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George Lucas’ Redtails is Racist

I was talking to someone about Star Wars recently and over time it strayed into the life of George Lucas.  He brought up that what probably caused Lucas to sour on the Hollywood scene and sell the Star Wars franchise to Disney was his experiences with Redtails, a movie that he wanted a black cast, a black director and black writers to make into an adventure movie for black kids.  So it comes as no surprise to me that when I pointed out that the whole concept is racist, that he got upset.

So how is it racist?  Because catering to anyone because of their race, claiming that they somehow deserve different treatment because of their race, arguing that they have to have different interests because of their race, is by definition racist.

But that’s something a lot of people don’t understand.  Special treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be negative.  It can be positive too.  But it is racist because the treatment is different based on race, or sexist because the treatment is different based on sex.  But that’s how Hollywood works these days.

Now I understand that Redtails is really about the Tuskegee Airmen and is semi-historical in nature. That part is fine.  But the decision to make an adventure movie just for black people, because they are black, is the racist part.  Yes, you have to cast black actors in your historical drama about black people, but to demand that only a black director or only black writers could make this historical drama is problematic.  Who cares who is behind the camera?  Who cares who pens the tale?  Shouldn’t you just get the best people for those positions, regardless of their gender or race?  Because otherwise, you’re just being racist.

It isn’t limited to Redtails though, Hollywood and many moviemakers are explicitly racist as well today. If you make any movie, any movie at all, or any TV series at all, or hell, any video game at all, where you aren’t casting the best people for the roles, but instead pushing some ridiculous identity politics, you are a racist or a sexist.  Identity politics has no place in Hollywood, or anywhere else.

But hey, that’s what ludicrously liberal Hollywood is all about.  They’re not out there trying to make good movies, they’re out there trying to make liberal statements.  They don’t make movies with the best actors and actresses they can, they’re trying to promote identity politics and push a liberal agenda. And that agenda has nothing to do with equality, as they’d have you believe, it has to do with racism and sexism.

Getting back to Lucas, who I don’t think is really racist at all in the traditional sense. I just  think that anyone making movies for any racial or gender demographic has some problems.  This is especially true when it comes to race because it assumes that people are different, just because of the amount of melanin in their skin.  This is ridiculous on its face.  It is the assumption that Hollywood has that they have to put more black people on screen because black people will only want to watch movies about black people.  Or women will only want to watch movies about women.  Yet the moviemaking craft has been successful for decades without such pandering.  Write the best scripts, produce the best movies and employ the best actors and actresses without regard for their gender or  race and you will be fine.  That is unless the liberal left, with their inherently identity political racism, gets in the way.