Attacking Those Who Don’t Use Drugs

This one always gives me a chuckle.  Whenever the subject of drug legalization comes up and I say I am not in favor of it, the nutty drug advocates desperately try to find something that I do that they can point at and say “aha!  You’re guilty too!”  They never can, of course, I don’t […]

Are You Addicted to Religion?

It’s no surprise that there is such an overlap between drug addiction and extreme religious adherence, there are a lot of elements that are similar between the two. People who go to get clean of drugs or alcohol often exchange one addiction for another, either a religion or a religious 12-step program and sometimes, the […]

What is “Adult”?

Seriously, when I hear people discussing “adult” entertainment and things they do as “adults”, I have no clue what they’re talking about because virtually everything they’re discussion sounds extremely childish to me.  When I hear people saying they’re going to go out and get drunk and get high and watch porn and sleep around and […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #57

This week, we have special guest Brandi Mattison of the Irreverent Skeptics on to talk about exorcism, Saudi Arabia outlawing names, creationists demanding equal time on Cosmos for their irrational nonsense and Brandi challenges Cephus on drugs and school shootings.  It was a show so fun we had to do it twice!  So get moving, […]

Some People Don’t Get It

I wrote a while back about drugs and that post has quickly become one of my most read posts, yet one of the least commented by percentage.  I guess people just have no rational reason why drug legalization is a good thing, beyond “because I want it!”  I did have an e-mail exchange though, telling […]

Drugs and Responsibility

I rarely respond in threads regarding drug legalization.  It’s a sticky subject and I, who vehemently oppose drug legalization, usually find no support from those around me.  This is especially true on one particular forum which is comprised largely of wingnut libertarians.  That said though, I recently opened my mouth and said I considered most […]