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People Die, Get Over It!

I write this just as I heard that Carrie Fisher has died and frankly, I don’t particularly care.  But to hear the collective whinging of the fanboys, you’d think the planet was ending.  And of course, this has been a year of people bitching and moaning that famous people have dropped dead so it’s nothing new.

But guess what?  People do that.  Stop being an idiot.

Honestly, people need to get a grip on reality.  Death is a natural part of the life cycle.  Everyone does it.  Everyone you know, yourself included, is going to die and it isn’t a tragedy, it’s reality.

At least this year is almost over so I don’t have to hear that “2016 took someone else from us!”  Now it will be “Oh no, 2017 is horrible!”  Let me let you in on a little secret.  2016 can’t do anything.  Reality did it.  There’s a reason that lots of famous people you grew up with died in 2016, because they are old and people do that.  I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone did a study, back in 2014 or 2015 I think, where they compared the ages at death of celebrities during the year and found that they averaged out to near the average life expectancy of humans.  In other words, people died about when we would expect them to die.  And this is somehow a revelation?  A lot of the people you grew up watching on TV or in the movies are reaching that age, so yes, they are dying.  Why are you surprised?  Why is this a shock to you?  Why all the crying and gnashing of teeth?  It isn’t like you didn’t know it was coming one of these days.  These people aren’t going to live forever.  Why are you pretending that they should?

It isn’t a tragedy, it’s part of being alive.  Grow up and deal with reality.  You didn’t even know these people, why are you acting like your dog got run over by a car?  I mean, I even met Carrie Fisher many years ago, talked to her for a while, and I don’t feel particularly bad that she had a heart attack and dropped dead.  Why should I?  I have no personal stake in her survival.  It doesn’t matter that she was in some of my favorite movies of all time, it doesn’t hurt the movies any that she’s gone, any more than it hurts them that Sir Alec Guinness is dead.  He doesn’t suddenly fade away from the work he’s done.

Isn’t it a better idea to celebrate what she did in her life than to whine about her death?  That seems pretty anti-climactic to me.  Besides, exactly where do you get off being sad about the death of Carrie Fisher or anyone else?  You didn’t know her.  Certainly it is a sad time for her friends and family, the people who actually shared her life, but you aren’t those people.  Your sadness is self-centered.  You’re only sad because she won’t be in any more Star Wars movies.  You’re a dick.  Get over yourself.

And that goes for everyone out there.  Stop whining that people die.  Grow up.  Deal with reality. Accept the inevitable.  Mourn people that you actually knew, but more than that, celebrate their lives. Laud their accomplishments.  Don’t cry over their deaths.  Everyone  dies.  Even you.  Get a grip.