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Horror Show Sunday: It’s Always the Vocal Ones

Stephen_StubbsI know you’ve noticed it too, but it seems the louder an apologist screams, the more noise a preacher makes, the more a holy roller waves their arms about some perceived evil in the world, the more likely it is that they’re actually doing something they’re not supposed to be doing under the table.

We’ve seen it with holier-than-thou politicians in Washington who scream about immorality and are discovered with their hands in the cookie jar, or some young boy’s pants.  We’ve seen it with teary-eyed televangelists who condemn people for sexual immorality, then can’t keep their pants on.

And now we see it with well-known Florida preacher John Stevens Stubbs of the West Palm Beach Restoration of Life Ministries who has been arrested for having sex with an underage girl.  Anyone surprised?

According to the report, Stubbs hired a former babysitter to become his personal assistant and during the summer of 2009, Stubbs had her stay over at his house.  In the middle of the night, the girl reports, she was awakened by Stubbs and sexually assaulted.  There are now claims made by two other underage girls that Stubbs molested them as well.  Seriously, is anyone even the least bit surprised?

Jasmine Omar Brown

Then how about the case of Jasmine Omar Brown, an Arizona youth minister who pleaded guilty to child molestation not long before Stubbs?   Brown was arrested back in 2011 and has now pleaded guilty to charges of molestation of a child and two counts of attempted sexual contact with a minor.  The event happened during a summer camp at Family of God Christian Fellowship in Apache Junction, Arizona, after which the boy reported to Mesa police that Brown had touched him inappropriately.  Brown has been sentenced to ten years in prison, with a lifetime probation and is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

These religious people, using their religious positions and powers to get into the pants of children.  When will it ever end?