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Horror Show Thursday: Sometimes They Don’t Come Back

When religion causes harm, sometimes it’s harm to the most faithful.  And sometimes it’s just evolution in action.  Case in point, Prophet Shamiso Kanyama of Zimbabwe was trying to cleanse evil spirits from the house of the Mutero family in a small village called Mazonde.  But when he couldn’t do it, he asked the five members of the family to bury him alive so that he could marshal his powers from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way and the five family members are now charged with his murder.

One of the men present, Joseph Taderera, warned that what they were doing was dangerous and that they should stop, but as Taderera told High Court Justice Owen Tagu at the trial, “I warned the men about the danger of their actions, but my advice fell on deaf ears because Kanyama shouted, telling me that I am disturbing his angels, and urged them to continue filling the grave, saying that he would later come out alive.”

Yeah, that didn’t go so well, did it?

After burying Kanyama, he didn’t come back to life as promised and eventually he was exhumed from his makeshift grave, completely dead.  And the house was never cleansed either.  That’s what happens when you believe in magical powers and evil spirits.

Now I wish I could say this was a unique case but it isn’t.  All kinds of crazy religious nutters believe in all kinds of crazy religious nuttery.  They think that their beliefs give them magical powers when all it does is give them delusions.  And when you really believe those delusions, you do stupid things like get yourself buried alive.  It’s a good candidate for a Darwin award.

So remember the lessons learned on Horror Show Thursday.  Don’t do stupid stuff.  Don’t believe stupid stuff.  Don’t be stupid like Prophet Shamiso Kanyama of Zimbabwe was.

Horror Show Thursday: Bombs on Wheels

You’ve got to watch these people everywhere, even those you might not suspect, because suicide bombers come in all walks, and rolls, of life.  On a flight from Mogadishu to Djibouti, a wheelchair-bound suicide bomber detonated a bomb which blew a door-sized hole in the side of a plane.  One of the passengers, thought to be the bomber himself, was sucked out of the plane, on fire, and was later found in the town of Balad, 20 miles outside of Mogadishu.

Because the bomber was in a wheelchair, security personnel didn’t search him thoroughly, leading to the incident.  Investigators found traces of high grade TNT in the area and suspect that the bomb was concealed in a laptop.  The bombing is thought to be the work of Somalia’s al-Shabaab terrorist group, an ally of ISIS and also the group responsible for crashing a Russian airliner in Egypt last year.

Luckily, thanks to quick thinking and action on the part of the flight crew, they performed an emergency landing and none of the 74 other passengers were killed, although two suffered injuries.  Authorities have named the bomber as Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh, 55, from Somaliland.

This is one of those cases where things could have been much, much worse.  Because disabled people are such a common sight in Somalia, airport security rarely checks them carefully and it could have been an absolute disaster in this case.  If you’re going to do airport security, you need to do it equally for everyone, no matter how seemingly innocent they might look.  You just never know what kind of religious zealot is going to try to get on your plane with a bomb stuffed somewhere, intent on killing innocent people for their god.  I hate to sound paranoid, but this is just one more case of something really potentially bad happening that only happened because airport security failed to stop it.  When the majority of security checks in American airports fail when tested, what can we expect when some crazy theist with a death wish and a holy mission decides to take down an airliner and the TSA completely misses the boat?

I guess that will just be another day on Horror Show Thursday.

Horror Show Thursday: Blowing Up Kids

Hey, I think we can all agree that if you’re looking for a modern religion that’s about as reprehensible as you can get, radical Islam takes the cake.  Not only do they hate a large portion of the planet, but their methods are unnecessarily barbaric.  But never let it be said that ISIS doesn’t go above and beyond the call of duty, now they’re putting bombs in children’s dolls, specifically so they can target children while undergoing a religious pilgrimage.

