When Theists are Crazy

Stop quoting yourself!

Sometimes, you know you’re talking to a crazy person but you can’t actually identify why they’re crazy.  And then it becomes painfully obvious that this person is a lunatic when the proof gets dropped in your lap.

Such is the case when I was debating with a theist over on Minds.  He followed the typical theist tactic of arguing by posting links from apologetics websites and when I pointed out that said links had already been debunked, he would declare that anyone who disagreed with him absolutely didn’t know what they were talking about, because they disagreed.

Yeah.  This is going to end well.

And then I noticed that he kept posting memes.  Of himself.  Of his own quotes.  Because, according to him, he was the only one worth quoting.  I mean seriously, he created a ton of memes of his own sayings that he posts with just about every comment.  Talk about being delusional.

So I pointed out how crazy that is and he says that fine, this is what someone, who isn’t him, said about him.  And I quote:

Ancient Clown was a hippy pothead I met who cultivated a circle of acolytes who believed him to be the second coming, a notion he did nothing to disabuse them of. He was quite charismatic, granted. And he made little trees out of twisted wire. Oh, and he predicted the tsunami several days in advance. Go figure. He managed to wear sandals with no socks for the duration of a Toronto winter, which makes him a fairly impressive individual. Also taught me how to breathe properly.

It all makes sense now why he believes such utterly insane religious nonsense, because he’s fried what little brain he ever had and thinks he’s something special.

Seriously, where do these idiots come from and how do we get rid of them?  That was a couple of hours of my life I can never get back.  It accomplished nothing, which is what most of these so-called debates do.  Taking with crazy people never does a thing and after a while, it becomes painfully clear that you need to slowly back away and call the guys with the nice white coat that ties in the back.  The Internet is full of them.  These people need help.

Horror Show Sunday: Praying in the Car

Not the actual event, but you get the idea.

Some people deserve the Darwin Award.  Here’s a quick story from Florida where a 28-year old woman drove her car into a house because, get this, she had her eyes closed and was praying at the time.  The unnamed woman entirely missed a stop sign, drove through the intersection and plowed into a house.  She then tried to escape but her car got stuck in the sand and she was unable to flee.  She was arrested and charged with reckless driving with property damage.  Luckily, no one was injured.

She should have been bound over for psychiatric evaluation.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?  Oh right, they believe absurd things!  It would be one thing if she lost control of her car and slammed into a house, but she had her eyes closed and was talking to herself.  She needs to lose her license because not only did she cause damage to someone’s house, she could have killed someone.  I’m sure this is not the first time this delusional idiot tried this little stunt.  Some people are not mentally competent enough to operate a motor vehicle.

Stop praying and start driving!

I wish I could say this was a one-off, but it isn’t.  There’s another case where a 63-year old woman in Ohio drove into a 50-year old woman and broke her neck because she was praying while driving.  Marilyn Perry told police that she had been praying over personal problems.  Police initially thought she was either on a cell phone or inebriated, but they could find no drug that influenced her driving.

Yes there was.  Religion.  Religion is a drug.

She was charged $10,000 in restitution to the victim, plus required to attend a substance abuse program. Hopefully they can wean her off of her idiotic beliefs.    I wouldn’t hold my breath though, because the one legal drug that we have, religion, always gets a pass.  But what else is new on  Horror Show Sunday?

Making America Great

Recently I had a talk with someone I know who is a total Trump fanatic.  They have multiple Team Trump bumper stickers on their car and were vocal supporters,  both before the election and after. So we started talking about making America great again, and whether or not Trump was going to accomplish it during his 4, and according to them, 8 years in the White House.

And I had to say no.  Not because I don’t think Trump wants to do it, but because I don’t think it can be done.

Unfortunately, I think a lot of the things holding America back, at least in my personal opinion, are problems that will take decades, if not generations to fix. It’s not something that a single president can conceivably do in a single term, or even two terms.  These are not dictates that can be handed down from on high, they are fundamental changes that need to happen to our society and culture and honestly, nobody wants to do what it takes to get the job done.

The first thing that needs to be done is a serious swing back towards conservatism.  I don’t mean hyper-religious neo-conservatism, I mean actual conservatism with a serious emphasis on responsibility.  And to do that, we need to utterly eliminate regressivism from this country.  The modern regressives need to go the hell away forever.  Without that, everything else fails.  But it’s taken a very long time, more than 50 years, to ruin this country with liberalism, it will take at least as long to fix it.  That’s far more than any President will ever have in office.

