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The Religious Horror Show is a weekly feature, published every Sunday and occasionally during the week, building on a previous feature that ran for years here. Some of these stories may also come from my podcast, the Bitchspot Report Podcast, but only as specifically identified as Religious Horror Show stories. It details the evils that come from religion.  In order to qualify, the story must detail death or serious physical or psychological harm and must be totally reliant on the religious belief of the criminal, such that if religion were totally removed from the situation, the same crime could not conceivably been committed.  Please, if you have a story that qualifies, e-mail it to me here.

The Religious Scorecard

Christianity (Protestant): 85  Christianity (Catholic): 41   Islam: 79   Judaism: 12

Buddhism: 4   Hinduism: 10   Primitive/Witchcraft: 9   Other: 4

2012 (total 12 stories)

9/30/12 – Muslim Imams more than happy to marry underage girls to pervert Islamic men!

10/7/12 – Catholics argue age of consent is 14 so they can put a pedophile priest back to work.

10/14/12 – Julia Lovemore murders her 6-week old daughter by stuffing pages from the Bible in her mouth, authorities knew she and her husband were religiously deranged and did nothing.

10/21/12 – Benjamin Edetanlen beat his young son to death because the Bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”.  Too bad we don’t allow stoning these days.

10/28/12 – Hey, when you can’t convert a Christian to your Muslim faith, kidnap and rape his 2-year old daughter, that’ll teach him to respect your religion of peace!

11/3/12 – If it’s not bad enough when Muslims kill non-Muslims, what about when they kill other Muslims?  Don’t you think Allah would frown on that kind of thing since, presumably, they’re not infidels?  And while we’re off killing other Muslims, why not drive a bomb-laden jeep into a Christian church?

11/11/12 – Because kidnapping gay men, imprisoning them against their will and screaming into their ears has been shown to scare away the gay, right?

11/18/12 – You’d better memorize your Qu’ran or your mother might beat you to death with a hammer, then light your body on fire!  Ah, Islam, the religion of peace!

12/2/12 – In India and Africa, killing children for being witches and harvesting their body parts for use in magical spells is commonplace.  Don’t tell me religion causes no harm!

12/16/12 – Whether you like circumcision or not, at least the overwhelming majority of infant boys that have it done survive, but most of them have it done in a hospital with an actual doctor who has a clue what they’re doing.  Not so much with a lot of Christian groups who insist on having it done in the home.  That’s when things go wrong and babies die.

12/23/12 – It’s not enough that the Christians and the Muslims are molesting kids, using their religious beliefs to justify and their religious positions to enable them to do so, here come the Jews, doing the same thing.  When does this end?

12/30/12 – Because beating the crap out of crying kids works so well, Jesus said so!

2013 (total 52 stories)

1/6/13 – Those wonderful Muslim extremists in Nigeria, Boko Haram, killed at least 450 Christians last year alone, they’re already trying to top themselves!  Luckily, the government is sick of cleaning up their bloodstains and are starting to take out these fanatics themselves!

1/13/13 – It’s not enough for someone to be arrested for blasphemy, even if they are retarded, you have to break into the police station, beat them to death and light the corpse on fire!  Islam, the religion of peace!

1/20/13 – A bit of a digression as I discuss the rules for the Religious Horror Show and a blast from the past as we take a look back at the Beagley case from 2008.

1/27/13 – It’s not just the people who commit heinous acts in the name of religion, it’s also those who facilitate those acts in the name of religion.

2/3/13 – When a scammer in Mexico claims he’s the promised return of Jesus, it’s amazing how many people, especially women, line up to jump in bed with him, go out to be prostitutes for him, etc.  Do these people’s religious faith make them that gullible?

2/10/13 – There are far too many cases of religious crazies going after the non-religious, or other religions, but what happens when they start going after other denominations within their own religion?  That’s just what happens in Islam, where the radical Sunnis are out murdering Shiites, just because they believe the wrong thing.

2/17/13 – Now Buddhists are getting into the act and screwing children, this time, a 105-year old monk has been an active sex abuser for 50 years before anyone reported him, but he’s not alone, there are tons of Buddhist abusers worldwide.

2/24/13 – In Papua, New Guinea, primitive villagers are lighting “witches” on fire because their religious beliefs insist that “witches” are real.  It’s so bad that they had to pass a law specifically outlawing the burning of “witches” but the religious villagers are doing it in even greater numbers today!

3/3/13 – Unfortunately, in Tibetan Buddhist circles, there’s a recent trend in lighting yourself on fire in order to protest political issues.  Isn’t this just stupid?  When hundreds of Buddhists do it and nothing changes, why do they keep doing it again?

3/10/13 – More from those primitive Christians in Africa who practice a bizarre mixture of Catholicism and traditional witchcraft.  We see a couple of cases where they maim and mutilate albino children to use their body parts in strange rituals.  Sure, religion never hurt anyone.

