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Two Kinds of Theists

Two kinds of theists, both absurd.

The more that I think about it, the more I realize that there are really two distinct kinds of theists in the world.  You have the fanatics and the idiots.  On the one side, you have the people who believe what they believe and nothing in the world is ever going to stop them from believing it because they simply cannot be convinced that what they believe is wrong for any reason.  On the other, you get the people who couldn’t care less if what they believe is true because they simply feel good believing and facts just don’t matter.

I really don’t understand either kind.

Both sides are completely emotional, they believe for entirely emotional reasons, it makes them feel good to think what they think, whether what they think is factually correct or not.  That’s something that I simply cannot intellectually comprehend. This is especially true when you realize that both groups are making claims about the state of reality, then not caring if their claims about reality are actually indicative of reality itself.  That is the most ridiculous thing I can imagine.

How can you argue that something is so and then not care if that thing is actually so?  What’s the point, aside from mindless emotionalism?  Are these people so dense that they can’t see that they’re holding a position for only emotional reasons?  Don’t they care?  What’s wrong with them?

That’s the question I find myself continually asking.  What is wrong with these people, that they would trade their intellectual integrity for emotional comfort?  That they would willingly believe in a lie, just because it gives them some of those feel-good chemicals in the brain.  And then that they would argue, sometimes to the extreme, for these false positions, just because it makes them feel good.  Are they incapable of seeing just how fallacious this is?  I guess so.

But while I might be able to understand the fanatics, after all, they have something seriously wrong with them upstairs, the other side is the side that confuses me the most.  These are the people who are smart enough to see how wrong they are, they just don’t care.  Their intellect is so compartmentalized that turning off rational thought when it comes to religion is second nature.  I doubt they even know they are doing it.  I just don’t  get it.

In the end, the more I interact with the religious, the less respect I have for them, in fact, the more disgust I feel for having to deal with their slimy beliefs.  There is something seriously wrong with them, that they toss out their intellectual integrity for emotional comfort, that’s the lowest possible common denominator and it makes them barely human, at least when it comes to their faith.  But that’s what faith is, the lowest common denominator.  It’s all sad.