Secondly, religion needs to vanish, and along with it, every last vestige of irrationality.  We’re well on our way to eliminating the most vile forms of religion and most young people are rejecting religious beliefs altogether so we just have to wait for the old guard to drop dead for the levels of religious irrationality to drop even further.  I figure the death of religion, at least organized religion, to be at least a century out, although fundamentalism will die off even sooner.

Unfortunately, liberalism and atheism tend to go together, which is just trading one problem for another.  So we’ll have to wait, not only for the religious to die off, but for the new band of atheists to grow up.  The well-known saying, “If you’re not a liberal at 25, you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative by 35, you have no brain”, regardless of who actually said it, still holds true, although I will admit that I was never a liberal and don’t see having no heart as being a bad thing.  But liberalism, or at least the most radical forms of regressive liberalism, is poison to societies.  It is killing Europe, where allowing unrestrained Muslim immigration is causing a rape epidemic across the most liberal nations. It is allowing religious violence against non-Muslims at an alarming rate.  In fact, I don’t think it will be long before liberals will become violent fanatics in their own right, we’re already seeing the earliest vestiges of that across the planet.

What is going to make America great again?  Making America powerful again.  Not militarily, although certainly there is a certain amount of that that needs to exist, but culturally, societally and financially. We need to make our own products, we need to make the best in the world and we need to lead the planet in research and development of goods and services like we once did.  Made in America once meant something.  Today, it doesn’t.   Those are all conservative values, which is why it isn’t surprising why they don’t really exist in America today.  Liberalism has driven them away, to our increasing failure and the liberals just don’t care.  They want American mediocrity, not American success.  Then want everyone to sink to the lowest common denominator instead of expecting the bottom to rise.

Trump can’t make America great again, and honestly I don’t think a lot of his plans are even going in the right direction, but maybe he can set some things in motion that may, over time, help the situation.  And maybe he can’t.  I just don’t know.  But even if it isn’t Trump, we need someone, likely many. many someones, to actually care enough to push the changes we need to make because without it, we’re doomed.

News Flash: Don’t Break the Law

I just had a big fight over this over on Twitter.  There’s a story going around about some Russian guy who might go to jail because he made a video about Pokemon Go in church.  Now I have no idea what the specific laws in Russia might be regarding this, but assuming that it is actually against the law to play a video game in church, this guy deserves it because he broke the law.

And the person I was talking to said no, it’s civil disobedience and they should not be penalized at all for it!  Sorry, you have no clue what civil disobedience actually is.  The whole point of civil disobedience is to break the law and get punished for it as a means of bringing attention to your plight and possibly changing the law through public outrage.  It is not a means to ignore laws you don’t like and get away with it.  How anyone cannot know this is beyond me.

This guy knew full well what he was doing, in fact, he started his video by giving the potential sentences he could receive by doing what he was doing.  So you can’t really feel sorry for him or think he didn’t know what he was getting himself into because clearly he did.  You don’t get to walk into a courtroom, and I don’t care where it is, and say “I don’t like the law so I’m just going to ignore it” and expect the judge to shrug and throw out the case.  It doesn’t work that way.

Now do I think the law is stupid?  Absolutely.  It is also the law.  I don’t care how idiotic the law is, if you are not willing to pay the price, you shouldn’t play the game.  Whatever sentence this guy gets, and I’m writing this before he is sentenced on May 11, 2017, he will deserve it.  He knowingly violated the law, knew the consequences and did it anyhow.  Whatever his intent doesn’t change reality.  I hope he enjoys his time behind bars and I hope, although I have no false beliefs that it will happen, that this may change the law.  I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

Horror Show Sunday: Church of Pedo

Since we revisited Muslim violence last week, let’s peek in on those lovable pedophiles in the Church of England.  I think I’ve written about the Peter Ball case before, and the unsurprising fact that the Church, as lots of Christian churches seem to, covered up the facts because they would rather protect their priests than protect innocent children. But now we’re finding that the cover up went much farther than we had suspected and I have to wonder how extensive this “Christian privilege” actually is.

Peter Ball was Bishop of Lewes from 1977-1991 and he resigned his position as Bishop of Gloucester in 1993 amidst an investigation of child molestation against 15-year old Neil Todd.  Now Ball was a very politically connected bishop, he was friends with Prince Charles and regularly dined with Margaret Thatcher as well as other government officials.  Because he assured people that his indiscretion with Todd was a one-time thing, he was let off with a warning, but now it’s coming to light that not only was this not a single incident, but that lots of people knew about it and pushed to hush the whole thing up.

