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Assholes at McDonalds

I don’t know what it is about the local McDonalds, but every single time I swing by there in the morning to grab myself some breakfast, invariably I wind up sitting near some wingnut religious asshole who, in an extremely loud voice that everyone in the place can hear, pontificates to his friend about how rotten America is and how religion is all that we need to make it great again. Today, some gray-haired old shit was whining that America was a godless communist country that needs God and we should, get this, execute all atheists before God punishes us all.  It was all I could do not to stand up and cuss this fucking prick out, I ended up grabbing the rest of my food and leaving before I started an incident.

A couple of weeks prior, after dropping my car off at the dealership, which is across the street, I got some other asshat describing anyone who doesn’t buy into his particular  brand of fundamentalist Christianity as “serving Satan”.  I wouldn’t say, because I don’t go to McDonalds for breakfast very often, but I seem to be batting 100 on the religious asshole-o-meter recently.  I can’t recall any other group in any other restaurant being loud and obnoxious, just the hyper-religious pricks and just McDonalds.

So what gives?  Is there an invisible sign outside that says “Assholes Welcome”?  Can’t I enjoy my Deluxe Breakfast in peace without having some loud-mouthed jerk ruining it?  What the hell is up with this?

I guess my question is, does anyone else notice these things?  Do you get accosted by religious windbags while you’re trying to enjoy a quiet meal?  Is there some kind of pattern, or is it just my local Mickey D’s?  Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything similar.  I’m actually kind of curious.

Dealing With the Real Problem

ronald-mcdonald-96There’s a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage and giving the lowest-income workers a “living wage”, yet nobody ever  bothers to deal with the actual reality of the situation and that is, these people simply do not deserve to make more because they’re just not worth more to their employers.  With the call for $15 an hour for fast-food workers, for instance, McDonalds is now looking into automating their cashiers and terminating a large portion of their minimum-wage workforce.  These people just aren’t worth it for McDonalds, and likely most other fast-food establishments.  But the problem here isn’t McDonalds, it’s the low-wage workers themselves.

This is something I’ve said many times in the past, but minimum-wage jobs are not supposed to be a living wage.  They’re just not.  Yet this is the problem that nobody wants to talk about.  You have people who are simply not qualified for any decent paying job, who have little to no education, who have virtually no job skills, who will go through their entire lives never earning more than minimum wage because they have no ambition, or let’s be honest, brains, and are trying to raise a family and live on their own on these wages.  In short, these are people who are fundamentally personally irresponsible that the American taxpayer is paying to live in a manner they simply haven’t earned the right to and instead of recognizing this simple fact, they get mad at McDonalds for not paying these irresponsible people more.


This is what 40 years of liberalism has wrought in the United States.  We’ve spent so many years with our heads buried in the sand, pretending that everyone just deserves things for bothering to wake up in the morning that now, we’ve run into some serious systemic problems that have no easy solutions and the liberals would rather just keep ignoring it.  There’s only so long that you can ignore the issues before you have to meet them head on.  There is an underclass in this country, but it isn’t an underclass that is being kept down, it’s an underclass that has poisoned itself and done everything it can to keep itself down.  Now, we have this underclass that is firmly ensconced in society because we’ve allowed it to be and there isn’t an easy solution.  Our ridiculously liberal society refuses to simply place the blame where it belongs, on people who have dropped out of school, gotten involved in drugs and gangs, had kids out of wedlock that they couldn’t afford, etc.  We blame the employers who are trying to make a profit.  That’s stupid.  Now, these employers are fighting back, and rightfully so, and these low-wage workers won’t be able to get a job anywhere.  Then what do we do?

Oh yeah, we punish the people who actually got an education, worked hard and earned a decent living, we steal their money to give to the poor who did none of these things.  It’s apparently the liberal American way.  It’s why this country is on the fast track to third-world status.