The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.27

The More Things Change… A priest defends pedophila on TV and pisses off the Vatican, Obama “verbally rapes” a woman by telling the truth, an 8th grade boy is suspended for supporting the military, 15 racist asshats carrying Confederate Flags invade a boy’s birthday party, plus we talk about the speed society has changed, thanks […]

Convenient Catholicism

Oh look, more stupid Catholics!  What a surprise!  This time out, a crazy fundamentalist Catholic tries to defend the Catholic Church and Catholicism and their hiding of pedophile priests by redefining words and playing the statistics game. The disagreement was that the Catholic Church has blatantly tried to defend pedophile priests and hide them from prosecution. […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.23

In a slightly shorter show, we go heavy on Islam with stories about anti-Muslim firearms, the pagan takeover of Catholicism, Ben Carson entirely misunderstanding our secular government, a Muslim boy gets arrested for bringing a clock to school, plus we look at why so many liberal atheists defend Islam.  Time’s a wastin’, go listen!

Proving The Resurrection By the Minimal Facts

It’s bizarre but I’ve found a lot of really crazy fundamentalist Catholics lately, people who are absolutely convinced that their faith is right and nobody can deny how perfect Catholicism is.  That’s the kind of stuff you expect to see from wingnut evangelical crazies, but nope… Catholics.  Go figure. So anyhow, one of them decides […]

My Little Jesus

Every time I think I’ve seen the nuttiest things that religion can come up with, I get blindsided with another one.  Now we all know that religious music is a big part of the church experience and, at least in my experience, much of that music is incredibly old, having been around for dozens if […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #2.10

Jesus Says Give Me Your Wallet! After missing a week, we come back with another 90 minutes of religious and political absurdity sure to make any rational person shake their heads.  This week, gays make Christians feel bad.  The Catholic Church is finally being held criminally liable for pedophile priests.  The Supreme Court rules in […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #66

It’s an all-news show!  This week, Christians think they’re going to the gas chambers, the Supreme Court settles the case over the Murfreesboro mosque, atheists are actually blinded to the fact that they’re possessed by demons, Southern Baptists post huge losses once again, the couple who killed two cops and a woman in Vegas were […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #64

In a ridiculously long episode, Cephus and Mike welcome guest Jim Goebel to talk about the cluelessness of creationists, the reason Catholics keep getting into trouble, good news, more Americans are expressing willingness to vote for an atheist and the rise of exorcism among Catholics and others, because they really think black magic, Satanism and […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #62

This time out, we talk about the latest move in Christian moviemaking, the movies that make them feel persecuted.  We watch Ken Ham’s head explode once again following the latest episode of Cosmos.  Feminists reveal their sexism as they hate male-only schools, but a female-only school?  You have to keep that!  The fallout from the […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #58

This time out, it’s churches and what they do wrong, starting with cocaine, condoms and the Vatican, kidnapping kids for Jesus, what happens when you pray too hard and Catholic bishops and their million dollar houses.  Then we take a look at 5 atheists that supposedly ruin it for the rest of us, but don’t […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #54

This week, Cephus and Mike look at the recent Chinese railroad knife attack, David Yonggi Cho, founder of the world’s largest megachurch gets convicted of theft, Americans are becoming sharply more favorable toward gay issues and the Catholic Church blames a Minnesota mom for not protecting her son from a pedophile priest.  Plus, we talk […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #51

Wow, there’s some really bad audio this week, which is too bad because we have a lot of important stuff to talk about.  Bear with us as the Devil messes with Mike’s recording setup as we complain about Vicky Hartzler and he claims that abortions stop a man’s fundamental right to be a father, we cheer […]

The Bitchspot Report Podcast #46

With special guest Jon Ownbey, we go after Republican hatred of evolution, the justice system failing us in prosecuting Catholic sex abuse cases, Obama’s plan to combine aliens and Canadian soldiers and rough Biblical debate.  Plus, we talk about Jon and Mike’s new podcast venture, the Irreverent Skeptics and drift all over the places into […]

Catholic Bankruptcies Not Necessarily Kosher

A federal judge ruled recently in the Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese bankruptcy case that the $57 million that the church had hidden in the cemetery care fund could not be touched by victims of priestly sexual abuse.  This shocked a lot of people, myself included, because we have internal church communications between Cardinal Timothy F. Dolan, former […]

Catholic Schools Struggle to Survive

No matter what the Catholics want you to believe, the fact is, they’re failing miserably.  It isn’t just the churches who have suffered from plummeting membership for years, it’s the Catholic schools who they rely on to brainwash kids into lifelong Catholic zombies, that have seen fewer and fewer students coming through the door year […]

Taking on the Quinque Viae

Yeah, I know.  Say what?  But this is really where a lot of apologist arguments either started from or are most concisely described and a Catholic debate partner demanded that I handle these arguments because they absolutely prove God is real. Well… not so much. The Quinque Viae, or the “Five Ways” are supposed to […]

Catholic Church Hypocritical Much?

In 2006, Lori Stodghill, a woman pregnant with twins, was rushed into St. Thomas More Hospital in Cañon City, Colorado.  She was suffering from a clogged artery which had starved her lungs and caused a massive heart attack, causing her death less than an hour after arriving in the hospital.  As tragic as that is, […]

It’s Not Just Priests

We talk a lot about Catholic priests molesting altar boys and rightfully so, Catholic sex abuse in the priesthood is a rampant problem and the RCC has demonstrated a sick disinterest in actually dealing with the problem or in even acknowledging that they have an issue.  However, we have to remember that this problem goes […]

Quickie Halloween Followup

Last night, my daughter got some silly handout from a local Catholic church, it’s a 3-inch wide flyer on the history of Halloween, English on one side, Spanish on the other.  Honestly, for the first half, it’s extremely historically accurate, it describes where the holiday came from, how begging for treats started, I’m pretty impressed […]

I’m sure this was totally innocent!

Seriously folks, you can’t make this shit up. Late Sunday night, August 12, 2012, James Curths, a resident of Woodburn, Oregon, discovered a 12-year old boy running down the street towards him, begging him to protect him from the person chasing him.  Moments later, a man, dressed only in his underwear, ran around the nearby […]