Like this is a surprise.

In fact, the CoE had other complaints against Ball, including one from a decade prior to the Todd case, where a man wrote them a letter complaining that Ball had indecently assaulted him, which was not only entirely ignored, but was never provided to police as the church is legally required to do.  In fact, we’re finding now that the church had not just one other incident, but seven that had been reported to them and they had quietly swept under the rug.  This is not only unfair to the victims, but in the case of Neil Todd, he later took his own life, frustrated that his molester got away with it.

But hey, it’s just religion, right?  Religion never hurts anyone!  It’s just another case for Horror Show Sunday and unfortunately, there will be many, many, many more just like it to come.

Too Many Keys?

Has this ever happened to you?  My keyring is massive.  I have tons and tons and tons of keys that honestly, I have no idea what they go to.  I know what the car keys are and the house keys, but otherwise, I have no clue what the vast majority of them go to.

I know exactly how this problem started though. At our last house, we received a huge ring of keys.  Supposedly, they went to something.  We had no idea what though, so we never threw any of them away.  What if we found the lock that could only be opened by this one specific key?  So they just sat there on my keyring, in the off-chance that we might stumble across the lock they go to.

Except we never did.  In fact, over time, we replaced every single lock in the house.  Those keys, the ones we knew no longer worked, went into the trash, but the rest?  They just stayed, just in case.  And then we moved to a new house, after 17 years, and you’d think that I would have immediately gotten rid of the keys that I no longer had any use for, but I didn’t.  Mostly, it was because I forgot about them.  I was so used to having them that, even though I knew in the back of my mind that they were useless weight in my pocket, I didn’t bother.

It went on that way for months until I came across a bunch of padlocks that I used to use, but hadn’t been necessary at the new house.  I knew I had those keys on the keyring so I took them off and zip-tied them to the padlocks so they’d be together.  And as long as I was taking keys off the ring, I started looking through the others.  I had, after the padlock keys, 17 keys that I had no clue what they went to.

The problem is, I can’t throw most of them away.  Some can go, but there are some that might be important.  I don’t remember if my mother or my sister gave me keys to their houses.  If they did, and they very well might have, I don’t know which ones they are.  They don’t remember if they gave me keys so I have to wait until I get over to their houses to try all of the keys and find out.  Seriously, I think I have keys to my mother’s old house that she moved out of 4 years ago.  I just don’t know which ones they are and I moved out of there nearly 25 years ago.

Luckily, this has led me to recategorize all of my keys so I know exactly what goes to what.  The blue key is the front door, the green key is the back door and my shop gets the red key because it’s the color of blood.  I will eventually re-key all of the house keys to the same key and that will be another key off of the ring.  Once I can figure out what keys don’t go to anything, I can start to slowly remove them and get that extra weight out of my pocket.  I am never again going to let keys get this out of control.  I’m kind of embarrassed that I did this time.

So what about you?  What do you do with your keys to keep them in check?  Let me know in the comments.


Horror Show Sunday: Allahu Axe-bar

I bet you thought I forgot about the crazy Muslims, huh?  Actually, I’ve been purposely ignoring them for the past couple of weeks because if I reported on every violent Islamic outburst, this would be the Muslim Horror Show even more than it is.  But fear not, here comes some more violence from that lovable religion of peace.

On a train near Wurzburg, Germany, an unidentified teenager wielding an axe screamed Allahu Akbar and started hacking at passengers.  The assailant, a 17-year old Afghani, injured more than 15 people before he was shot dead by police.

As should be no surprise to anyone but the liberal left, the attacker was an immigrant to Germany, let in by Angela Merkel’s ridiculous immigration policies.  And as again should surprise no one, these religious zealots freak out and murder people at an alarming rate.  There is no doubt that these people are operating out of their religious beliefs, why do so many people refuse to acknowledge that Islam is to blame?

Three other attacks took place in Germany immediately following this incident.  The first, an Iranian teenager in Munich shot nine other people before taking his own life and the second, a Syrian man killed a woman with a machete, wounding 5 others. Finally, on the same day as the last, a Syrian refugee who had just been turned down for residency blew himself up outside a bar in Ansbach, wounding 15.

