Stupid While Being Black

Things like this make me want to slam my head into a wall repeatedly and I have no idea how anyone with half a clue could possibly write something this utterly idiotic.  Oh wait, they’re liberal!  How silly of me. Now seriously, I really don’t get why it is that so many black people make […]

Liberals Don’t Get Basic Economics

Over on Google+, a liberal and self-identified socialist brought up this article about having a 4-hour work day as a way to improve the world. Even though I wouldn’t think most people in the community were conservative, at least they were all critical thinkers and everyone, without exception, came down on this guy like a […]

There is no Male Privilege Pt 1

Now Buzzfeed is to accurate news sources what Ken Ham is to science, it’s hard to find a something further from the truth. Of course, that doesn’t stop them from putting up all kinds of ridiculous leftist “news” pieces, like this one from a self-declared transexual guy who think he has 25 examples of male privilege. […]

Excellent Video on Political Correctness

I came across this video, it is almost 25 minutes long, but I promise that if you watch it to the end, you’ll understand what I’ve been saying all along about political correctness and the common liberal victim culture.  He lays out out very, very clearly and shows why this is such a growing problem. […]

The Liberal Hypocrisy Continues

Although it’s rare these days, the only blog I ever look at over on FreeThoughtBlogs is the Atheist Experience blog, just to see what people say about the most recent episode of Atheist Experience.  Of course, it’s filled to the brim with a bunch of ultra-liberal whack-a-loons, but what can you expect?  Recently, on this […]

Who Didn’t Know This about Narcissism?

Researchers get paid altogether too much money to tell us things that anyone with an ounce of common sense already knows. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports that, by studying more than 500 children in the Netherlands, researchers found that parents who praise their children too much may encourage […]

Racism: Gotta Start ’em Young

Only in a place like San Francisco would you find such an absurd liberal load of horse shit taking place.  We’ve all heard of the Girl Scouts, right?  And their younger counterparts, the Brownies?  Well here’s a group, based in Oakland, right outside of San Francisco, one of the major hubs for liberal lunacy, who […]

History Isn’t Sexist

I recently had a kerfluffle with an Internet liberal feminist, although even though she self-identified as a feminist first and foremost, it could have been with any number of social justice warriors on the far left.  I responded to her demand that we as a society do more to recognize and celebrate the contributions that […]

Even Environmentalists Are Skeptical

The crazy liberal climate change idiots have been screaming for decades that the sky is falling and it’s all our fault. They claim that the ice caps are going to melt, that the beach-front property is going to flood, that there will be terrible tornadoes and hurricanes, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers […]

Liberalism is Killing the Social Sciences

It’s well known that liberals are over-represented in academic and social science fields, that’s something that many liberal academics point out smugly, that conservatives just aren’t smart enough to make it in the educational field.  Of course, they ignore the old canard, “those that can, do, those that can’t, teach” and I think to a […]

Avoiding Ferguson No More

I’ve purposely not addressed the Ferguson shooting, I’ve carefully avoided talking about Michael Brown and Darren Wilson and the whole nonsense that arose following both the shooting itself and the Grand Jury announcement.  For one, it doesn’t matter, it’s just been children acting like children and people taking advantage of a situation to riot and […]

The Emotional Nature of Liberalism

It’s really hard to find people who identify as both “conservative” and “atheist”, as I’ve written many times before.  It’s even harder to find people who, identifying as conservative atheists, are willing to talk about religion, most are ardent debaters of political subjects but rarely, if ever, delve into religious topics.  Therefore, I was quite […]

Black Atheists are Racist?

Yesterday was the National Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers.  I heard quite a few people talking about it and, without exception, every single one of them said that the major purpose of the day is to focus on the difficulty of black non-believers finding other black non-believers to talk to. So what?  Why do […]

Atheism & Liberalism: Correlation vs. Causation

I ran into a comment on another blog that seemed to suggest that there is a direct causative link between atheism and liberalism, as though one caused the other, that’s why so many atheists self-identify as liberals.  Sorry, this just isn’t the case. Unfortunately, there are lots of people, atheists included, who really don’t understand […]