#BLM Doesn’t Understand Law Enforcement

The mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, just had a meeting with the local chapter head of Black Lives Matter, who handed out a list of demands regarding law enforcement. Among their demands were: 1. Better police training. 2. De-escalation training. 3. Reduced funding to Atlanta PD. 4. End special operation to reduce gun crimes. 5. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.17

Jewish Cooties! Ultra-Orthodox Jews are afraid of women, gay-hating Jewish stabber returns to stab again, the secrets of the Reconstructionist Right, a three-year old terrorist and political donors come from a small pool.  Plus, Iran isn’t a monster, stop pretending they are.  So what are you still doing here, go listen!

Someone Please Blow Up Israel

I’m going to say something that will piss off our neo-conservative brethren to no end.  No, correction, it will piss off most people.  I desperately want someone to blow the holy shit out of Israel and leave the whole place a smoking crater in the sand. Okay, probably not that bad.  I’ll settle for Jerusalem.  […]