But of course, it isn’t the fault of almost exclusively Islamic refugees!  Open the floodgates!  Our liberal ideology hasn’t caused enough innocent German blood to spill yet!  I find the whole thing to be utterly despicable and you should too.

Yet we find these cases on Horror Show Sunday time and time again and nobody on the left seems to be particularly bothered by it, at least they aren’t calling for Europe to stop allowing in Islamic animals without any filtering.  These same people call Trump a racist for wanting to come up with a system to keep the terrorists out while allowing those in legitimate need, those who are willing to integrate into society in.  But yeah, liberals are idiots.  This is just one more example.

What Happened to Customer Service?

I really have no idea, but customer service, that standard given to customers by proprietors of businesses, has gone straight through the floor in recent years.  There was a time when Nordstrom-level of service was the goal, today, far too many companies just don’t care anymore and that struck home twice in recent days.

About a month ago, we had a terrible windstorm here, with sustained winds above 60mph and gusts topping 75mph.  Now it’s a windy area, we get high wind warnings a couple of times a month, but this was just absurd.  We were losing shingles off of the roof left and right, we just sat in the house and watched them come flying down in the back yard.  Half of the houses in the neighborhood were similarly affected.

So we called our insurance agent and filed a claim, which is certainly covered by our policy.  This whole thing happened the day before we went on vacation, we told him we’d be back Monday and to have the policy adjuster give us a call then.  So far, so good.  Of course, we like our agent, he’s an old family friend from way back, so we expect him to give us good service.

Then the problems started.  The adjuster didn’t call on Monday so we called him and left a message.  We didn’t hear Tuesday.  Or Wednesday.  Or Thursday.  We called each day and left another message because they are supposed to call you back within 24 hours.  It never happened.  We finally heard back on Friday and he said he’d send out someone to look at the roof and give an estimate.

That didn’t happen either.  By the next Wednesday, we were calling him back and, of course, he wasn’t returning our calls.  It took us until the next week to hear from him again and he again promised to get a roofer out to us.  Crickets.  Nothing happened.  This is almost 2 weeks since the damage and we were getting no satisfaction.  And this is a major insurer, not some fly-by-night outfit.  So we called our agent and complained and he said that if we hadn’t heard from  the adjuster by the following Monday, he was going over his head to his supervisor.  Our agent said we could just get a local roofer to come out and give us an estimate so that’s what we did.  My brother-in-law had just put a new roof on his house, so we got the e-mail of the roofer and sent him a message.

Now hold on to your hats because this will be a real surprise.  We didn’t hear from the roofer.  Not at all, even though I provided both an e-mail and phone contact number.  Not a peep.  I called another roofer, who I got ahold of and made an appointment with, but guess what?  He never showed up.  Never called.  Still haven’t heard from him to this day.  Finally, the first roofer called me and made an appointment to come out.  I took the day off and sat here all day waiting for him but he never showed and never called.  At least I got some yard work done that day.

So… another roofer got called, made an appointment and on Monday when he was supposed to be here, as if it’s any surprise, he never showed up.  Again, we have never heard back from him with an excuse, he just no-showed.  But amazingly, the first roofer did get back to me and apologized that he hadn’t made it out, his father got into an accident and was seriously injured so he spent the weekend at the hospital.  Okay, that’s a valid reason, but is he telling me that he couldn’t have gotten on the phone or sent an e-mail to a customer the whole time?  Because that’s how basic customer service works.  However, he did come out and he said he’d send me an estimate that I could get to the insurance agent and we could get started, more than 3 weeks after the initial wind storm.

But you know something?  We’re still waiting for the estimate.  He was supposed to e-mail it to me yesterday.  I already sent him an e-mail asking what happened and to date… nothing.  Not a damn thing. What the hell is wrong with these people?

The second incident happened this past Friday at the pharmacy.  I had dropped off a couple of refill prescriptions on Thursday and was told that they were backed up, so could I come back in a couple of hours?  Sure, why not.  I even gave them until the next day, but when I showed up to pick up my pills, I was told that one of them wouldn’t even be in until late Friday night.  Are they seriously telling me they didn’t know that?  They couldn’t have said that one of them wouldn’t be available until Saturday and maybe saved me a trip?  They don’t know my phone number or e-mail address to send me a notification? Customer service anyone?

