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Stop the Illiberal Left


It’s really funny to listen to a lot of people on the left who pretend to be for freedom and individuality and free speech, yet in practice, they’re anything but.  Lots of people are coming to that conclusion, even people on the left who realize that so many people on the liberal fringe are not in favor of any of those things, in fact, they hate freedom and responsibility and the ability to speak your mind.  They are, what columnist Kirsten Powers calls, “the illiberal left“.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of reading liberal books and Powers does consider herself a lifelong liberal even though she works for FOX, but even she realizes that fundamental liberal values are being attacked by people that she thought were on her side.  These extremists cannot handle free speech that goes against their narrow views.  They want journalists who defy their wishes fired from their jobs and black listed from the industry.  Dissent cannot be allowed and we’ve seen this time and time again in recent years.  Either you drink their Kool Aid or you shut your mouth and they have no problem attacking you, harassing you or trying their level best to harm you, emotionally, financially and maybe even physically, because you refuse to toe their line.

It’s because of this that I find the idea that liberals are for freedom and anti-authoritarianism to be laughably absurd.  It’s clearly not the case anymore.  They want everyone to think like they think, act like they act and if you don’t, they have no problem trying to bring the full force of the law against you.  It’s why schools, once the bastion of free speech and expression, now have speech codes, “free speech areas” and are requiring people to attend sensitivity training because they haven’t had this ultra-liberal indoctrination shoved deep enough into their skulls.

I really recommend that anyone interested in this subject read Powers’ book, it really is a disturbing look at how the political and social left in America has gone batshit insane.  It’s also funny to read the far-left response to the book, where they try to defend their actions by saying that they don’t really have the political power to forcefully take away anyone’s right to free speech, that it happens as a consequence of their actions is beside the point.  It’s a coincidence.  Liberals can’t actually do these things, never mind that they really, really want to, they just lack the power.  Sorry, the desire to forcibly stop someone from speaking their mind is antithetical to the American political system, whether you hold a gun to their head, pass a law, or simply ruin their lives.  Anyone who engages in these behaviors needs a good swift kick in the teeth, it is reprehensible and it’s standard operating procedure for the new illiberal left.  We’ve all seen it.  We all continue to see it.  It’s disgusting.