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War on the Grocery Industry in California

I have grown to hate the grocery industry in California following the passage of SB270, the grocery bag ban.  Now yes, a lot of it is the insane liberals, but one thing that people haven’t paid a lot of attention to was the influence of the grocery industry in particular, but of lots of businesses in general.

See, the second this came up, they started frothing at the mouth, wanting their cut of the sweet, sweet reusable bag money that was sure to sweep the land.  And why not?  Grocery stores in particular are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the ban.  They no longer have to pay for all of the plastic bags that they used to go through, in fact, now they make money on every single bag they can sell to the forgetful public.  Plus, I’ve seen stores cutting back on grocery baggers because now that people bring their own, there’s an expectation in a lot of places that you’re supposed to put your own groceries in your own bags.  Why pay for someone to do it?

And of course, that turns checkers into hard-core hawkers of selling bags.  Some of them are really insistent, like they have a quota to sell.  Some get really rude when they see you brought your own bags, or that you’ll simply pile it in your cart without bags.  It’s like you’ve done them some grave disservice.

But there are some stores that, at least so far, aren’t charging you for bags.  I’m sure that will come down the line, but I wonder if there are stores who will simply provide reusable bags for free to their loyal customers?  It would be great to see and I’d certainly do business with them because of it.  Still, I’m sure that everyone will cave to the reusable bag cult that has developed in California.  It isn’t like Californians have any choice and the grocery industry, in particular, put a ton of money into making sure the bill passed.

So, I did what I had to do.  I ordered some of the bags pictured above.  I mean, if I have to carry them around, I might as well make my opinion known.  And I never, ever buy bags from grocery stores.  Ever. If I forget my bag, I just throw it all in the cart, no matter how much I buy, and take it out to my car.  I don’t care how much the cashiers hate me.  In fact, the more they do, the more their employers do, the better.  Screw these people.  They stabbed the people of California, the good, hardworking people who aren’t liberal retards, for a profit motive.  And a cheap profit motive at that.  If I could simply never go to a grocery store again, I would.  If I trusted Amazon to get me all of the food I need on time, I’d order through them.  Maybe sometime I’ll try it.  But then the grocery stores would go after Amazon because people hating what the stores have done and taking their business elsewhere doesn’t teach them a lesson.  They don’t care.  But then again, I don’t care about them.  So screw the liberals and screw the grocery stores.  You’ve made an enemy once again.