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Voting For Those You Hate

I hate both Trump and Clinton.  I detest them both with a passion.  Never before, at least in recent memory, have both the Democrats and Republicans picked candidates that are so utterly reprehensible to the American voting public.

Yet you really have to hold your nose and pick one of them, just to keep the other the hell out of the White House.  One is going to win.  Nobody in their right mind wants either of them to be victorious.  What a horrific decision for the American voter to have to make.

But that’s really what American politics has become today:  Voting for people you hate because nobody worth voting for ever gets put on the ballot.  We keep getting crap and the only real decision is which crap smells less awful.

That’s a decision I am honestly sick of having to make.

Oh yeah, you get the third party pundits saying this is a great time to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, but we all know they have no chance in hell at winning the election.  If you actually support them, fine, go ahead.  But for those of us who actually care what is best for the country, who know that either Clinton or Trump are going to win and the only thing we can do is damage control by keeping the worst candidate out of office, it gets mighty depressing.  The best thing that could happen on January 20th is for whoever wins to be sworn in and promptly assassinated so that someone else, almost anyone else, could run the country.  I don’t care who it is.  Anyone has to be better than these two.

That said though, I’m going to vote for Trump, just to keep Hillary away from the Presidency.  We know for a fact that Hillary is evil.  Trump’s only saving grace is that we don’t have absolute proof that he’s a dishonest fuck-up.  We have strong suspicions, but with Hillary, she’s a known quantity and Trump just looks like a ridiculous boob.  Trump’s lack of proof is his only saving grace.  I still wish for an ISIS attack on Washington D.C. that day, maybe complete with a dirty bomb to take out the whole of the crappy U.S. national government.  It’s sad when that’s the best case scenario.

Why the hell can’t we get decent candidates in this country?  Oh yeah, because the political parties have no interest in what’s best for America, they only care about garnering power for themselves, screw the people who are gullible enough to give it to them.  So long as the American voting public refuses to figure that out, we’ll continue to be doomed to a lifetime of useless, dangerous and pathetic candidates.