3/17/13 – This week I present a video that details the various deaths caused by anti-medicine Christians.  News flash for you people, prayer doesn’t do a damn thing, take your kids to the doctor!

3/24/13 – When those loveable Muslims go on a rampage because they think someone might… MIGHT have blasphemed against Mohammed, out come the torches and hundreds of people lose their homes and businesses.  When in doubt, burn some shit down for Allah!

3/31/13 – An Easter special, I look at people who are willing to have spikes pounded through their hands and feet because they think it makes them more like an imaginary guy in the sky.

4/7/13 – Dutch Catholics get into the act and get  caught molesting children.  Is anyone seriously surprised?

4/14/13 – It’s bad enough when a Baptist megachurch minister gets caught screwing a 17-year old girl, but then he starts claiming that God told him to do it!

4/21/13 – Extremist Christian cult in Ghana holds members prisoner for years while religious leaders molest and marry minors.

4/28/13 – Hey parents, if your kid really wants to read the Bible, you’d better let them!  Bible withdrawal causes sociopathic behavior.

5/5/13 – I guess it only makes sense to light a 3-year old baby on fire if you really think she’s the anti-Christ, right?  Because totally normal people believe in the anti-Christ.  No harm there!

5/12/13 – Haven’t talked about those fun-loving, child-molesting Catholic priests for a while, here’s another case of  Catholic priests, William Vatterott, getting caught with kiddy porn and Shawn Ratigan, accused of making it.

5/19/13 – It’s Buddhist-on-Muslim violence in Burma.  Anyone who thinks that Buddhism is a peaceful religion needs to read this because you’re just wrong.

5/26/13 – Being highly religious means you can torture your foster children and, because they’re religious, you can count on other theists to defend their horrific actions.

6/2/13 – Muslim Imam declares that it’s fine and dandy to rape women, so long as they don’t belong to your sect of Islam!  Reprehensible anyone?

6/9/13 – Faith healing results in innocent deaths, yet religious communities refuse to hold the fanatical accountable for their lack of credible action.

6/16/13 – Selling coffee can be fatal in the land of Zombie Mohammed.

6/23/13 – Former Catholic priest Gerald Ridsdale, who has already been in prison for years 19 years for molesting children, is being investigated on even more charges.  It’s not just the U.S. and Europe where the Catholic Church shuffles pedophile priests around, Australia does too!

6/30/13 – Honor killings are not honorable, no matter what religion performs them.

7/7/13 – I don’t know what’s worse, that a man murders his own daughter in cold blood, believing that she’s possessed by a demon, or that his physically abused wife sticks by him?

7/14/13 – What better way to show that Islam is the religion of peace than to throw innocent kids off the roof?

7/21/13 – We hear a lot about Catholics molesting kids, how about murder?  This is a 50 year old case and the Catholics are still protecting the murderer!

7/28/13 – A Nigerian pastor molests two 11-year old girls and after trying to blame them, he claims he was possessed by demons and his victims forgave him!

8/4/13 – Muslims don’t even understand their own scriptures, now they’re jailing people for eating pork, just because they can’t eat bacon.  It’s absurd.

8/11/13 – There’s been a whole lot of child molestation going on in Scotland, but at least the Church is sorry about it.  At least they say they’re sorry, even if they’re not willing to do anything to stop it.

8/18/13 – Unfortunately, the religious go crazy all too often and when they do, it’s often innocent children who are harmed.

8/25/13 – When the religious go insane, it isn’t always people who suffer the consequences.

9/1/13 – Those fun-loving Muslims are at it again, this time in Zanzibar where they splashed acid in the faces of two British aid volunteers.

9/8/13 – What do you do when you find that your religious entertainer has been making covert plans to molest, murder and eat your children?

9/15/13 – We hear about the Catholics and their problematic priests, but it’s not a Catholic problem, here’s a case of a Church of England vicar with the exact same problems.  Sexual abuse isn’t only a Catholic problem, it’s a religion problem.

9/22/13 – Sometimes credit is due, such as the case of a popular Sacramento priest who molested a young girl, the diocese leapt into action and made sure he couldn’t harm anyone else.

9/29/13 – German police rescued 40 children from the compound of a Christian cult that believed it was God’s command to beat their children with rods.  Sure, that sounds kosher.

10/6/13 – We remember the horrors that fundamentalist religion visits upon children when their parents are so deluded they refuse to provide basic medical care, here are two more examples of the undeniable damage that religion can do to the innocent.

10/13/13 – An 8-year old child bride in Yemen is killed on her wedding night when her 40 year old husband caused massive internal damage. Yes, Islam is such a good religion.

10/20/13 – An Iowa youth minister convinces gay teens not to be gay while engaging in  gay sex acts with them.  Does anyone else see a problem with this?

