Anti-Suicide Fanaticism

Every once in a while, the subject of suicide comes up and it just leaves me shaking my head.  It was in response to someone who is a member of a gun club.  Some young woman went to the club, rented a gun for the range and promptly used it to kill herself.  And, of […]

Coalition of the Disinterested

Obama has said that the U.S. would lead a vast coalition force against ISIL, but it looks like this supposed coalition is either utterly disinterested in actually doing anything against the Muslim terrorists, or they’ve just been bought off by the U.S. into putting in a minimal effort.  In fact, recently we performed some joint […]

I Am Not A Fanatic

I just don’t get people sometimes.  There are people who I think are overly passionate about things, they seem to think everyone else needs to be just as overly passionate about their particular fixation and if they’re not, there’s something wrong with them. However, I’m the opposite.  I’m not a fanatic about anything.  There are […]

“Pet” Peeves

Over on the bird forum, someone started a thread about pet peeves, especially those related to birds.  Lots of people popped up saying they hated people taking unwanted liberties with their birds, asking stupid questions about their birds, etc. My pet peeve would never survive there.  My pet peeve, and this relates to more than […]