When Marketing Becomes Harassing

You know, there’s a difference between marketing and being obnoxious and we’re currently trying to stop the latter.  Years ago, we bought a new car at what was, at the time, a local dealership and it was a great experience.  Fantastic.  Couldn’t complain.  But thereafter, they have been after us, not only to buy another […]

Shallow Consumers: The Car Edition

A couple of months ago, I agreed to join a year-long study of American consumers on automobiles, answering questions about what is important to me about modern cars and the direction that the automotive industry is going.  It takes me a couple of minutes a week, usually answering one or two short questionnaires about various […]

I Hate Buying Cars

Last week, my car took a dump.  I’d been having problems with it for a couple of months, had replaced the water pump, the timing chain, the radiator and several other parts and it still didn’t run right.  The “Coolant” light kept coming on randomly, even though the coolant level never changed.  My mechanic, who […]