10/27/13 – Here’s three separate stories that prove, without a doubt that Jesus, Mary and the Archangel Michael are dicks.

11/3/13 – The Catholic Church pretends that it actually cares about protecting innocent children, but in case after case, we find that various archdiocese around the world are actively protecting pedophile priests and ignoring overwhelming evidence that they have a massive problem.

11/10/13 – A Saudi woman who was gang-raped by 7 men is now facing 200 lashes and 6 months in prison for daring to allow herself to get raped.  Her lawyer, who dared to argue that this was barbaric, has lost his license to practice law.  Islam, what a wonderful religion!

11/17/13 – It seems to be the loudest evangelical preachers, the ones who scream about the evils in the world that have their hands in the cookie jar, or more properly, some kid’s pants.  Here’s two cases.

11/24/13 – Muslims are taking notes from the Catholics, here’s a case of a Muslim prayer leader who tried to rape and murder a 3-year old girl, only to be stopped by the local villagers.

12/1/13 – I can’t just stop at one Catholic molestation anymore, they’ve become so passe.  So here’s three of them, all within the Philadelphia Archdiocese.  I could have done more.  This is sad.

12/8/13 – Even the Hindus are not immune from their holy men taking liberties with female followers, in fact, much of the religious far east is involved with taking advantage of women and talking them into having sex for spiritual reasons.

12/15/13 – South African Christian-run insane asylum chains inmates to the walls and treats them like animals because, you know, Jesus is love.

12/22/13 – It’s a Christmas roundup of Catholic sex abuse cases and there are a lot of them.  Why does anyone give their money to this religious criminal organization?

12/29/13 – In Pakistan, just being in possession of a cell phone is enough to get a woman stoned to death.  When are these backwards people going to join the 21st century?

2014 (total 64 stories)

1/5/14 – While the situation has changed for the better, Israel has been used for decades to protect Jewish sexual predators. Religion and politics should never mix.

1/12/14 – After being given some magic powder by a practitioner of witchcraft, Mohammed Ashiq was forcibly removed from the anti-epilepsy drugs that had sustained him his entire life and he died in transit to the hospital.

1/19/14 – Father James McGonegal is found masturbating in his car and wants a park ranger to give him a blow job.  Sorry, McGonegal is also HIV positive and has been cruising for sex, which is a crime.  The Catholic Church, even after all of this came to light, refused to terminate his employment.  Great people, those Catholics.

1/25/14 – A 19-year old girl in France was tied up by members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church for days while her boyfriend tried to save her soul, almost killing her in the process.  Even more stories of religious absurdity await the daring reader.

2/2/14 – This is why it’s child abuse to push religion on kids as a child commits suicide so she can go to heaven and be with her father.

2/9/14 – Forced pedophilia in Orthodox Jewish baths?  Can’t say I’m surprised that the community is fighting for their right to fuck kids.

2/16/14 – When you apply Biblical standards to discipline and your followers beat their children to death, you know something is wrong.

2/23/14 – It’s funny how many religious clerics think that they can break the law and then use religion as a universal get out of jail free card.

3/2/14 – Luke Monrose dies trying to unlock the secrets of the afterlife, how many more have to die for their ridiculous beliefs?

3/9/14 – When the religious molest kids, their parishioners are only too happy to help them to continue, up to and including putting those pedophile ministers back in charge of a children’s ministry.

3/16/14 – Pastoral molestation doesn’t tend to happen just once, it tends to happen over and over and over again and their followers are always supporting them so they can do it again!

3/23/14 – Like many other fundamentalist faiths, Hasidic Judaism pushes shunning of former members, including Deb Tambor, who killed herself after everyone she knew and loved rejected her because she stopped being a Hasidic Jew.

3/30/14 – After a particularly brutal rape, Emmanuel Paulino says he’s not worried about being sent to prison because he has Jesus on his side!

4/6/14 – What do you do when you think you hear religious voices?  You stab your seven-year old niece in the neck!

4/13/14 – Religion causes no harm, except when religious practitioners accidentally chop off a baby’s penis.  That’s not harmful, is it?

4/20/14 – In an all-too-common story, 51- year old Gary Sherrill murdered his young son in cold blood with an axe because he believed he was possessed by a demon.  But religious delusion never hurts anyone, does it?

4/27/14 – It’s bad enough that Gilberto de Leon was having sex with a minor, but he was telling her that if she reported him, she’d go to hell. Teaching children about the horrors of a non-existent hell is abusive, but when it allows a child rapist to get away with his crimes, it’s reprehensible.

5/4/14 – Six people, including two pastors, were found guilty of ritual killings in Nigeria, where primitive  beliefs in witchcraft are rampant, even among the self-professed Christian population.  Murdering people to harvest their bodily organs for magic rituals is commonplace and clearly harmful.  Religion harms no one my ass.

