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I Didn’t Get My Way, Therefore Government Bad!

Your typical libertarian

One thing that you can always count on the libertarians whining is “the government is evil!”  But the real reason they think the government is evil is because they don’t get their way.  Let’s be honest, if the government did what libertarians claim they want, they’d be fine with the government.  Okay, there probably wouldn’t be much government for them to be fine with, but you get my meaning.

Guess what?  Getting your way all the time is not how a democracy works.  People vote, or elect representatives to vote for them, and the majority wins.  If you’re not in the majority, you lose.  Welcome to reality!

And that’s why most libertarians aren’t all that hot on democracy.  People don’t vote the way they want them to vote, therefore they don’t really want people to vote at all.  It can’t be the stupid things that libertarians want or anything, it has to be that people are too dumb to know what’s good for them.  So it’s stupid people, incompetent voters and the government is bad, that’s the only explanation for why the libertarians aren’t in power, right?

They can’t accept that the vast majority of people have no interest whatsoever in living under a libertarian system.  Most people see right through the crazy beliefs that libertarians have.  Most people realize that an unrestricted, unregulated free market would be a complete clusterfuck.  Most people understand that the world doesn’t actually work the way libertarians seem to think that it should.  But then again, most people are stupid, right libertarians?  There’s always some excuse for why your ideology fails miserably in every single election.  It’s some grand conspiracy.  Not ridiculous ideas.  No, never.

If libertarian thought was going to take the country by storm, it would have done so in the last 50 years.  Instead, libertarian candidates for president have failed to even get 5% of the electorate.  But it’s always this time!  It’s always going to be amazing this election cycle!  Just wait and see!  And when it doesn’t happen, it’s never their fault, it’s stupid people, incompetent voters and bad government.  Nothing is ever their fault.  Ever.  That kind of thinking is how children operate.  I think that says something about most libertarians.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.23

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In a slightly shorter show, we go heavy on Islam with stories about anti-Muslim firearms, the pagan takeover of Catholicism, Ben Carson entirely misunderstanding our secular government, a Muslim boy gets arrested for bringing a clock to school, plus we look at why so many liberal atheists defend Islam.  Time’s a wastin’, go listen!

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.14

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Tom DeLay and his tinfoil hat, the truth about the Oregon baker case, evangelicals want to stuff political offices with preachers and the freedom to thread eyebrows.  Then we revisit a bunch of stories that we kept saying we’d revisit and hadn’t.

Yes, the world is a crazy place, listen to us simplify it.

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #47

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This time out, we rant a lot about government stupidity, the religious views on the military and PTSD, Obama as the Antichrist, Catholic exorcisms, South Carolina school prayer and Christians eating grass.  Yes, you read that right.  Plus, we have a long discussion on whether you can be saved and become an atheist and we chat about Mike’s New Year’s Resolution and how damn stupid the religious actually are.  All this and more in a show that we call: “The Government Sucks and Other Stories”

The Government is So Messed Up!

social-security-cardRecently I’ve run into a little issue with the Social Security Administration.  See, my youngest daughter never got her Social Security card.  They sent her number, they never sent the physical card.  It was never a big deal, anyone who needed to know the number, we just gave them the number.  Now, she’s got something to do with her health insurance that wants to have a copy of her physical card on file so we’re trying to get that and the goddamn SSA is making it as difficult as possible.

First, there is no way to do this online at all.  They don’t even offer it as a possibility.  You can send it in the mail, but they only accept original documents, you can’t make copies.  How is someone supposed to mail their original driver’s license to wherever the central office is?  You can’t do it!   They claim they’ll send it back but I trust the government about as far as I can throw them.  That means I have to go to the local office and luckily, we have an office just minutes from home.  Unfortunately, they are only open from 9-2 weekdays, Wednesdays only until 12 and every other Friday they are closed.  Inconvenient hours?  Certainly, it’s the government!

Secondly, as I said, they won’t take a copy of any of my daughter’s identifying documents.  All she has is her school ID and her insurance card. They won’t accept the school ID unless she’s physically standing in the office, but like I said, their only office hours are times when my daughter is in school, thus she can’t go.  They said they’d take her insurance card if it has her name and DOB on it.  It has the month and year of her birth, just no day so they won’t accept it.

