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Defending the Delusional

I will never understand why people defend the delusional.  In a recent religious debate, I threw out some offhanded comment about people holding delusional beliefs and was immediately attacked by someone claiming I was smug, because I clearly thought everyone but me was delusional.  Nope.  Here’s the definition of the word:

A delusion is a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

And whether they like it or not, that definition fits a lot of religious people, especially those people who are so entirely self-assured that they have to be right, even if every shred of evidence available proves them wrong.

Besides, I never said everyone but me is delusional.  I never said anything of the sort.  This is just the kind of anti-intellectual nonsense behind a lot of people’s emotional support of religion.  The second anyone disagrees with religion, there’s something wrong with the person disagreeing, not the person believing absurd things.  Sorry, I beg to differ.

There is something wrong with anyone who believes things for irrational reasons.  I don’t care what it is that they believe, I don’t care how good it makes them feel to believe it, there is something wrong with them.  They are failing to use that big mammalian brain that they evolved with and refusing to take advantage of the intellect that you have is simply criminal.  But these people don’t care.

It also doesn’t matter how many people believe stupid things.  The idea that there are more idiot theists than there are rational people and somehow, that makes stupidity acceptable is absurd.  Argumentum ad populum is a fallacy for a reason.  Believing things without evidence is believing things without evidence no matter how many people do it.  At the end of the day, these people just want to defend what they do, whether there is a good reason to do what they do or not.  It’s all emotional, not intellectual. In fact, it’s almost entirely anti-intellectual.  Why people think that’s acceptable is beyond me.

The Libertarian Delusion

I always find it funny how delusional ardent libertarians are.  They are supremely convinced that some day, the whole world will just magically adopt their political ideology and when it doesn’t happen, there must be some grand conspiracy afoot keeping them from their rightful place at the head of the line.  This is nothing new, a lot of crazy ideologies think the same thing and the more that you believe in the conspiracy line of thinking, the more willing people are to do utterly insane things to advance their cause.

As part of my long time discussion with a libertarian though, I’ve started to see some of that insanity creeping through.  Now I admit that I’m poking him with a stick, initially hoping that it would get through his filters, but now just for fun.  He’s supremely convinced that libertarianism, hard-core, radical libertarianism, is the only workable political philosophy and that those dedicated to the cause must be willing to do whatever it takes to let it take power, for the good of humanity, of course.

But, as I keep pointing out, humanity wants nothing to do with libertarianism.  For a group that has been around, at least in an official capacity, for more than 45 years, they have never, ever, not even once gotten anywhere close to 2% of the popular vote.  This is because people don’t like their platform.  This isn’t a conspiracy, this is a failure of their ideology to appeal to the American voter.  As we all know, there’s a term for doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results and the libertarians are, in that regard, completely insane.

It just gets worse though.  This guy seems to think, although he won’t come right out and say it, that if the American people won’t accept libertarian rule, then it should be forced upon them, by force if necessary, for their own good.  He’s quick to point out that libertarians have guns.  He never says what they might want to do with them, but when I ask how libertarians are going to achieve power, he just says that they have weapons, as though the intention isn’t painfully clear.  He seems to want an armed insurrection aimed at overthrowing the democratically elected government of the United States so that his own political ideology, an ideology that is almost universally reviled by the American public, can be put in place to force Americans to do what no successful government in the history of the planet has ever done.  There has never been a successful society that has used libertarianism as it’s core principles.  There’s a reason for that.  It’s insane.

But I guess there’s a lot of really delusional libertarians out there.  There aren’t enough to have any shot in hell of a coup, but these losers are probably rallying around the fallout shelter, talking big and not knowing that they’re less than bugs, waiting to be squashed by reality.  As much as I don’t want to see that happen in reality, it might be entertaining to watch them get mowed down by the military machine that they seem to think they can overcome.

Put it on pay-per-view or something.  It would make millions.

The Left Desperately Protecting Islam Against Reality

It’s really sad how far the left will go to make sure that nobody ever blames Islam for violence, ever.  They’re at it again in the midst of a preliminary report that the FBI found no convincing evidence that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had gay lovers or acted out of some kind of shame for being gay.  That means that we’re back to blaming radical Islam for the massacre that claimed 49 lives.  I mean, it isn’t like Mateen didn’t call 911 while in the midst of the massacre and swear allegiance to ISIS or anything.

Oh wait, he did.

But the left can’t admit that.  They refuse to acknowledge that Islam could have had anything at all to do with it.  Even though the FBI has, at least so far, found no credible evidence that Mateen was gay, the left still insists that he must have been because there’s just no way that Islam could have been responsible.  He must have been ashamed of being gay!

And I have to point out, if he was ashamed, what made him that way?  Could it have been… oh, I don’t know… ISLAM?  Funny that it all keeps coming around to religion, isn’t it?  Either Mateen’s religious hatred for homosexuality came from Islam or his religious revulsion for his own homosexuality came from Islam.  That’s a little hard to get away from.

But the crazies on the left just won’t admit it no matter how blatantly obvious that it is.  They can’t get away from it but they insist on being purposely blind to reality.  They are out and out delusional.  They are so ideologically dead set against blaming Islam for anything that they’ll go to virtually any lengths to avoid admitting the blatantly obvious.

And it’s not just this case, there are still lefty lunatics out there arguing that the San Bernardino shooters couldn’t possibly have been motivated by Islam. Because, you know… reasons.  Or liberal ideology.  Take your pick.  But religion?  Never.  At least not religion often practiced by brown people.  Those people need the left’s protection for some reason.  Because the left is fucking stupid.

Delusions Have Consequences

walkin4You might think this belongs in the Religious Horror Show, but not so.  The person involved did it to themselves and harmed no one else so it’s more of an “evolution in action” moment than anything else.  The Religious Horror Show has very specific rules of what belongs and what does not.  This does not. So let’s look at these religious delusions and their unintended consequences.

A pastor in Gabon’s  capital city of Libreville thought he’d try something cute.  Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his followers that he was confident he could recreate Jesus “famous” walking on water stunt.  According to Matthew 14:22-3, he said that anyone with enough faith could do what Jesus supposedly did and took his congregation down the beach surrounding the Kombo estuary by walking on the water.  By his second step, he was underwater and he never came up again.

There are other similar stories in the region, such as the tale of a self-proclaimed Prophet who taught that he could walk into a lion’s den, just like what happened in Daniel, and be safe.  He tried this little stunt at the Ibadon zoo in south-west Nigeria.  Even though he was warned multiple times what would happen, this Prophet walked into the lion’s den and was shredded before the gate closed.  Another self-assured theist dead from his delusion.

Whether the religious are willing to admit it or not, there are negative consequences, sometimes dangerously so, that come part and parcel with their ridiculous delusional beliefs.  It’s sad when these result in a loss of life or limb for the believer, it’s horrific when it causes the death of an innocent person and when it causes a group of people to follow in one’s faith-filled footsteps, it’s unimaginably bad.  Has anything good ever come from such stunts?  Has anyone successfully walked on water through faith alone and not silly tricks?  About the best I can say of these two stories is that the faithful really did have faith, no matter how misplaced and their followers got front row seats to the utter failure of their religious buffoonery.  Maybe they’ll take the lesson to heart and reject the ridiculous beliefs that led their teacher to a tragic end.  I certainly hope so, even if a loss of life was required to teach that important lesson.