The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.23

In a slightly shorter show, we go heavy on Islam with stories about anti-Muslim firearms, the pagan takeover of Catholicism, Ben Carson entirely misunderstanding our secular government, a Muslim boy gets arrested for bringing a clock to school, plus we look at why so many liberal atheists defend Islam.  Time’s a wastin’, go listen!

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.14

Should Auld Stupidity Be Forgot? Tom DeLay and his tinfoil hat, the truth about the Oregon baker case, evangelicals want to stuff political offices with preachers and the freedom to thread eyebrows.  Then we revisit a bunch of stories that we kept saying we’d revisit and hadn’t. Yes, the world is a crazy place, listen […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #47

This time out, we rant a lot about government stupidity, the religious views on the military and PTSD, Obama as the Antichrist, Catholic exorcisms, South Carolina school prayer and Christians eating grass.  Yes, you read that right.  Plus, we have a long discussion on whether you can be saved and become an atheist and we […]

The Government is So Messed Up!

Recently I’ve run into a little issue with the Social Security Administration.  See, my youngest daughter never got her Social Security card.  They sent her number, they never sent the physical card.  It was never a big deal, anyone who needed to know the number, we just gave them the number.  Now, she’s got something […]