The Bitchspot Report Podcast #67

Here we go again!  This week, Fox News falls for a 4Chan hoax, or do they?  Egypt outlaws unlicensed Imams and we wonder where you get an Imam license?  Christian persecution, a new study shows it’s nonsense but the Christians probably don’t care.  Pat Robertson encourages children not to involve the authorities in domestic abuse. […]

The Christian Questions Never End

I’ve answered tons of questions from Christians in the past, today I was out looking for any questions from other religious groups, such as Muslims, but came up empty, at least so far.  I did, however, come across this list of questions that I wanted to take on, plus he asked a couple of other […]

A Christian Prayer Challenge

I actually saw a Christian on Twitter challenging atheists to a challenge.  This is something I brought up a while back, having rarely ever seen such a thing, but as expected, it was a toothless tiger.  The theist challenged atheists to sincerely pray for God to come into their lives and for Jesus to touch […]