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Why Won’t You Disable Your AdBlocker?

I use an adblocker on my browser.  I have always used one, I will always use one.  There are a lot of sites out there that implore me to turn it off or make an exception for them because they need to make money and the only way they make money is by me watching ads.  Well too bad.  You made your financial model, you have to deal with the consequences thereof.

Yes, I know  that these sites need to make money to stay up, but they have a choice how they want to do it.  Forced ad revenue is pretty much the bottom of the bin and it has become so obnoxious over the years, with popups and viruses and other malware, to the point that people developed ad blockers for a reason.  Now you can choose to use whatever method you want of making money, but you’re also responsible for that method and I have no obligation whatsoever to change my habits because you’ve made a bad choice.

See, these sites could easily just block anyone using an ad blocker.  It wouldn’t make me mad.  I’d be fine with it.  I’d just take my business elsewhere.  It isn’t going to change my decision to use one, I use it because ad producers have become so utterly obnoxious in their ads that I refuse to take part anymore.  I know that isn’t the fault of modern sites that had nothing to do with that, I’m sorry, but you still chose the lowest common denominator system, the one that takes the least amount of work on your part, as your money making method.  You made your choice, I made mine.  You can stop me from using your site and I’m fine with that.  I have no interest in trying to make you stop.  But by the same token, you can’t force me to stop using software to block out all of the obnoxious ads that pop up everywhere on the Internet.  Accept that I do it.  Cater to me or don’t.  It’s your call.  Just  be aware that people are just going elsewhere if  you try to force a decision upon them.  It’s called competition. Welcome to the real world.

I actually had to come back to this story a couple of weeks after I wrote it when my wife signed up for a streaming site and pointed out how ridiculous their system was.  Apparently, by watching ads on their videos, you earned “points” and if you had enough points, you could get a free “premium” membership that didn’t make you watch ads.  But if you use an ad-blocker, they scold you and tell you that you’re losing “points”.  Well the only thing the points are good for is that “premium” membership so it doesn’t matter if you lose points because you get the same thing as a “premium” membership without ever having to sit through an obnoxious ad.  Tell me there’s something I’m not seeing here.

So instead of trying to force compliance, or begging for someone to change their ways, why don’t you stop relying on ads to make money?  There are lots of other options.  It might take some more work but it will probably not piss as many people off and who knows, you might actually make more.