It makes me want to shoot someone.

So let’s see, I can pull her out of school for an indeterminate amount of time, and I say that because, although you’re supposed to be able to make an appointment, the local office refuses to pick up their phone so you can’t talk to someone and make one.  Sure, that’s what I want to do! Harm her education because the government is inefficient and sucks!

Besides, this is their fault to begin with, they failed to send her one when she was born and we even informed them about it and they still didn’t send it.  My other daughter got hers just fine, so what’s the issue?  Government stupidity, that’s the issue.

This isn’t any different than any other government office.  These are government employees in a public sector union who can’t be fired unless they’re absurdly stupid and it shows.  Nobody cares.  Nobody has to care.  They’re just there to pick up their paycheck and pay their union dues for a couple of years until they can retire with full pension, full medical coverage, etc.  It’s no wonder they’re so stupid and rude, they’re in no danger of losing their jobs!

I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and drag her out of school one of these days so we can drive down there and they can look at her for some reason, since her school ID has no picture anyhow, and give us the thing that they were supposed to give us 14 years ago.  Stupid fucking government.

Liberals and Government Handouts

I got into a debate with a self-defined liberal who claimed that *EVERYONE* had taken some kind of government handout and therefore, nobody had any room criticizing those who are on welfare or have their hand out for a government check.  So heck, I’ll play along, I said I have never gotten a free check from the government.  He started naming off some things like welfare, AFDC, government cheese, Pell grants, etc.  Nope, never touched a single one of them.  I’ve always been self-sufficient.  The list of things that I might have taken kept getting longer and longer, electric vehicle tax credits, free government cable TV or cell phones, cash for clunkers, etc.  My response was still no.

So what does he hit me with?  Have I ever accepted a tax refund from the government?!?!?!  I have?  I’m now on the government dole!

The stupidity of some liberals is just unbelievable.  Getting money the government had no business taking in the first place back is now an example of government largesse.

It really is surprising how much liberals view the government as the supplier of everything.  They steal our money, then once a year, they give back the money they shouldn’t have gotten to begin with and liberals think it’s a handout.  In fact, accepting your own money back is now welfare of some sort.

There’s a difference between taking a check and doing nothing to earn it and getting something out of the government for which they expect you to work.  Another example he tried to use was the first-time homebuyer credit and mortgage tax credits.  Both of those are incentives by the government to perform an action, in this case buying a house, for which they will make even more money.  Once you buy a house, you start paying property taxes, you start paying more sales taxes in the area that you now live, your purchase helps to raise property values in the area, which translates to even more tax revenue for the city.  Yes, these programs are typically federal in nature, but who do you think elects these representatives?  The cities who will be benefiting from these programs!  This isn’t anything more than scratching each other’s back.

Then they tried claiming that programs like unemployment, social security and medicare are also government handouts.  Sorry, no.  They are paid for, in advance, by the recipient.  You get unemployment because you and your employer paid toward it out of every check.  Social security and medicare costs you money every two weeks.  In most cases, you never get back what you’ve paid into the system, the government simply keeps the rest.  Where liberals think the government is being magnanimous and giving you these things for free is beyond me.

These liberals want the government to be in charge of everything, for everyone to be dependent on the government for all of their money and their livelihood.  Obama wants us to think that business owners didn’t really build their own businesses, the government was really responsible.  Well guess what?  Those business owners paid their taxes, therefore the roads, which were funded from that tax money, belong in part to the business owners.  The electrical grids, which were funded by tax money, belong in part to the business owners.  In fact, every aspect that Obama wants to claim is a public resource was paid for by, you guessed it, tax money!  So fuck Obama, these people did build their own businesses, using resources that we all collectively paid for!

I’d love to see a liberal actually prove that these business owners used things that were funded by only the government, since the government has no money whatsoever without the taxpayer.  Everything in this nation belongs to the people, not to the government!  Everything, every government building, every public park, every inch of road, we own all of it!  It’s not a government handout, I and every other American taxpayer had that money forcibly pulled out of our paychecks and put into those things.

If I carried cash, I’d pull out my wallet and give you $5.  Oh wait, the government printed that money, it must belong to them!  All hail, federal government, whatever would we do without you?