Belief and Knowledge

There is a difference between believing a thing is true and knowing it is true.  This is a constant problem with religious apologists because apparently, they are unaware of the difference.  In a recent poll, a theist wanted to know if atheists 100% knew that God doesn’t exist, but they also asked if theists knew […]

Are You Addicted to Religion?

It’s no surprise that there is such an overlap between drug addiction and extreme religious adherence, there are a lot of elements that are similar between the two. People who go to get clean of drugs or alcohol often exchange one addiction for another, either a religion or a religious 12-step program and sometimes, the […]

Belief and Faith

There was an article, written by T. M. Luhrmann, an anthropology professor, about belief and faith in Christianity, although I’m sure that you could apply her thoughts to just about any religion.  In it, she says that she’s approached by what she describes as “university-educated liberals”, and asked things like Why do people believe in God? What […]

Why Theists Won’t Budge on Faith

We, as atheists, often wonder why theists cling so tightly to their religious beliefs, especially when, in today’s world, there really is no excuse for not knowing any better.  Let’s be honest, we can find out information almost instantly with just a few keystrokes and an Internet connection, the failure of religion, all religion, is […]

The Harm of False Belief

I keep hearing, especially from theists and accommodationists, that we ought to leave the religious alone because it causes no harm. There are two problems with this line of thinking.  First off, it limits the ability of the individual to find actual truth when they’re already convinced that they found it.  Once you find something, […]