5/11/14 – A whole pile of pedophile priests from Philadelphia, including the higher-ups from the Archdiocese who, as you might expect, not only knew about the randy priests, they protected them!

5/18/14 –  Robert David Wright, a youth pastor with Clynmalira United Methodist Church was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography.  Luckily, Clynmalira has a “Safe Sanctuary policy where no adult is allowed to ever be alone with a child. It’s sad that churches have to do such a thing, but with people like Robert around, maybe it’s not surprising.

5/25/14 – The Australian Salvation Army gets punished for molesting children, beating them, locking them in cages and feeding them dog food. Yes, that’s a good Christian thing to do, right?

6/1/14 –  Sisters of Nazareth properties in Londonderry, England have been found guilty of forcing children to eat their own vomit, subjected to threats of extreme physical harm and death.  Don’t you love those evil Catholic nuns?

6/2/14 – An Alabama minister’s sex abuse goes back for decades, yet he still had access to children, even though his church knew he had molested children, 40 years later when he was arrested.

6/3/14 – Two women, part of an “exorcism cult”, murdered two children with a knife and attempted to murder two others because they thought they were possessed  by demons.

6/4/14 – The Catholics are at it again, proving that they don’t care about protecting their congregations from sex abuser priests, they placed one into the Immaculate Conception Parish in Lancaster, Massachusetts and then didn’t mention his sex abuser status to his flock.

6/5/14 – Even the Mormons are getting into the child molesting act as Todd Michael Edwards, a Mormon Bishop was sentenced to three years in prison for molesting two little girls from his church.

6/6/14 – Iran hangs a poet for the crime of “waging war on God”, then violates Iranian law by hanging the convicted before even informing their family of the outcome of the mock trial.

6/7/14 – Those wonderful folks at the Catholic Church are at it again, this time hiding and protecting Father Vince McCaffrey, a priest from Massachusetts who was convicted of child molestation and possession of kiddy porn and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

6/8/14 – While we’re at it, here’s several more cases where the Catholic Church knew about child molesters and did nothing whatsoever about it for decades on end.

6/15/14 – When a tight-knit religious community learns that their beloved pastor has molested at least 59 girls and is on the run from the police, it’s no surprise that victims and their families refuse to come forward to prosecute this animal because they can’t bring themselves to believe a man of God would do that.

6/22/14 – A roundup of religious sex criminal stories because there are so many of them, I can’t possibly cover all of them individually.

6/29/14 – Jessica Sloan claims that Jesus himself grabbed her two-week old baby from her arms and put it on the tracks in front of a freight train that was about to depart.  Jesus, you’re a dick.

7/6/14 – Even the Satanists are doing it, murdering an innocent girl to help them sell their souls to Satan.

7/13/14 – Seventh Day Adventist parents condemn their innocent child to death because they refuse to provide a proper diet or medical care.

7/20/14 – The evils of religion provide a humorous respite as a Muslim terrorist training camp blows itself up during a suicide bombing graining session.

7/27/14 – Not only do we have Catholic priests molesting children, we have the Minnesota archdiocese are trying to protect them from prosecution.

8/3/14 – If you’re gay in Nigeria, expect to be seriously abused, whipped and probably stoned.  Because whipping isn’t enough for local Nigerian Muslims, they want blood!

8/10/14 – When someone believes you’re possessed by demons, the only logical move is to kill you and eat you, at least according to three Muslims in the Philippines who murdered and started to eat their mother.

8/17/14 – Those loveable Muslims are at it again, this time they sentenced a Syrian girl to death by stoning.  Her crime?  Daring to open a Facebook account.

8/24/14 – With the conviction of  Herbert and Catherine Schaible for the faith-healing deaths of their children, I wander through the religious ceremonies of these faith-healing crazies to find all the dead children caused by those idiotic beliefs.

8/31/14 – It’s not just the crazy Christian exorcists that kill their “patients”, the crazy Muslims do too!

9/7/14 – More sex crimes in the churches, anyone surprised?

9/14/14 – When you’re a crazed Seventh Day Adventist, I guess you can just let your son die of rickets while you refuse all medical treatment on religious grounds.

9/21/14 – Hey, as long as you’re going to be chopping off someone’s hand, might as well Tweet about it too!  When high-tech and religious horror collide, you can be sure the Muslims are involved.

9/28/14 – Sometimes justice takes a while, but an 85-year old Irish Catholic priest who has spent a decade on the run from sex abuse charges has finally been imprisoned.

10/05/2014 – It really doesn’t help your case when your pastor rapes your developmentally disabled daughter, just because you give him permission to do so.

10/12/14 – A crazy Muslim man drowns his 3-year old son because he must be possessed by a demon!

