New on YouTube: The Bitchspot Channel

I’ve been quite disappointed in my presence on youTube for a while.  Yes, I know, I hardly have any presence at all as the Bitchspot Blog, mostly all I do there is post video copies of the Bitchspot Report Podcast, with a couple of slipshod episodes of Bitchspot Quickies dropped with great irregularity.  That’s not […]

The Post-Holiday Holiday

I recently realized that there was another holiday this year, hidden between Christmas and New Years, that I ought to acknowledge, even though it probably means nothing to anyone but me.  It was 10 years ago today that I posted my first post to the first iteration of the Bitchspot Blog, back on December 26, 2004. […]

Time for a Break

Like so many of my fellow atheist bloggers, I get really sick of posting the same things over and over and over again.  Let’s face it, religion never changes and we atheists have probably destroyed everything that has been said about religion and everything that is likely to be said about religion, the theists simply […]

Lots of Changes

To be honest, I’ve let Bitchspot coast along for quite a long time now.  Mostly, this is because I simply have had no free time to spend working on it.  I’ve spent several years putting in 70+ hours a week at work, building a successful business, training employees, etc.  At least for the moment, it […]