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The Rise of Fake News

Seriously, I am sick and tired of the mainstream media and their usage of fake news.  And by fake news, I don’t mean that they just make stuff up, I mean they take legitimate stories, then spin it to fit their particular political narrative.  That is not what the news media is supposed to be doing, although you certainly couldn’t tell based on what the media in this country has become.

I just want you to give me the news. Don’t moralize about it.  Don’t explain it.  Don’t give me your opinions on it.  Just report.  Is that so hard to do?

Apparently so, as this segment of CNN with Don Lemon shows.  He convened a group of people and one of them called CNN on their fake news bullshit.  And instead of letting that person talk and make a point, Lemon had a hissy fit because it went against CNN’s editorial biases.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxiUISLfsR8′]

This is not what news reporting is supposed to be.  There was a time when we had investigative journalists in this country who wanted to get to the truth, regardless of what that truth was, because the people had a right to know what was going on.  Those days are long gone, as virtually all mainstream news sources today operate on a political bias and they manufacture their narrative based on what they want the American people to think.  So they pick stories they want to report on, then they spin them so that people hear only what they want people to hear.  People think only what they want people to think. It’s no longer about reporting the news, it’s about creating reality by only pushing a very biased narrative.  And both the left and the right do it and I find it completely disgusting.

That’s why I don’t pay much, if any attention to the mainstream media anymore.  I don’t want to hear what you think about the news, I just want the facts, all of the facts and nothing but the facts.  I can form my own conclusions based on those facts, I don’t need your help.  In fact, if you try to “help” me, I will simply turn you off and go find someone else who is just reporting what’s going on, not what I ought to think about it.

Racism: Don Lemon Gets it Right

don_lemonOn a recent episode of The Bitchspot Report, we took some time and talked about some of the problems with education in America, especially, although it wasn’t planned that way, the way education is handled in the poor, predominantly black community.  Mike kept wanting to focus on those parents who actually care about their children’s future and want to push them to stay out of trouble and focus on learning what they need to learn to be a productive member of society.

Yet those are not the people we have to worry about, those are the people who stand a better chance of getting out of the ghettos.  It’s the people who don’t care, the people who expect a government handout, who think that education and responsibility are unnecessary, or even detrimental, and who think that what happened in the distant past somehow impacts the expectations of today.  These people, unfortunately, outnumber those who actually do care by quite a wide margin.

Don Lemon is a journalist, best known as a weekend news anchor for CNN.  He also happens to be black, although that really ought not matter to anyone, but he’s been quite vocal about the failures of the poor black community and  how they need to institute changes and improve their lot in life.  Recently, he reported on the black community on an edition of CNN Newsroom.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z8EA_4YNvw’]

He gives some disturbing statistics, like 72% of all children born in the black community are born to single mothers.  That, in and of itself, ought to be enough to make people take notice, it’s absurdly high and getting worse all the time.  Keep in mind this isn’t just to women in the ghettos, this is to all black women, regardless of their socioeconomic position.  Not good enough?  Here’s some more statistics to mull over.  Among black students who do drop out of school, 60% of them will end up in prisonSubstance abuse rates, whether you’re talking about hard narcotics or cigarettes, are always, without exception, higher among dropouts and it is dramatically so among black dropouts.  It’s well known that high school dropouts earn significantly less than high school or college graduates, but the damage done, not only to the dropout, but to society is truly sobering.  Dropouts fail to get good jobs, thus requiring them to seek public taxpayer-funded financial assistance at a much higher rate.  However, society is directly impacted by this in terms of less tax revenue, higher welfare rates and higher crime.  Dropouts are disproportionately represented on the welfare rolls, nearly half of all single mothers who dropped out of high school receive TANF and other similar assistance.  Single mothers who complete high school are 24% less likely to require such financial support.

