Defending the Delusional

I will never understand why people defend the delusional.  In a recent religious debate, I threw out some offhanded comment about people holding delusional beliefs and was immediately attacked by someone claiming I was smug, because I clearly thought everyone but me was delusional.  Nope.  Here’s the definition of the word: A delusion is a […]

The Libertarian Delusion

I always find it funny how delusional ardent libertarians are.  They are supremely convinced that some day, the whole world will just magically adopt their political ideology and when it doesn’t happen, there must be some grand conspiracy afoot keeping them from their rightful place at the head of the line.  This is nothing new, […]

Delusions Have Consequences

You might think this belongs in the Religious Horror Show, but not so.  The person involved did it to themselves and harmed no one else so it’s more of an “evolution in action” moment than anything else.  The Religious Horror Show has very specific rules of what belongs and what does not.  This does not. […]