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This Is What We Ought To Fear

Of course, on the podcast, we talked about Theodore Shoebat and his batshit insane religious beliefs, and while some people might laugh off his extremist ways as entirely unrealistic, you have to remember that there are a small, but vocal minority of religious people out there who are completely on board with what he and his ilk have to say.  You have to remember that it wasn’t that long ago when people thought Muslim terrorism was a rare thing, then you had 9/11 and now you have groups like ISIS and Boko Haram, which is out openly murdering people they don’t like on religious grounds.  I never imagined that you’d get so many people so willing to act and that they’d get as much support as they’ve gotten.  Sure, they’re still in the minority, but an enthusiastic minority can still do a lot of damage.

So anyhow, back to Theodore Shoebat, who is openly antagonistic toward all the traditional Christian enemies.  He hates gays. He hates atheists. He hates other religions. He hates women.  He openly says that in his perfect world, which luckily only exists in his own head, he’d kill anyone who doesn’t follow his particular brand of Christianity to the letter.  Of course, he also thinks that because Jeffrey Dahmer had gay sex and was a cannibal, that we need to get rid of all of the gays and outlaw it from society.  This guy is a nutball, but he’s a nutball that unfortunately appeals to some people.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2U-jzuC6nY’]

But that’s really where it starts to get scary because where radical Islam was once relatively powerless, today it has plenty of followers who are willing to get gunned down for the cause as long as they get their 72 virgins.  What happens if Shoebat or one of the other religious crazies get that kind of social and political power?  I find it unlikely that some lunatic on YouTube might be leading a revolution, but you have plenty of crazies that we talk about all the time who do have a much larger following. Heck, listen to Michelle Bachmann sometime, she says the exact same things that Shoebat does and she was a member of the House of Representatives for 8 years! If crazy people can find other crazy people to buy into their load of crazy, it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities.  Heck, look at Hitler, who rose from a simple painter to become on the biggest butchers of the 20th century.  He did this on a populist and religious message, what’s to stop someone else from screaming a similar message, especially as fundamentalist and evangelical Christians are facing the downfall of their religious institutions in the west?

It’s just something to think about, that people with a religiously violent message and a conspiracy theorist belief are out there, speaking to the masses.  Most reject him as a kook, but for those that don’t, some are going to become fanatical and it’s those fanatics that are dangerous.  Maybe if we don’t necessarily fear them, we need to be aware of them and keep an eye on what they’re doing.