But no, I showed up Friday afternoon and was told that I could have some, but not all of my prescriptions because… they’re lazy.  Or more likely just don’t care.  And that’s the thing, there were no apologies or anything, they simply don’t give a damn if they inconvenience the people paying their paychecks.  It isn’t important to them.  I had to come back on Monday to pick up my pills, which was fine because I wasn’t out, but that’s 3 trips that I had to make to the pharmacy when it should have been done in 1 and they couldn’t care less about it.

When I’m working, I actually care about my clients.  I am in contact with them if anything goes awry.  I work very, very hard to make sure I can keep my word to them and if something out of the ordinary happens and I can’t, I make sure they know it.  I don’t make them call me, I call them.  They can trust me to do what I say I will do and if I can’t, to keep them in the loop.  And it’s damn rare when I can’t do what I promise to do.  So why are so many other businesses so ridiculously lax when it comes to customer service?  I really don’t get it.  It isn’t like it would have cost any of these companies extra money to treat me well.  In fact, their failure to act cost them potential money and business and certainly got them some bad reviews on Yelp.  They’re only shooting themselves in the foot.  There are dozens of roofers and piles of pharmacies in the local area that I can go to, it isn’t like I don’t have options.  They need me more than I need them.  So why are they so stupid?  I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject because I don’t get it.

Horror Show Sunday: Sex With Infants

When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, these stories all seem to run together.  How many times have I written about priests and ministers and the like used their status as religious leaders to attract and abuse young girls or convincing their parents to let them get away with molestation?  I’ve honestly lost track.

But here we go again.  This time, Joel Alexander Wright, 23, a seminary student, tried to adopt a young girl from Mexico, specifically with the intent to have sex with her.

He posted on the Tijuana Craigslist that he was seeking to adopt a young girl under the age of 3. When someone responded, he wrote to her “that he wanted to ‘adopt/own a baby girl (under the age of 3) and I want to have intercourse with her after I own her but don’t be telling people that … I won’t pay until I have seen the baby and I will pay the parents then … the cheapest baby under 3 would be good.”

Good thing the respondent reported it to the authorities.  Wright flew from Ohio, where he attended the Catholic seminary, Pontifical College Josephinum, to San Diego, and e-mailed an undercover FBI agent, saying that he “picked up an infant pain relief med and a pretty outfit which I think should fit the 1 or 2 year old.”  He also asked where he could buy lube.  When he was arrested, he had “baby clothes, sleep aids, bottles, toys, candy and lubricant” according to authorities.

He was sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison, and I assume a lifetime status as a sexual predator.

This is certainly not the first time he had attempted to get his hands on a foreign infant for sex.  Back in 2015, he had agreed to go to Mexico for a rendezvous with a 4-year old.  He said to an undercover agent:

Now I will agree that Wright didn’t specifically use his religion as influence, but isn’t it amazing how many Catholics wind up diddling little kids?  How many people in seminary today are there because they want unrestricted access to children?  I don’t know that we have any real figures, but a documentary that came out several years ago, Deliver Us From Evil, suggests it may be as high as 10%.  It can’t be a coincidence that so many Catholics and other Christian preachers seem to be sexually attracted to young children of either gender.  There are so many stories on Horror Show Sunday that prove this to be true, why is everyone so hesitant to recognize it?  Why does religion get a pass?  I don’t get it.

Confused About Morality

Honestly, I don’t understand why so many people are so stupid.  In a recent discussion, I had a pile of people demanding that morality was objective, yet apparently didn’t understand what the term even meant.  I explained it, using dictionary definitions, and they still kept clinging to their belief that morality had to be objective, even though the evidence absolutely proves otherwise.

And I think that’s the issue, these people aren’t interested in reality, they want to feel good about what they believe, truth be damned.  This became especially clear when I pointed out that one of the “objective morality” defenders was, in fact, actually arguing for subjective morality.  He kept saying that everyone has their own view on morality.  Um… that’s called being subjective.  But no, morality must be objective because… reasons.

I honestly don’t get how these people can be so self-deluded, just because they want things to make them feel good.  I have never seen anyone make a decent case for an actual, demonstrable objective morality. They all fall into wishful thinking or logical fallacies.  Some are just the redefinition of words.  I think Matt Dillahunty’s arguments are exactly that.  Morality is “objective”, but only after you decide entirely subjectively what criteria you’re going to have for things being moral.  Well that’s called subjective morality!  You just can’t get around it.

