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Freddy Gray Got What He Deserved

The verdict has come back regarding the driver of the van that Freddy Gray died in the back of, clearing him of all charges, and as should have been expected, the liberal shitbags are up in arms because… reasons.  It has to be the fault of the cops that Freddy Gray died.  It just has to be.

It’s just that reality says otherwise.  The court found that the testimony given by another person in the back of the van held up to scrutiny, even though the testimony was eventually retracted because going against the racist #BLM thugs tends to be bad for your health.  The testimony matches all of the forensic evidence that states that Freddy Gray was told to remain laying down on his stomach during the van ride, he chose instead to stand up and act erratically, and that led to his injuries and subsequent death.

Well stupid, do what you’re told!

Apparently, the racist left think black people are too stupid to do as they’re told because it must be the fault of the police that this happened!  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray, who has a long criminal history in the first place.  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he violated his probation.  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he got arrested and it certainly can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he decided to stand up and dance around in the back of a moving police van in violation of orders to do otherwise.

Sure, not his fault at all!  It’s all a white conspiracy!

See, the law is colorblind.  There are no laws only for black people, no laws only for white people, the laws apply to everyone. If you violate the laws, you deserve to pay the penalty.  For some weird and wholly racist reason, the left seems to think that being black makes you special and that you can ignore some laws with impunity because they shouldn’t apply to you.

Liberals are idiots.  I am sick to death of idiots, especially the racist idiots that the illiberal left is turning into.  Freddy Gray got what he deserved.  It’s a shame that he’s dead, but his entire life led to that moment.  Nobody is to blame but him.  Maybe it’s about damn time the asshole left figured that shit out.