10/19/14 – A Christian pastor was arrested for molesting a girl during a “private prayer”, but he’s been doing this stuff for decades.

10/26/14 – I start off another Religious Horror Show week with this story about a Pakistani man who murdered his first wife, then had his family murder his second wife, all in the name of the “religion of peace”.

10/27/14 – Two rival groups of Sikhs go after each other with swords, revealing that virtually all religions can turn to violence.

10/28/14 – A woman murders one child and tries to kill another because God didn’t tell her to stop her re-enactment of the Abraham and Isaac story.

10/29/14 – A whole mess of more dead kids caused by religion.  This list could be endless, religion kills with impunity.

10/30/14 – When a crazy religious woman drives her van into the sea , trying to kill her children, her kids think she’s out of her mind.

10/31/14 – A Muslim man murdered his wife and claimed that his religious beliefs gave him the right to kill her.

11/1/14 – When a convicted murdering priest died, there was a huge turnout by church officials in support of a man who killed a nun in cold blood.

11/2/14 – Jehovah’s Witness Elders use their positions of power to molest girls and rape women.

11/9/14 – Not only do the Catholics protect pedophile priests, they punish their victims.

11/16/14 – An Egyptian Muslim father forced his daughter to have her genitals mutilated and she died, which apparently is preferable to just leaving her alone. Religious beliefs kill.

11/23/14 – A woman in Las Vegas claims demons took over her body and made her drown her child in a bathtub.  Sure, that’s a thing.

11/30/14 – While we’re talking about bathtubs, here’s a Hindu mother who decided instead of calling the authorities when her son died, she packed him in ice for a week while performing religious rituals. She might have even killed him with her beliefs!

12/07/14 – Those crazy Saudi Muslims murder a man because they thought he was a witch.  But does he weigh the same as a duck?

12/14/14 – Yet another Catholic vicar has been jailed for indecently assaulting underage girls, but can you really assault someone decently?

12/21/14 –  A crazy Christian woman decides that God wants to drive her car and plows into a guy on a motorcycle. God is a shitty driver.

12/28/14 – A U.S. doctor working in Pakistan is gunned down by Muslims because he belongs to the wrong Muslim sect. Worthless religious zealots murder someone who is there to help the people of Pakistan.  What a wonderful religion!

2015 (total 78 stories)

1/4/15 – A Muslim father lights his daughter on fire because she dared to walk home with a boy, somehow dishonoring the family.

1/11/15 – Apparently Muslim murderers are incapable of counting as a Islamic animal who beheads five infidels thinks there’s only one.  Yes, I’m making a joke.

1/18/15 – Those wonderful Catholics are at it again, this time a priest takes a young boy across state lines for sex.  But after he was convicted and sentenced, he wants out of prison because priests just get to do these things.

1/25/15 – An ultra-orthodox Jewish gang takes to the streets and beats up a gay man in New York City. I guess violence isn’t just for Muslims anymore.

1/26/15 – Just when you think the Catholic Church is serious about curbing its pedophile priest problem, the Pope gives the job of rooting out molesters to someone who has hidden molesters in the past.

1/27/15 – A Christian radio host gets convicted of pedophilia and is found to have a large collection of kiddy porn.  He apparently likes it when some other guy watches him molest boys.

1/28/15 – Oh, those wacky Muslims and their honor killings. A Turkish man and his son were arrested for stabbing his teenage daughter’s boyfriend more than 5000 times, but it’s all okay because Islam says it’s honorable!

1/29/15 – Reverend James Schook went to prison for raping young boys, but now he says we ought to let him out because he’s learned his lesson!

1/30/15 – When a crazed Muslim shoots up an Australian chocolate shop, that’s bad enough, but the local Imams waste no time distancing themselves from the carnage, even though they knew how screwy he was.

1/31/15 – It’s bad enough that Peter Wald was a religious fanatic that refused medical treatment,  believing God would heal him, but when he died, his equally fanatical family sealed his body up in an upstairs room for six months, waiting for God  to bring him back from the dead.

2/1/15 – Pastor Joseph Robert Hall goes to prison for multiple counts of statutory rape, committed while he was in the active ministry and the victim suffers for 20 years. Why do parents trust these sexual predators in a collar?

2/8/15 – Not only do we find Catholic priests molesting children, here’s a case from France where a priest raped several teachers while in the midst of an exorcism.

2/15/15 – Rabbi Nussbaum was a long-time pedophile, known about by the people of his Toronto Jewish community, but the community is mad at those who turned him in, not at Nussbaum for screwing young boys.

2/22/15 – Even the Jehovah’s Witnesses are engaged in the sexual molestation game, here Elder Mark Sewell goes away for a long time for sex crimes and church officials covered the whole things up.

2/23/15 – You knew I had to get to the Charlie Hebdo murders as I start off a whole week of Muslim horrors.  Killing people for drawing cartoons is the epitome of religious horrors.

