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Bizarre Ideas on Egalitarianism

shutterstock_103547705This is a new one and it leaves me shaking my head.  There’s a supposed theist, although I’d say he’s a troll if he hadn’t been around for so long, making the argument that atheists can’t be egalitarians because people aren’t actually equal.  Everyone isn’t an identical clone of each other, thus there can be no actual equality.  We’ve tried to explain what egalitarianism means and either he can’t get it through his head or he has no interest in getting it through his head.  In either case, it’s really just a lost cause.

Then he goes on to claim that only Christians can be egalitarians because he says that God created everyone equally.  Dude, read your Bible!  The Old Testament is filled with people being absolutely unequal!  If everyone is equal, why did God adopt a particular group of people as his chosen?  If everyone is equal, why does the Bible promote slavery and sexism?  If everyone is evil, why did God have the Israelites mow down various and sundry cultures?  If everyone is evil, why doesn’t everyone go to heaven regardless of what they believe?  He’s also an outspoken opponent of gay marriage on religious grounds.  He’s got a really bizarre idea of equality.

Yet the more I think about it, maybe this explains why so many theists have such a bizarre position on equality.  Maybe they think that God created everyone evil and then just turn off their brains at that point, unwilling or unable to consider the actual evidence for their claim.  Of course, it isn’t just the Christians, I’ve seen Muslims making the same kind of equality claims while being perfectly fine with killing anyone who offends their religious sensibilities, demanding death for apostates, etc.  Some people are apparently more equal than others.

The other possibility is that they really have no clue what people are talking about when they bring up egalitarianism and unfortunately, I see this among some on the right as well.  They equate egalitarianism with demanding quotas and the like, which is utterly ridiculous.  Egalitarianism is treating everyone equally under the law, giving them the same rights and privileges and protections as everyone else.  There is no bonus for being a particular gender or race or sexual orientation or religion, nor is there any detriment.  What you get in the genetic lottery shouldn’t propel you forward or hold you back, it depends on what you do with your life that matters.  No discrimination but no quotas.  Everyone has equal opportunity but is not guaranteed equal outcome.  It isn’t that difficult.

So why are so many people unable to get it through their heads?