Opinions as Facts

This is one of those things that drives me nuts and in this particular case, it’s part of a long, ongoing discussion about rights, especially from a libertarian perspective, but it could be about lots of different subjects because it happens all the time.  In this instance, what set it off is someone who claimed […]

I Don’t Care What You Believe

In any debate with a theist, there is a never-ending problem, they are only too happy to tell you what they believe, what they have faith in, but they are very hesitant, if not completely incapable of telling you why they believe the things they believe and why you ought to do so as well. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #53

In our longest podcast ever, we discover that God wrote the Constitution, Missouri wants to warn parents before their kids learn facts, gay marriage leads inevitably to parents marrying their children and Pat Robertson tells Ken Ham to shut the hell up and we heartily agree with that.  Plus, we take a long, long, long […]

Why Theists Won’t Budge on Faith

We, as atheists, often wonder why theists cling so tightly to their religious beliefs, especially when, in today’s world, there really is no excuse for not knowing any better.  Let’s be honest, we can find out information almost instantly with just a few keystrokes and an Internet connection, the failure of religion, all religion, is […]