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The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.15

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Can You Trump That?

A foodie show, we look at a South African preacher who makes his followers eat live snakes, then crazy theists insist Pepsi is made of dead fetuses, an Australian naturopath convinces a mother to almost kill her baby and the EEOC decides that the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects LBGTQ from discrimination. Finally, we talk about Donald Trump and his insanity and what it means for the GOP.

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We Eat Cheaper Than Food Stamps

Yes, I know they use debit cards now, not actual stamps, this is for illustration purposes only.

The Cognitive Dissonance podcast has been making a big deal about eating on the amount that food stamp recipients get per week.  While I don’t remember the exact number, I know it’s $32 and some change per person per week.  They act like nobody can possibly make ends meet on such a tiny amount.

I can.  I can and I do.  Oh, we’re not on food stamps or anything, but with four people in the family at $32 per person, that comes out to $128 per week.  I just got back from the store with my weekly shopping and I spent just over $120, and that’s more than I usually spend.  Last week, we splurged and bought $168 worth of food, but the two weeks before that, our totals were $76 and $84.  All in all, we average around $100-110 per week for four people and we’re hardly starving.  There’s tons of food in the house and we don’t go out to eat very often.

Oh sure, we used to, back when I was getting home every night late, I’d stop 2-3x per week and get some fast food or some kind of restaurant takeout because by the time I was getting home, my kids were almost ready to go to bed.  Now, though, I think I’ve been out to eat once or twice in the past month and we haven’t hit a sit-down restaurant in quite some time.  It’s not that we can’t, we just see no need.  Even so, based on our spending, we could easily fit that into the supposed $128 monthly food budget.

The guys on Cognitive Dissonance were saying they felt bad  because they drank a beer that they had in the house and it wasn’t in the budget.  Well… don’t drink beer.  We have no alcohol in the house and haven’t… as long as we’ve lived in this house.  Or any other house we’ve owned.  In fact, I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in more than 25 years and don’t plan on ever having any ever again.  I don’t drink and I see no need to do so.  They also said something about using spices on the bland food.  We’re not a spicy family anyhow, it’s pretty rare that anything but salt and pepper gets used and then, only sparingly.  I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m just saying that it depends on what you’re used to and where you grew up.  Nobody in my family has ever used much in the way of spice, although I know people who can’t eat anything that’s not high up there on the Scoville scale.  It’s just not my thing.

Now I understand that it can be tough to plan meals around what can be a small amount of money but to think that nobody can do it, or that it’s an undue problem is rather silly.  When you consider that lots of people on food stamps don’t even have to cover all of the meals, their children often get free breakfast and lunch on school days, thus increasing the weekly food budget.

That doesn’t mean that I’m saying they get too much, or that people shouldn’t donate to their local food banks, I’m perfectly fine with charitable work and I think that if you can help someone out who is legitimately in need, go for it.

So excuse me, tonight we’re having a nice baked ham, mashed potatoes, vegetables and cinnamon rolls.  Sounds good, right?  It’s all within “budget”!