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The Rise of Fake News

Seriously, I am sick and tired of the mainstream media and their usage of fake news.  And by fake news, I don’t mean that they just make stuff up, I mean they take legitimate stories, then spin it to fit their particular political narrative.  That is not what the news media is supposed to be doing, although you certainly couldn’t tell based on what the media in this country has become.

I just want you to give me the news. Don’t moralize about it.  Don’t explain it.  Don’t give me your opinions on it.  Just report.  Is that so hard to do?

Apparently so, as this segment of CNN with Don Lemon shows.  He convened a group of people and one of them called CNN on their fake news bullshit.  And instead of letting that person talk and make a point, Lemon had a hissy fit because it went against CNN’s editorial biases.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxiUISLfsR8′]

This is not what news reporting is supposed to be.  There was a time when we had investigative journalists in this country who wanted to get to the truth, regardless of what that truth was, because the people had a right to know what was going on.  Those days are long gone, as virtually all mainstream news sources today operate on a political bias and they manufacture their narrative based on what they want the American people to think.  So they pick stories they want to report on, then they spin them so that people hear only what they want people to hear.  People think only what they want people to think. It’s no longer about reporting the news, it’s about creating reality by only pushing a very biased narrative.  And both the left and the right do it and I find it completely disgusting.

That’s why I don’t pay much, if any attention to the mainstream media anymore.  I don’t want to hear what you think about the news, I just want the facts, all of the facts and nothing but the facts.  I can form my own conclusions based on those facts, I don’t need your help.  In fact, if you try to “help” me, I will simply turn you off and go find someone else who is just reporting what’s going on, not what I ought to think about it.