2/24/15 – When 150 women in the Anwar province of Iraq refuse to convert to a particular sect of Islam, what does ISIS do? Murder them in cold blood, of course!

2/25/15 – Following the Charlie Hebdo murders in France, another member of the group decided to attack a Jewish grocery store and take hostages.  Amazingly, there were Muslim workers inside who protected their customers, proving that all Muslims aren’t extremist animals.

2/26/15 – You can’t talk about Muslim atrocities without mentioning Boko Haram.  This time they overrun a town and murder more than 2000 people in Nigeria.

2/27/15 – Boy, the religion of peace just keeps on giving as they attack a school in Pakistan, killing 132 children, all while shouting “God is great!”

2/28/15 – Just so people don’t think Muslim religious violence is limited to the Middle East and Europe, here’s a story of an assault in Australia who shot a man in the head with a pellet gun while shouting “ISIS lives forever!” and calling him a “Shia dog.”

3/1/15 – Christian homeschoolers lock their son in the basement for two years, luckily a judge had all 10 children removed from the home because these Christians are crazy!

3/8/15 – Pastor Dwight Yoakem molested a 14-year old boy but he’s already a registered sex offender stemming from a 2005 molestation charge. His church knew and didn’t care because God forgave him. I’m sure that’s a comfort to the new victim.

3/15/15 – The New Jersey archdiocese isn’t so concerned about looking bad because of all of their pedophile priests, they just change the definition of what it means to be a priest, such that any sex crimes are not priestly activities.

3/22/15 – An Afghani Mullah rapes a 10-year old girl, then declares that the sex was consensual so he can get away with it. Then her family decided they should kill her for dishonoring them.  The stupidity of Islam is amazing.

3/29/15 – The wife of a pastor tries to murder her three children because her husband is convinced the end is coming.

4/5/15 – Recent news shows ISIS has killed more than 10,000 people and injured more than 17,000, all in the name of their idiotic religion.

4/12/15 – 1200 Muslims attacked a young Christian couple accused of accidentally burning a single verse from a Qur’an. They were thrown into a fire and when the pregnant woman didn’t catch fire immediately, she was wrapped in cotton so she’d burn easier.  Religion of peace my ass.

4/19/15 – Boko Haram is at it again, killing up to 1000 villagers while their soldiers chant “Allah is great!”  The local death toll rises to nearly 5000.

4/26/15 – ISIS is at it again, murdering more than 700 in Reyhanli, Turkey for violations of the Qur’an, including smoking.

5/3/15 – Isaiah Zoar Marin, a fundamentalist Christian, hacked off the head of his roommate because he was convinced his roommate was practicing witchcraft.  Sure, that’s a good reason.

5/10/15 – A Catholic group in Granada has been accused of repeatedly and systematically molesting boys, as well as each other. Pope Francis stepped in and disciplined 3 of the 10, leaving the other 7 to continue their misdeeds.

5/17/15 – Sant Rampul, the crazy Hindu version of David Koresh, takes milk baths and then makes a rice pudding that he forces his followers to eat.  Oh, and he holds his followers captive and was involved in some religious murders.  Great guy!

5/24/15 – Church leaders in St. Paul, Minnesota covered up the sexual misdeeds of their priest for 16 years.

5/31/15 – ISIS crucifies a boy for taking pictures of their camp, but instead of charging him with a civil crime, he was called an apostate.  Religion of peace my ass.

6/7/15 – Muslim extremists on motorcycles have taken to throwing acid in the faces of women not wearing veils in the Iranian town of Isfahan.  Apparently, veils are supposed to repel acid.

6/14/15 – When 47-year-old Pamela J. Christensen was told by her estranged husband that the world was coming to an end, she tried to murder her  children and nobody knew there was a problem because they were homeschooled and nobody ever saw them.

6/21/15 – Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has been sentenced to hang because her co-workers said she insulted Mohammed during a workplace disagreement.  Sure, that’s a thing.

6/22/15 – Pastor Roy Harriger was convicted of molesting two of his grandchildren, but it’s all good, he must have been possessed by demons and God has forgiven him!

6/23/15 – When a Saudi Arabian apostate is given the death penalty for daring to renounce Islam, it becomes embarrassing for the Saudi prince visiting England.

6/24/15 – Avijit Roy, an atheist blogger, was hacked to death in Bangladesh for daring to speak out against Islam, but he’s not alone, other atheist writers have had to flee the country and Muslims there have a hit list for any that dare to return.

6/25/15 –  Jennyfer Deister was held hostage by her hyper-religious homeschooling mother, not allowed to interact with others and finally, they attempted to sell her into sexual slavery.

6/26/15 – In Houston, Texas, a man stole an ambulance and drove it around town, keeping it from life-saving services and injuring someone in a crash, because he claims Jesus told him to do it.

