are far too many idiots out there.  I am ever so sick of idiots.

And this is one reason why I hate social media so much, because all people do there is throw around supposedly pithy pictures with text pasted over the top of them, as though they’re doing something worthwhile.  That’s why Twitter is so pointless, nobody is talking, everyone is just throwing memes at each other.  Are you people stupid?  It’s no wonder why the young are so laughably idiotic.

The idea of having an intellectual discussion on any of these forums is absurd.  I know, I’ve tried.  But most people are simply incapable of just typing, they constantly send images back and forth because forming independent, individual thoughts is hard.  Defending your positions is a challenge.  The world revolves around memes.  It’s lazy thinking, if you can even describe it as thinking.

And it shocks me how few people seem to recognize this.

I’m honestly expecting people to start showing up at real life political events, not carrying signs, but carrying images.  It’s how people communicate anymore.  It’s pathetic.  This is content for the short attention span theater.  It’s ideas for the short bus crowd.  Can someone please explain it to me?  Because I really don’t get how dumb the modern social media crowd is.