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How Not to be Stupid: The Blog Edition

rulesOver the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to ban two people from this blog, the only two people I have *EVER* had to ban from the blog in the nearly 10 year history that I’ve been around.  This happened after they insisted, even after being told not to, on repeatedly attacking another user, bringing warfare from other sites here, reporting comment after comment for moderation, demanding this other user be banned and, when all that failed, directly insulting me.

Okay, it shouldn’t take a genius to realize that attacking the owner of a site is not going to keep you around very long, that’s common sense 101, but these brain cases did exactly that and that was when they got to take an extended, if perhaps not permanent vacation from the site.  Smart people don’t do that.  These were not smart people.  These were children, in maturity, if not in age.

Therefore that has made me rethink my moderation policy around here and I’m going to be updating it, not because I want to, but because I have to.  I’ve always lightly moderated around here, I don’t want to be heavy handed, I want people to be able to talk rationally, intelligently and without worrying that I’ll come along and cut them off at the knees.  Apparently, I can no longer do that and it’s sad that it isn’t the theists I have to worry about, it’s the self-professed atheists.

Therefore, here is the official comment policy for the blog.  It can always be found if you go up to the top of the page, click on “About Bitchspot” and then on “Comment Policy.”  This is what everyone here is agreeing to abide by when they post a comment.  You don’t get to opt out. You inherently agree to do these things and if you do not like it, by all means, don’t  comment at all.

Therefore, the rules:

  1. Civil discourse is expected.  You can attack ideas, you cannot directly attack other posters.  Direct insults against others can and will result in deletion of your comments and possible ban of your posting privileges.
  2. I will not censor comments based on the ideas within the comments.  Feel free to speak your mind, so long as you do it politely and intelligently.  However, that doesn’t mean that one is welcome to post nonsense.  If you are asked to back up your statements, you are expected to do so.
  3. You are not the moderator here.  If you see a comment that specifically violates one of these rules, by all means report it.  I appreciate the help.  You are not allowed to ask that I ban another user, nor that I delete comments simply because you do not like the content of that comment.  If you don’t like what is said, by all means, don’t read it.
  4. Comments here are specifically meant to relate to posts on this blog.  Do not carry over discussions and debates from other blogs. If it applies directly, I don’t mind if you post a link to the other blog or forum.  Do not wage a war across the whole of the Internet.  Such posts will be immediately deleted and, if continued, the user will be banned.
  5. Profanity is permitted so long as it is not directed toward anyone else.  We are supposed to be adults here.  That’s not to say you have an unlimited license to cuss like a sailor just because you feel like it, but I will not censor a comment strictly because it contains some four-letter invective.
  6. Spam will be immediately deleted.  All spammers will be dropped into the block bin, never to be removed.  No spam has ever made it past my filters, please save yourself the trouble and don’t bother.  Any comment which contains a link to a business site will, at my option, be deleted, or if I think it’s a legitimate comment, have the link deleted.
  7. While I don’t play grammar police here, you are expected to at least make an attempt to communicate in proper English.  I understand if English isn’t your first language, I will make allowances for those have legitimate reasons, but for people who are just lazy, forget it.  You’ll get a warning.  “U” is not a word.
  8. I will warn people once for violating the comment policy.  If you continue to violate the rules, or your violation is egregious enough, you will be moved back to moderation status.  That means I will hand-moderate every single comment you make for as long as I think it’s necessary.  Comments that do not violate the policy will be approved.  I have no interest in permanently blocking any legitimate user, I have yet to do so, don’t be the first.
  9. Please understand, Bitchspot is not a democracy.  It is a dictatorship.  I am willing to discuss well-intentioned disagreements, but I am the final word on any decision.  If you don’t like these rules, by all means, feel free to go elsewhere, or better yet, start your own blog so that you can make the rules.

Them’s the rules folks.  Follow them or pay the consequences.  I now return you to your previously scheduled blog, already in progress.