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YouTube is Pissing Me Off

Youtube_logoI recently put up a second YouTube channel specifically for this blog and while I’m enjoying making videos and they’re getting relatively successful, one thing is driving me absolutely crazy.  YouTube seems unable to decide, no matter where I actually put the videos, where they will actually end up.  On more than one occasion, I have uploaded to the Bitchspot channel and it has ended up on the podcast channel and vice versa.  For those of you who have found a video in the wrong place, I apologize but it’s not my fault.  I’m careful to be signed into the correct account at the time I’m uploading, this seems to be a crazy glitch in the YouTube software.

What’s worse is the amount of time some of these videos are taking to process once uploaded because I can’t even tell what they’re going to do until it’s actually processed and published.  Everything uploads relatively quickly, but then I get the message “It’s taking an unusually long time to process…”  No it isn’t.  It’s unusual when it takes less than an hour or so these days.  It’s taking the usual long time to process.  Yes, I know that YouTube has an absurd amount of content being uploaded every minute of the day, it’s still annoying.  I can’t just sit and watch it spin its wheels processing, I just hit publish and figure I’ll go back later to see if it did it right.  Sometimes it does.  Far too often it doesn’t.  Because when it ever does eventually publish, it announces itself on Twitter and Google+, when I find it’s done something wrong and have to delete it off of one channel and re-upload it to the other, those links stop working and there are more announcements made.  If that has affected anyone, I’m sorry.

I’ve opened a ticket with YouTube to see what’s going on but haven’t heard anything back yet.  With my last Bitchspot Channel video, it uploaded to the wrong side, not once, but twice and I just deleted those.  Currently, I’m uploading the video version of the latest podcast and have my fingers crossed that this is going to work out.  I wish the YouTube system was better designed for people with multiple channels where it just asked you where you wanted it without having to sign in and sign out of everything all the time.  But such is life, right?