6/27/15 – There are religious crazies all over, Australian Rabbi Yosef Feldman thinks pedophiles deserve leniency because they might not know it’s wrong to touch a child’s genitals.

6/28/15 – Youth pastor Rex Allen Murphy raped a 16 year old boy and threatened that if he ever told anyone, Murphy would strike him down with his warlock powers!

7/5/15 – Peter D. Hansen abused his children because he believes that the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist church told him to.

7/12/15 – Islam has found a new low for executing a heretic, they killed a guy who doubted the story of Jonah and the Whale.

7/19/15 – It’s more Christian faith healing failures as Jeromie and Jennifer Clark kill their 14-month old son because they were fundamentalist Seventh-Day Adventists!

7/26/15 – It’s crazy Indian witchcraft time as a religious practitioner taught that the murder a 10-year old boy would cause a man’s wife to get pregnant.

8/2/15 –  A Kansas mother murders her 10 year old son because she thought he’d be better off in heaven.

8/9/15 – If you need good luck, murder your mother in cold blood.  It works in India!

8/16/15 – An Australian yogi is accused of raping a 7-year old girl, while mutilating her body and drinking her  blood.

8/23/15 – Wondering if gay men can fly, those idiots in ISIS are throwing them off the top of tall buildings because gay isn’t okay in Islam.

8/30/15 – Those loveable animals in ISIS are now arresting people for daring to raise pigeons because now, bird breeding is offensive to Islam.

9/6/15 – Music can be anti-Muslim and ISIS is running around destroying musical instruments that offend them. Oh, and they’re also beating the men who played them.

9/13/15 – Makayla Sault dies from easily treatable cancer because her first nations beliefs forbid her to get actual medical treatment.

9/20/15 – This time around, it’s Catholic parents who kill their daughter through lack of vaccinations and a poor diet. What’s wrong with these people?

9/27/15 – When crazy religious people think the world is ending, they kill themselves and three of their four children.

10/4/15 – Vatican ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Josef Wesolowski, gets arrested for diddling small children and being in possession of kiddy porn.  Even the Vatican itself has problems.

10/11/15 – ISIS burns 150 people alive because… religion!

10/18/15 – An Idaho woman beats a Jewish friend because she refused to believe in Jesus.

10/25/15 – Those fun-loving Muslims in ISIS are whacking the heads off Coptic Christians, saying Allah told them to.

10/27/15 – The Catholic Church tries to get out of responsibility for pedophile priests by claiming that prosecuting them is a violation of their religious rights.

10/28/15 – English Muslim claims ignorance because his culture doesn’t teach that having sex with young girls is wrong.

10/29/15 – A woman in Saudi Arabia gets raped, then is whipped and imprisoned for allowing it.

10/30/15 – Muslims in India rent wives, then kill them because they want out of the deal.

10/31/15 – Jews who refuse to work on the Sabbath die in a fire because they can’t open the door.

11/1/15 – A woman accused of burning a Qur’an is beaten to death by a Muslim mob.

11/8/15 – A Catholic man eats feces because he says the Virgin Mary told him to.

11/15/15 – Bangladeshi blogger Washiqur Rahman was stabbed to death by Muslims and “big knives” were used.

11/22/15 – Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate the death of a woman who died giving birth because she refused a transfusion, ignoring the fact that she’s just harmed her own child.

11/29/15 – Christian warriors in the Central African Republic are trying to compete with ISIS by murdering more than 5000 people to date, destroying more than 400 historic sites and generally being religious assholes.

12/6/15 – Al-Shabaab, yet another radical Muslim group, kills 147 in a school massacre because they’re not the right kind of Muslim.

12/13/15 – A Texan unlicensed church imprisons a 2-year old child and starves him because they think he’s possessed by a demon.

12/20/15 – A Christian pastor gets caught with what might be the biggest collection of kiddy porn ever!

12/26/15 – Middle East Muslim refugees throw 12 Christians overboard in the middle of the Mediterranean because they refuse to convert.

12/27/15 – A woman dares to leave the house without permission and her Muslim husband lights her on fire.

12/28/15 – A Jewish man murders his bartender because serving him Clamato violated his religion!

12/29/15 – Hindu guru Ram Rahim Singh orders 400 followers to cut off their testicles so they can be closer to god!

12/30/15 – The best way to deal with supposed witches in South Africa is to pour gasoline on them and light them on fire!

12/31/15 – A mentally ill Muslim woman goes to a Muslim healer, but instead ends up dead because beating people with  sticks is the Muslim way.


1/3/16 – Instead of getting assistance, Lauren Fristed gave her newborn daughter water and starved her to death.  Oh, but they prayed to God so it’s all good, right?

1/10/16 – What is it with Islam and acid attacks?  This time, they’re at it again in Kabul, throwing acid in the faces of girls going to school.

