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I Hate Trolling But I’ll Make an Exception…

In general, I hate trolls and I hate trolling, I virtually never engage in it, but this time I’m going to make an exception for the good of humanity.  I’ve been hanging out on Gab, the alt-right cesspool, and sniping at the racist assholes.  I’m doing so specifically so that they’ll open their fool mouths and show the rest of Gab what a bunch of pathetic losers they are.

And it works wonderfully because they apparently don’t know when to leave well enough alone.  I’m perfectly fine with that because I want them exposed as the immature, irrational shit stains that they are.  I don’t even have to do any work, they do it all themselves.  I just have to start the ball rolling.

It isn’t like it’s possible to debate with these people rationally because they are not rational.  They are every bit as crazy as the regressive left.  They operate solely on emotion.  Intelligence doesn’t even enter into it.  Therefore, I only have to get them spewing their grand Jewish conspiracy, master-race horseshit to get the whole place laughing their asses off at these idiots.  It’s good, clean fun.

Because anyone with half a clue is going to take one look at the garbage they spout and fall over laughing. It’s totally indefensible, just like the social justice nonsense that the regressive left dribbles all over their own chins.  What’s worse, they fall for it again and again and again.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  They can’t respond intelligently to facts, the second you point out that nothing they say is at all defensible, they erupt into a wall of impotent rage at every bad thing in the world that is keeping them from being great, except themselves of course.  Like the regressive left, nothing bad that ever happens to them is their own fault.  They take no responsibility for their own lives.  It’s always the faceless threat of non-whites, just like it’s always the imaginary patriarchy on the left.  These people are just idiots through and through.

And these professional idiots are only too happy to show the world just how absurdly ridiculous they are. They just need a little poke. Where’s my stick?