Slowing Down… Maybe

Not too long ago, Jack, over on Atheist Revolution, wrote a post about slowing down his blog output.  He’s running out of steam and frankly, so am I.  I’ve been doing this blog for more than 10 years and during that time, I have posted, between here and my other blog, every single day during […]

The Craziness of the Calendar

  I’ve said before that I write prolifically and that my blogs, both of them, are scheduled out to an absurd degree.  In fact, I often don’t even remember writing many of the posts that come up during the week, I have to go back and re-read them because it’s been literally months since I […]

Poor Abused Ex-Cardinal Mahony

Isn’t it horrible that people are picking on former Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal Roger Mahony?  I mean, why should anyone ever criticize him, just because we now have proof that he was personally responsible for moving around pedophile priests and protecting molesters over innocent children?  That shouldn’t make anyone upset with him, should it? Well, […]

I Could Use Some Input

As anyone who reads the blog regularly knows, I write about a wide variety of subject matter here, from atheism and religion to movie and TV reviews and I think that a lot of the non-atheism-related posts go largely unappreciated.  You know me, I don’t really care about readership, but as I was talking to […]