1/17/16 – Islam murders more people, this time 74 children for not fasting enough.  Guess they’ll do nothing but fast now, right?

1/24/16 – Pastor Timothy Ngwu in Nigeria got twenty parishioners pregnant by claiming the Holy Spirit told him to do it.

1/31/16 – A Louisiana preacher gets arrested for molesting a young boy… twice in three months.

2/7/16 – ISIS kidnaps more than 200 children to train as fighters because making kids strap on bomb vests is a good thing according to their religion.

2/14/16 – Buddhist attacks on free speech in Myanmar comes to a head as two are accused of heresy against Buddhism and put in prison for almost three years.

2/21/16 – Hey, we don’t do a lot of Jewish horrors, this week an already-convicted murderer wades into the exact same gay pride parade he already stabbed people at for a second go.

2/22/16 – Wow, those Catholics are really horny, as a Florida priest is arrested for molesting a 17 year old boy at a hunting ranch.

2/23/16 – An Indianapolis priest bangs a kid and the church refuses to even announce the crimes to the congregation.

2/24/16 – A convicted sex offending Netherlands priest is being given a second chance at the priesthood where he’s being put back in contact with children.

2/25/16 – Boulder Colorado sees another youth pastor assaulting an innocent and his church actively covers it up.

2/26/16 – A Hindu Swami living in Texas molests kids and rapes women and nobody dares say a word.

2/27/16 – They get in trouble down under too, as the Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to report more than 1000 sex crimes committed by their clergy.

2/28/16 – A youth pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church gets arrested for soliciting sex from minors whose parents are members of his church.

3/6/16 – More atheist deaths in Bangladesh, as Muslims would rather hack them up with machetes than deal with anyone questioning their beliefs.

3/13/16 – What do you do when someone tries to save your daughter from drowning?  You let her die because strange men aren’t allowed to lay a hand on her.

3/20/16 – When Christians take in orphans, you have to watch out or they’ll turn them into sexual slaves, locked in a cage.

3/27/16 – What happens when women choose not to be raped by Islamic fighters?  They get murdered and blamed for their own deaths.

4/3/16 – When your brother runs away with a married woman, what do Hindus do?  They rape his sisters, of course!

4/10/16 – The granddaughter of Morgan Freeman gets murdered by her boyfriend because she’s possessed by demons.

4/17/16 – What do you do when you believe your sister is possessed by demons?  Cut out her eyes of course!

4/24/16 – When tithing becomes more important than your family, the religious murder people for getting between their wallet and their church.

4/25/16 – Former Catholic priest Peter Ball finally gets justice, after admitting that he used “religion as a cloak” to molest young boys in the 70s and 80s.

4/26/16 – Religious counseling isn’t particularly effective when you beat the subject to death, but that happens far too often in fundamentalist Christian counseling.

4/27/16 – Actual guilt doesn’t matter in Islam, where you can just be accused of adultery and you get stuffed into a hole and stoned to death.

4/28/16 – Every time you think ISIS can’t get any more reprehensible, they find a way.  This time, they put bombs in children’s dolls so they can murder heretics more efficiently!

4/29/16 – Youth pastor Brandon Ernis Lee McDade gets charged with molestation of several minors, all while doing the Lord’s work at his church.

4/30/16 – Heresy is punishable by death for radical Muslims, here a fanatic hunts down and murders his own mother in the streets of Syria.

5/1/16 – I look at the November Muslim terrorist attacks on Paris.

5/8/16 – The founder of a major Christian homeschooling program, followed by many evangelicals including the Duggars, gets accused of molestation by more than 30 women.

5/15/16 – When a woman is wrongly accused of burning a Qur’an, that doesn’t matter to Muslim fanatics who drag her away and burn her to death.

5/23/16 – When the brother of former Pope Benedict was in charge of a Catholic Boarding School when 231 students were molested, can we really be surprised?


5.28.2017 – CoE Bishop Peter Ball finally gets what he deserves as he’s prosecuted for pedophilia.

6/4/2017 – Praying in the car is a bad idea, especially when you plow into someone’s house.

6/11/2017 – A Pakistani Muslim murders a social media star because “women are meant to stay home”.

6/18/2017 – Religions insanity reigns as a fanatical mother crams a crucifix down her “possessed” daughter’s throat, killing her.

6/25/2017 – It isn’t bad enough that the Islamic fighters use adults to blow up innocents, now they’re strapping bomb vests on kids.

7/2/2017 – Those wonderful Muslims in ISIS light women on fire because they refuse to be lifelong sex slaves.

7/9/2017 – A Jordanian writer posts something on his Facebook that pisses off the religion of violence and winds up dead.  Big surprise.

7/16/2017 – Yet another Catholic priest gets caught diddling a child, but this time he gets a double-life sentence!

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