Every year, Shia Muslims make a pilgrimage during the religious celebration of Arbaeen.  It’s a celebration following a 40-day period of mourning that marks the recognition of the death of Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Hussein.  Many Shia Muslims trek to the city of Karbala for a huge religious gathering.  But those fun loving assholes in ISIS, because they hate Shia Muslims, littered bomb dolls along the roads that pilgrims are expected to travel, in hopes that children will pick them up and carry them to a place where a huge number of casualties can occur.

The dolls were discovered by security forces in al-Husseiniya, a largely Shiite area of northern Baghdad, thus the Shiites saved the lives of many potential Shia victims.  I guess that goes to show that even traditional enemies can help each other when a bigger, badder enemy comes along.

But ISIS isn’t stopping with dolls.  They’ve been known to forcibly recruit young boys into “junior Jihadi training camps” in hopes of creating an entire generation of children who have never known a life without suicide bombing.  It’s been reported that in one such camp, an infant was detonated as part of a training exercise.  And, of course, ISIS has been found guilty of “several cases of mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children and burying children alive.”

These are some great people, aren’t they?  Maybe when they claim Islam is the religion of peace, they mean it’s the religion of pieces, meaning the bits that their followers blow themselves into.  These might be disgusting human beings, but what can you expect from the fanatically religious?  It’s horrific for most, but for ISIS, it’s just Horror Show Thursday.

Horror Show Thursday: Culture of Secrecy

There’s a conspiracy afoot in Boulder, Colorado, as police find a disturbing culture of secrecy within a church as it tries to cover up the sexual misdeeds of a youth pastor at the VineLife Church.

in 2013, Youth Pastor Jason Roberson was arrested and charged with sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust when the woman reported to police that she had been part of a relationship that started when she was 15 and continued for 7 years.  Roberson plead guilty and was put in prison for two years in 2014.  The police also charged Roberson’s father and another pastor, Luke Humbrecht, for knowing about the abuse yet failing to report it to authorities.

However, this goes a lot deeper, as police also ended up charging many of the church’s clergy with similar charges.  They all knew about the illegal affair, yet did nothing to stop it and did not report it to the police.  Pastor Robert Young, as well as church elders Warren Williams and Edward Bennell, are being charged with a class 3 misdemeanor, which usually carries a relatively light penalty, but because they refused to accept any responsibility for their actions, prosecutors are requesting the harshest penalty available, up to 8 days in jail and 100 hours of community service.

According to prosecutors, “At the heart of this case is a local church’s coordinated effort to conceal a victim’s report of repeated acts of sexual abuse — perpetrated by a youth pastor, the son of one of the church’s elders — from the church’s own congregation, the local community and law enforcement in Boulder County.”  Pastors routinely gave sermons that encouraged the congregation to forgive “the repentant” and essentially told them to keep their mouths shut.  The criminal’s father, church Elder Walter Roberson, said in an e-mail, “the decisions we make are under His (God’s) authority, not human government.”

This led prosecutors to issue a memorandum which reads: “The defendants have gone to great lengths to minimize any personal accountability for what occurred in this case. Since the defendants continue to refuse to take responsibility for their decisions to ignore their duties as mandatory reporters, the people request a sentence that will give the defendants ample opportunity to reflect upon their choices and to prevent this situation from occurring in the future.”

It’s bad enough you have pastors molesting minors, but when their entire church is in on the cover-up and apparently sees nothing wrong with hiding it from the proper authorities, that lands the case on Horror Show Thursday, right where it belongs.




Horror Show Thursday: Withstanding the Torture

A mentally ill woman, mother of 8, living in Douar Beni Salah in the Tetouan region of Morocco, went to visit a local religious wise man, called a ‘fqih’, but instead of being healed of her problems, now she’s dead.  The ‘fqih’ decided she was possessed by the devil, and while reading passages from the Qur’an, beat the woman with a stick, with the help of four assistants, in an extended abuse session that ended with the woman’s death.

