The Objectively Dictionary Challenged

I find myself walking away from more and more debates because the people involved are just damn stupid.  Nowhere is this better illustrated than a recent “debate” where a guy claimed that morality is objective.  This isn’t a new debate by any means and this guy isn’t playing the religious angle, in fact, I’d argue […]

Reasonable Definitions

As much as I don’t want to re-open the anti-natalism can of worms, I feel there is something I need to say and it applies to anti-natalism as well as many other irrational beliefs.  I’ve had someone tell me that if you allow a very specific definition of “suffer”, then anti-natalism is logical because it […]

The Redefinition Game

I know this is nothing new but it’s something that I keep running into and it pisses me off to no end.  It’s largely used by theists who desperately want to gain any respectability for their beliefs by any means possible and far too often, those means are dishonest. What I’m talking about is redefining […]