Bird Fanatics Fear Success

Yes, this is yet another rant about the stupid, hyper-emotional bird fanatics and the fact that they cannot handle the real world.  It’s also once again the rush to vilify anyone who seems to do better than they do.  So this morning, I wake up and there’s a new thread asking how people’s cats and […]

Do I Want Another Bird?

Ran across a question on the bird forum this morning that I thought was interesting.  There are always birds posted that either someone found on Craigslist or Kijiji or that someone has gotten in over their heads and has to get rid of and invariably, you get people posting “oh, I wish I could take […]

While We’re Talking About Fanatics

Let’s talk about bird people.  Okay, let’s  be honest, bird women.  A huge percentage of bird owners seem to be women, although I don’t have any particular data to back that up, the overwhelming majority of people on bird forums where gender is self-identified do tend to be female.  That’s not a good or a […]

Birds at the End of the Line

My favorite bird farm is quickly going out of business.  Oh, they say they’re “downsizing”, that they’re “re-consolidating” their assets and “re-evaluating” their business plan but it’s really clear what’s going on.  It’s a shame because they’ve been around almost 40 years.  Beyond just having birds, feed, toys, cages and supplies, they had a huge […]

It’s a Bird Show! A Bird Show!

Got out yesterday afternoon and attended a local bird show.  I don’t know what I was expecting, to be perfectly honest, some of the shows I’ve attended lately have been terrible disappointments, some have pleasantly surprised me.  This was a mixture of both. We went, mostly to see what was there, but secretly I really […]

Feathers or Scales?

I’ve had an empty tank sitting here for close to two years now.  It used to hold the last of my bearded dragons, a big guy named Pancake, who finally succumbed to old age quite a ways back, after living with the family for about 12 years.  I’ve never felt the need to fill it […]