The Latest Invasion

We’ve seen a ton of attempts over the years for illegal aliens to skirt American law by appealing to emotion, yet this latest attempt is probably the most horrific and unfortunately, it’s one that Americans are falling for.  Granted, Americans haven’t been that bright when it comes to illegal immigration, especially on the liberal and […]

Living in a Maternity Mansion

I’m absolutely against illegal immigration, people jumping fences and running into our country illegally, riding in the back of smuggler’s vans until they can make it to civilization and blend into the underground and get work under the table, etc.  I have nothing against legal immigration, people who fill out all the proper paperwork and […]

Stupid and Lazy

Not long ago, I posted in a forum that I thought illegal aliens, no matter where they came from, were stupid and lazy.  Of course, the whining liberals disagreed, clearly they couldn’t be stupid or lazy, they were coming to the U.S. to work!  Well, not really, lots were coming for the freebies or to […]