Sadly, the woman was unable to understand what was happening to her, she was just told that she was infested with a djinn and this was the only way to drive the evil demon from her body.  Of course, what she was suffering from wasn’t demon possession, but mental illness.  The fqih and his assistants have been arrested for murder, pending an investigation by the authorities.  I bet none of them has the slightest idea what it is that they did wrong.

Belief in demons, devils and djinn is widespread in the Muslim world, where some believe that having such a possession can cause super strength, immunity to pain and physical damage and violent fits.  While most imams think genuine cases of possession are very rare, some perform these ceremonies regularly.  In fact, in some communities, this is so common that the local authorities issue warnings to the people, telling them to avoid anyone who is too willing to perform exorcisms as a means of achieving quick cash.  Many thousands of such exorcisms happen throughout the Middle East every single year and it’s expanding into the west, particularly in England and throughout much of Europe as Muslim refugees are bringing their primitive beliefs with them from their homelands.

It’s odd how many people will look at this story and consider the barbarism endemic with Islam, yet not say a thing about similar exorcisms performed by Catholic or Protestant Christians.  There are no devils.  There are no demons.  Beating people with sticks, screaming at them and reading out of books of ancient mythology, those things do not help anyone. These people need mental help, not religious superstition.  Here we have yet another woman who needed professional counseling, not a beating by religious zealots.  As this is the last story of the year, let’s pause for a moment and hope that next year, things get better.  Unfortunately, as history is our guide, things won’t be, that’s why we need Horror Show Thursday to show the barbarity of religion.

Horror Show Thursday: Blaming More Victims

women prisonHey, while we’re on the topic of Islam, have you heard this one?  A 28-year woman in Saudi Arabia who was gang raped has been sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in prison for daring to allow herself to be raped.  Yeah, you probably have heard that one or something similar because this crap happens all the time in that wonderful moral wasteland of the Middle East.

The rapes happened back in 2006 when the woman was 19 and she was accosted by seven men who raped and beat her. According to Saudi law, women must be accompanied at all times by their fathers or husbands.  She was initially sentenced to 90 lashes for failing to follow the law, but when her lawyer appealed the sentence, he was disbarred and she was given a much harsher sentence.  Sure, seems legit.

Unfortunately, none of this is at all unusual, even if the woman isn’t Islamic herself.  Take the case of Australian Alicia Gali, who took a job with an upscale hotel in the United Arab Emirates.  She was drinking alone one night at the hotel’s staff bar when someone slipped something into her drink and she found herself being raped by three of her co-workers.  Beaten and bruised, she took herself to the hospital and wound up in jail for 8 months because, get this, she allowed herself to be raped by men who were not her husband.

Seriously, fuck Islam right up it’s stupid ass with a chainsaw.

I don’t know how much more I can say about this case that Ms. Gali hasn’t said herself, so here it is in her own words:

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUM3pTwp6xY’]

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1og40C20lJI’]

These are not rare stories at all, there are hundreds of cases where women are raped by Islamic men and get hauled off to prison for allowing themselves to get raped.  Here’s the thing though, rape is no voluntary by definition.  They didn’t “allow” anything.  They were violated.  Islam doesn’t respect violation unless the one violated is male.  Again, fuck Islam.  It’s sad that this comes up so often, but like Catholic sex abuse, it’s something that the religion has no interest whatsoever in addressing. That’s why we’re visiting it here on Horror Show Thursday.


Horror Show Thursday: Homeschool Slavery

Jennyfer DeisterI’ve been really critical of religious homeschooling, not only because of the potential to mis-educate children, but because it opens the door to all kinds of abuse which is difficult to catch when the children are rarely, if ever exposed to people outside of their cult-like surroundings. This is one such case.

