Answers to Some Atheist Questions

Over on the Atheist Experience blog, a viewer asked some questions and although there is a thread over there for answering them, I thought I’d take a shot here.  These questions seem to come from an atheist, although I don’t think he ever self-identifies as one, that’s just the sense I get.  It could also […]

The Christian Questions Never End

I’ve answered tons of questions from Christians in the past, today I was out looking for any questions from other religious groups, such as Muslims, but came up empty, at least so far.  I did, however, come across this list of questions that I wanted to take on, plus he asked a couple of other […]

Questions, Answers and Beliefs

There’s one thing I keep seeing out of the theist community, something that pops up in virtually every discussion, particularly when theists are trying to claim that faith is somehow rational.  I’ve seen theists make statements that faith must be rational because it manages to provide answers to questions that science simply cannot answer. This […]

The Atheist Challenge

A theist asked 10 questions of atheists, here are my answers.  I saw this over on Atheist Revolution and I like most of his answers, so he gets the credit! As anyone who has read this blog for long, I have answered many of this type of questionnaire in the past and they vary in […]