So the question is, what causes this and what can be done to fix it.  The cause, I think, is quite obvious and worst of all, it’s damage done directly by the black community to itself in the form of it’s sub-culture.  It is not, by and large, caused by racism from without, but from within.  Racism, no matter how many liberals want to spin it, is the belief that one group is inherently different and/or superior, based upon the color of one’s skin.  It has nothing to do with power, it has nothing to do with influence, it has to do with making race an issue.  Unfortunately, many liberals make excuses over racism, claiming that one group can be racist, but another cannot, while engaging in identical behaviors and beliefs.  It just doesn’t work that way.

Oh, I hear the liberals now, it’s all the fault of the white guy, but that’s ridiculous. No white guy makes them act the way they do.  Even in cases where the origins of modern-day issues have their ostensible origins in the law, such as the case where fathers were unable to live with their children because a single mother’s welfare check would be cut if it was found that the father lived in the home, because the fathers ought to be paying for their own kid’s upkeep.  That part is absolutely true!  A father should be paying for their own children!  In fact, like it or not, there should be no children unless both parents are ready, willing and able to pay for and raise them together!  Even if that claim was valid many years ago, it certainly isn’t today, yet as Lemon says, 72% of all births to black women are to single mothers.  Nobody is forcing them to do that, they are doing it to themselves and then pointing their fingers at white people, as though they were causing them to breed outside of wedlock.  It’s absurd.  The same is true of educational failures in the black community.  The same is true of gang membership and drug use in the black community.  The same is true of every single problem, without exception, that the black community faces.  Whose fault is it all?  The black community!

Bill CosbyBill Cosby, of whom I have been a big fan for a long time, has been very vocal in this regard for years.  I get so tired of people pointing at Cosby and saying he’s the only person who can get away with saying the things that he does though.  Why does the color of someone’s skin determine what they are able to talk about?  Facts are facts.  Cosby, and now Lemon, are speaking the facts.  Does it matter who says a thing or does it matter what is said?  I think the latter is all that matters.  Yet  you get a lot of blacks criticizing what Cosby says because they think he isn’t making statements in context.  Case in point, I saw a rant against Cosby where he was saying that it doesn’t matter if black kids get an education because black workers have traditionally gotten a lower wage than white workers.  Even if that was true today, and I’m not saying it is or it isn’t, the fact still remains that getting an education gets you a better wage than not getting an education.  The response is utterly worthless, it doesn’t address Cosby’s point, it just says “everything isn’t perfect, so why try at all?”  Cosby speaks plainly about a plague called apathy, this writer demonstrates that apathy quite clearly!  Many young blacks completely dismiss Cosby, yet it has to be remembered that he grew up in the ghetto in North Philadelphia, he dropped out of high school and he did all the things that he accuses young blacks today of doing, yet he turned around and made something of himself.  He earned a doctorate in education, he helped to fund the Spike Lee movie Malcolm X and he gave $20 million to Spelman College, a historically black liberal arts college, the largest single financial donation to such a college at the time.  He’s got more cred than most of the pro-lazy-black activists that stand on their soapboxes and scream “racist!” at the top of their lungs, yet he, like Lemon, tells people that their own success rests in their own hands.  It isn’t the job of anyone else to force them to make something of their lives, the only fingers they ought to be pointing is in the mirror.

This is really what happens when liberalism is allowed to run rampant.  It stops individuals from being responsible for themselves, from pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and making intelligent decisions.  The failure of blacks is, by and large, the fault of blacks.  The failure of hispanics is, by and large, the fault of hispanics.  No matter how much they yell and scream and make excuses, the ultimate responsibility for getting an education, making good decisions, acting responsibly, staying out of gangs and away from drugs and not breeding outside of wedlock, and only then whey you can afford it, is always theirs.  Their failure has nothing to do with their skin color, it has everything to do with the absurd culture they’ve bought into and the idiotic spokesmen that they’ve chosen to listen to.

When are they going to stop crying that it’s not their fault and just grow the hell up?