Jennyfer Deister was adopted by a very religious woman and educated within the home, completely cut off from the outside world.  She was not allowed to interact with many other children and her mother, driven by her religious leader grandfather, pushed for more and more restrictive clothing and behavior as she got older.  Jennyfer describes her swimsuit as being a one-piece, down to her knees, with sleeves.  It comes across just one step this side of a Christian burka.  However, as sad as that is, that’s not what places this story on Horror Show Thursday.

Jennyfer’s adopted parents sold her to a man for more than $25,000.  According to Jennyfer, it might have been as much as $50,000, nobody knows for certain.  She wanted nothing to do with this arranged marriage, she had met someone in her single semester at a highly Christian college but her mother and family did everything in their power to keep the two apart, even hiding Jennyfer’s birth certificate and passport.  With no identification, she was unable to get a driver’s license, get a job or find an apartment of her own.  When she and her then-fiance Tom Austin ran away, following her “liberation” of her vital documents, they could find no one to help them, everyone she knew was so religiously fundamentalist that when they got married at the Justice of the Peace, they had to hire a witness because nobody would stand up for them.

This is unfortunately nothing unusual in fundamentalist religious circles.  I’m sure most people know the story of Alecia Pennington, the girl whose ultra-religious parents failed to register her birth or even legally acknowledge her existence. She has no birth certificate, she has no social security number, so far as the government is concerned, she isn’t even a citizen.  She has absolutely no legal paper trail and her parents utterly refuse to help in any way.  We simply don’t know how many other children may be in similar dire straits, held hostage by their hyper-religious parents and utterly unable to walk away because they have no legal identity of their own.

While Jennyfer and Tom are trying to start a life together, there is one glimmer of hope that I see.  When asked about her religious beliefs, Jennyfer has said “‘The one thing I know is I am not a Christian.”  Good for you, Jennyfer, good for you.

Horror Show Thursday: Boko Haram at it Again!

Boko Haram Baga

This might come as a bit of a surprise, but our peaceful Muslim friends in Africa, Boko Haram, actually killed some people.  Yeah, I know that’s hard to believe, but after their slaughter of thousands of people across the central African continent, all in the name of Allah, the pedophile asshole, they’re at it again!  This time, they attacked the town of Baga in Nigeria after overrunning the local military garrison. The town, which was once about 10,000 strong, is now a ruin, left burned and littered with corpses.  An estimated 2,000 people were killed in the raid and thousands more driven out of their homes.  According to local legislator Maina Maaji Lawan, Baga is “virtually non-existent”, the town “has been burnt down.”

Of those people who fled, many headed for Chad, but drowned trying to cross a river.  Others found relative safety in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno, where the government transported them in busses.  You’d think this would be a major issue for the Nigerian government, but while President Goodluck Jonathan roundly condemned the Muslim attacks in Paris, he’s said nothing whatsoever about the fate of his own countrymen at the hands of Boko Haram.

Now this is where I’m going to point out the horrible nature of a lot of liberals. While this story was breaking and all of the news wasn’t quite out, the earliest reports said that Boko Haram had murdered up to 2,000 people.  A self-identified liberal and regular defender of Islam, popped up and demanded a news source that confirmed 2,000 deaths.  He said that the only sources he’d found had said up to 2,000, but only about 200 were confirmed and therefore, in his own words, “we were overreacting”. Seriously, he’s fine with Boko Haram murdering 200 people, just so long as it isn’t 2,000 people.  Fucking liberals.

When do we, as civilized people, say enough is enough and go after these animals?  When do we decide that blood must be met with blood and if Boko Haram and ISIS are willing to kill indiscriminately, that we must be willing to do the same?  I also have to wonder how anyone can proudly wear the “liberal” label when so many liberals are defending these rabid dogs and refusing to acknowledge that Islam is the problem.  I have no idea, this is just another day in the Muslim world for Horror Show Thursday.


