Historical Jesus?

Did Jesus exist?  Which Jesus?  The Biblical magical god-man that did miracles and rose from the dead?  No, absolutely not. Some itinerant preacher that wandered around Jerusalem, upon whom the robes of divinity were posthumously draped?  Maybe.  We have no objective evidence to support it but I’d certainly be open to that possibility.  But who […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.25

There’s some serious stuff going on this week as we look at the end of the world.  Again.  Pastor James Manning goes completely insane.  The Pope defends heterosexual marriage after a Polish priest comes out as gay.  We revisit the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and find that it’s still going on today.  A lady […]

History Isn’t Sexist

I recently had a kerfluffle with an Internet liberal feminist, although even though she self-identified as a feminist first and foremost, it could have been with any number of social justice warriors on the far left.  I responded to her demand that we as a society do more to recognize and celebrate the contributions that […]

Why is Primitive Religious Stupidity Cute?

This always happens when I talk to history buffs who are so enamored with ancient peoples and their beliefs.  I was chatting with a guy about Native Americans and their traditions, particularly pipe smoking and he kept talking about how they believed that smoke would take their wishes to the gods. How stupid! Now to […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #73

With special guest Charles, this week we talk about fart demons, the absurdity of a new age leader suing her former students for daring to prove she’s a racist bigot, another anti-gay crusader gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and Christians get up in arms when real history proves their religious fantasies […]

Read What the 2nd Amendment Actually Says!

If there is one thing that really gets me about gun fanatics, it’s these silly 2nd Amendment arguments that don’t actually take the 2nd Amendment into account.  These people tend to be mostly Libertarians, who, as we all know, aren’t all there intellectually, but there are plenty of neo-cons too and the less said about […]

Historical vs. Biblical Jesus

Christian apologists love to play a bait and switch game.  They will argue that lots of secular historians accept at least the possibility of a real Jesus in the historical record, therefore, the Jesus in the Bible must be real! Nothing could be further from the truth. Now sure, there are plenty of secular historians […]

MMOs: Those Who Fail To Understand History…

You know, I’ve come to realize that you get clueless fanatics in all walks of life, not just religion.  There’s a small but vocal faction of the MMO community who are old-school gamers, people who started with Ultima Online and Evercrack and they just can’t understand why the gaming world doesn’t still revolve around the […]