Disobedience of the Law

This is pretty much guaranteed to piss off just about everyone who reads it, I’m sure, but I recently got into a discussion on a forum with someone who was incensed over the jailings, beatings and executions of atheist bloggers in Muslim countries. Yes, it is likely that most people reading this agree that the […]

Delusions Have Consequences

You might think this belongs in the Religious Horror Show, but not so.  The person involved did it to themselves and harmed no one else so it’s more of an “evolution in action” moment than anything else.  The Religious Horror Show has very specific rules of what belongs and what does not.  This does not. […]

Accept vs. Respect

Have you ever had someone tell you that they had the right to do something?  I’m sure it happens to most of us, especially the ones who debate on a regular basis, all the time.  For the most part, I’ll even agree with these people that they do, indeed, have the right, or at the […]