Horror Show Thursday: Learning Your Lesson

James SchookIn April, 2014, Reverend James R. Schook of the Archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky, was convicted of “three counts of sodomy and one count of indecent and immoral behavior with an individual” for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.  But now, the good reverend wants out because, according to him, he’s “learned his lesson“.  An attorney for Schook is asking the judge to let him out of prison because he now “realizes the importance of obeying and conforming to the community’s rules” and he promises never to do it again.  That’s not really saying much because Schook has terminal cancer and won’t be around for much longer anyhow.  I vote we let him die behind bars.

The charges against Schook date back to the 1970s where he was convicted of three counts of sodomy in the second degree and four counts of sodomy in the third degree.  The only difference between the two types of sodomy is the age of the victims.  Second degree sodomy requires a victim between 12-13 years of age and third degree, a victim between 14-15 years of age.  So the good reverend has been sticking his dick in little boys, regardless of age, and I think the fact that he got away with it for nearly 40 years ought to deny him any leniency whatsoever in the courts. Let him rot.

Schook is the sixth priest in the Louisville Archdiocese to be convicted on sexual abuse charges.  So far, the Archdiocese has paid out nearly $30 million in damages to more than 250 victims.  Of the six convicted pedophiles, only two have ever been excommunicated by the church, four of them remain priests, although they are all forbidden to practice their priestly arts or present themselves as priests in public.

So what do you think? Should we let him out because he’s “learned his lesson”?  When you consider that he only entered the ministry in 1975 and the two molestations took place shortly thereafter, I’m pretty certain there are more victims than we currently know about.  There always are.  They just haven’t spoken up yet.  So let him out?  I don’t think so, he belongs on Horror Show Thursday, but maybe you have a different view?  Post it below in the comments.


Horror Show Thursday: Sailing the Crazy Ship Out to Sea

Ebony WilkersonAfter she drove her minivan into the crashing sea with her children in the back seat, Ebony Wilkerson tried to stop bystanders from saving the three children, two boys and a girl, ranging in age from 3-10.  Wilkerson, 32, was also pregnant and claimed that Jesus told her to do it.  Some might call this a move of faith.  Her children, however, just think their mother is crazy. “Mom tried to kill us,” they told detectives, “Mom is crazy.”

Well sure, she believes in an imaginary friend, but most people who have these beliefs don’t actually talk to Jesus.  Ebony Wilkerson does.  Wilkerson and her children had fled North Carolina three days earlier to escape their abusive father.  They had come to Daytona, Florida to stay with Wilkerson’s sister, who just hours before the crash into the waves, had called a 911 operator to voice concern over Wilkerson’s mental state.  Wilkerson was driving south on the beach, suddenly rolled up all the windows, locked all the doors and told her children to go to sleep, she was going to take them to a better place, while she drove the van into the ocean.

One of the rescuers, Tim Tesseneer, said that Wilkerson’s eyes were wide and she looked “possessed”. She tried to prevent authorities from removing the children from the van, saying they needed to die to be protected.  She was taken into custody for psychological evaluation and the children were removed to the Department of Children and Families.

A Florida police officer had pulled Wilkerson’s black Honda Odyssey over following the 911 call and he said, “It was clear during my conversation that Wilkerson was suffering from some form of mental illness, but she was lucid and did not provide any signs that she met Baker Act requirements.”  The Baker Act is Florida’s mental health act which only allows officers to intervene if they believe the person is a danger to themselves or others.  Too bad no one knew what would come soon after.

So what do we do with more crazies who are using religious beliefs to become batshit insane?  I know theists will say she was nuts and that has nothing to do with religion, but once again, we find an individual whose religious beliefs give form to the horrific actions that may never have taken place had she not had those beliefs.  We know that our beliefs inform our actions, if she had never believed that killing her kids would get them to paradise, she likely wouldn’t have driven into the sea.

So here’s more evidence that religion causes harm, or at the very least, facilitates harm.  It’s a case for Horror Show Thursday, our week-long look at the terror that believing in irrational things and imaginary friends in the sky can bring.