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Third Parties Don’t Understand the Political Process

I was talking to a libertarian today who seemed really happy that his candidate, Gary Johnson, got a little more than 3% of the popular vote this year.  So I asked him, how many electoral votes that 3% actually earned.  Zero?  Hmmm.  Does he actually understand how the American political process works? I don’t think so.  I mean even Ross Perot, the most popular third party political candidate in modern American history, a candidate that earned 18% of the popular vote back in 1992, how many electoral votes did that get him?  Zero.

The reality is, we have an electoral college in America, no matter how much that bothers the special little snowflakes in liberal-land.  To win the presidency, you have to get 270 electoral votes.  If you don’t, you can’t win.  Now those electors are not required to vote for the same candidate as the people, although they almost always do, but let’s assume for a moment that some super-popular libertarian candidate manages to get a huge percentage of the American popular vote and the electors decide to follow the popular vote and grant a bunch of electoral votes.  What then?

Well, nobody gets 270, the whole mess goes to the House of Representatives, and surprise, surprise, they are going to pick either a Democrat or a Republican.  Why?  Because they don’t have to be non-partisan about it.  So even if the Libertarians managed to get a really popular candidate, they would still lose the election.  The only way to win in this case is to have the House stacked with lots of independent and libertarian representatives, which isn’t the case and won’t be the case because the Libertarian Party is only focused on presidency.  They don’t care about state and local positions, so no matter how well they do in the national elections, there is no way in hell they can ever win the office of President.

And they don’t get that.  They have no clue.  Their political comprehension is so pathetic that they don’t know how much of their own time they are wasting.  I know they’ll just scream conspiracy theories, just like Hillary’s supporters on the left have been doing, but the fact is, we have an established system for electing a president, it isn’t a secret and it hasn’t just popped up in the last couple of years, but anyone who is not willing to play the game and set up the groundwork can’t expect to actually be successful.

And that’s why independent candidates lose.  Miserably.  Every time.  And why they won’t have a clue why they did.