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Half-Truths at the GOP Debate

I know I criticize the left for being dishonest and telling half-truths, or even outright lies, to get their way, but it’s important to realize that the right does exactly the same thing.  At the most recent GOP Presidential Debate, Marco Rubio threw an accusation at Donald Trump about him hiring illegal aliens and having to pay a million dollar fine.  This is, of course, false. It’s actually not even half-false, it’s all-false.

The reality is that in 1979, while Trump was building his Trump Tower, the contractor that he used, Kaszycki & Sons Contractors, hired up to 200 Polish illegal immigrants to work doing demolition for the tower.  I’m assuming that these were Polish workers who had illegally overstayed their visas, I can’t imagine them swimming all the way here from Poland or anything silly like that.  During the project, that took place mostly in 1980, Kaszycki & Sons failed to pay proper wages to these workers and, in what has been described as the longest civil lawsuit in U.S. history, ended up paying more than a half-million dollars in a case that was finally settled in 1991.  Of course, not a penny of that money went to the actual workers, who were long gone by that point, it all went to the local union, who had claimed Trump had cheated them out of pension and welfare funds by hiring illegal aliens in the first place.  That battle went on until 1998, when it was settled for an undisclosed sum and the records were sealed.  Trump maintained that he didn’t know his contractor had hired illegal aliens until after the fact.

But that’s really the thing.  Trump never actually hired anyone.  His contractor did.  Trump is not personally responsible for what his contractor does without his knowledge.  So the claim that Trump hired anyone is false.  The only part of this case that had anything to do with the actual illegal aliens was directed at Kaszycki & Sons, not Trump himself.  Trump only got hit by a claim by the union.

I have absolutely no love of any kind for Donald Trump, but if Marco Rubio is going to throw an out-and-out lie at him, if that’s the best he can do to compete against him, then Rubio deserves to get tossed out of the race.  He’s just proven that he’s a lying sack of shit that will do anything for political points and that’s the last kind of person we need in political office.  It’s a good thing he’s failing so horribly in the polls and will be forced to give up soon.  What a wanker.

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