Disobedience of the Law

This is pretty much guaranteed to piss off just about everyone who reads it, I’m sure, but I recently got into a discussion on a forum with someone who was incensed over the jailings, beatings and executions of atheist bloggers in Muslim countries. Yes, it is likely that most people reading this agree that the […]

All the News That’s Fit to…

I got an e-mail today asking why I don’t usually post about current events and news stories very often on the blog. Certainly, I used to, back in the day, but of late, it’s become a rarer and rarer thing.  I think it’s a fair question and deserves an answer, but I’ll do it here […]

Is This Really Blogging?

This really has nothing to do with anything important, just an observation I’ve made over the past couple of days as I’ve run across a bunch of sites that are essentially doing the same thing. These blogs will quote, usually in full, a news story or article and will add virtually none of their own […]

Spreading the Blogging Word!

Every once in a while, I take a look into blog and/or podcast promotion and am always extremely disappointed by what I find.  I write and podcast because I enjoy it, it’s a hobby and I don’t really measure my success by hits, although to be honest, I do surprisingly well, at least here on […]

Reddit: People Need a Clue

I was having a discussion on a Google+ group and people still seem utterly enamored with Reddit and it’s ability to funnel a huge number of hits to your blog.  Sure, if all you care about are raw hits, if driving traffic, just for the sake of having traffic is all you want, then Reddit […]

The Secret to Driving Blog Traffic

Since I’ve started paying a little more attention to traffic in the past month or so, I’ve been reading people’s suggestions for driving more traffic to your blog.  There are no end to blog posts out there, especially from people who want to make money from page hits, for getting a lot more people onto […]

So Now What Do I Do?

As anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows, I’m not driven by ad revenue (I get none) or blog hits.   I don’t write for any particular audience, I write what I want to write because it’s something that interests me and I feel I have something to say.  The sad […]

Blogging and Money

When I heard that JT Eberhart, Chris Hallquist, and Dan Fincke were all abandoning FtB, I was happy, maybe this signaled the beginning of a mass exodus of people who were sick and tired of the Atheism+ nonsense.  Then I read further and found that, instead of leaving over ideological differences, they were going over […]

Screw Google Rankings

I, along with pretty much every blogger I’m sure, get tons of comment spam.  Most of it is “increase your Google rankings!” and “make more money blogging!”  Just go to their web site and see their free video and you’ll soon be a millionaire! Who cares?  If they think I cared at all about making […]