For the slow people who might be reading this, in order for there to be an objective morality, there would have to be moral views that exist in all cultures, across all of time and space.  It would have to be like gravity.  The gravitational constant on Earth is 9.8 meters per second squared.  It doesn’t matter where you are, it is always the same.  It doesn’t matter if you live today, a thousand years ago or in a billion years, it will always be the same.  It is a constant.  That’s what objective means.  In dictionary terms, objective is defined as “not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.”  Yet these people don’t get that.  Instead, they are pointedly looking at morality subjectively, or “based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.”  Yet they don’t appear to know what these terms mean and when things don’t go their way, all of the dictionaries in the world seem to have conveniently vanished.

And that’s why it’s important to demand this inconvenient little thing called evidence for any claims that anyone makes about anything.  I’m not interested in your feelings.  I’m not interested in your wishes and desires.  I care about your facts.  Present them so that I can test them objectively, otherwise we really have nothing to say to each other.  It’s just too bad that most debates never work out that way.

The Stupidity of Reporting Comments

This doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but there are still people who will report my own comments on my own blog to IntenseDebate, as if they are totally unaware that the report comes right back to me.  I am the only one who can delete a comment.  IntenseDebate cannot.  So you’re asking me to censor myself, which is really a pretty stupid thing to do.

But then again, these are stupid people.

Now I have had, over the years, people who just showed up on my blog to complain.  No matter what I had to say, they found something to whine about and they hated everything I had to say, no matter what it was about.  I could say I liked mint chocolate chip ice cream and they’d complain about it, just because I said it.  There have been rare occasions where I’ve banned them from commenting, after I’ve issued warning after warning after warning and it’s been ignored.  Most of the time, I just ignore them and hope they go away because they’re just annoying, not offensive and talking to them at all somehow validates their actions, at least as far as they’re concerned.  They want attention and giving it to them just encourages them to continue.

There are people who hate the fact that I have a blog and they can’t shut me up so they try everything in their power to get me shut down.  I had one person complain to my web host, which just sent me the complaint and I circular filed it.  I’ve had people try to report me to IntenseDebate and more than a couple who just send e-mail directly to me complaining about my comments and demanding that I remove it, as though they don’t realize that they’re sending the e-mail to the person who wrote the comments.  Sure, that’s bright.

But they’re not bright, are they?  They have no clue that I’m paying to post whatever I want to post. They don’t have to like it, they don’t have to read it, but they can’t stop it.  I think that pisses them off so they do everything in their power, which isn’t a lot, to get it removed.  It hasn’t worked in the last 12 years, I don’t think it’s going to work any time soon.  I don’t think they understand how this technology thing actually works.  That says a lot about these people, doesn’t it?

Horror Show Sunday: Throwing Shit for God

A man in Manhattan has been arrested and charged with flinging feces at two women on the street, but of course, it’s not his fault.  God told him to do it!

Ekwan Hill, 42, is accused of throwing feces at a 33-year old woman, then, later in the day. he followed another woman and ground feces into her buttocks.  The second attack was caught on video.

He was arrested and charged with assault and criminal forcible touching.  As he was being put into a police car, Hill is reported to have said: “Why the filth? It’s a Farrakhan thing…”  He’s also reported to have said “God did it!” Prosecutors also tacked on sex abuse charges and, at least at the time of these articles, Hill was being held on $90k bail.  As he’s homeless, it’s unlikely he’s going to be getting out, nor should he.

Of course, Hill is insane, he has a long criminal history and according to one of the people at the shelter he was staying at, “He’s really borderline delirious — bad body odor, talks to himself, keeps to himself. Those feces he threw was probably his own. He’s an outcast type of dude.”  But even though he is crazy, his craziness has been given form by his delusional beliefs in God.

So what’s the difference between some obviously crazy guy throwing crap at people because he thinks God wants him to, and someone who has some self control, but still believes that God talks to them? Is it the self-control that differentiates between the seemingly sane and the insane?  Why isn’t it the delusional beliefs that lump them all into the same camp?  That’s something I will never understand. If Hill had said that Bigfoot ordered him to crap in his hand and throw it and a bunch of other people who believed that Bigfoot talked to them shook their heads and called him insane, would society be able to differentiate between the two groups?  I don’t think so.

I’ve written quite a bit about religious delusion and crazy theists on Horror Show Sunday.  Why can’t we just consider the believers to be the crazy ones instead of the ones who act on what their supposed gods tell them to do?  Something to think about.

Racist Liberals Ignoring Black Slavery

You know, it’s funny to watch liberals scramble to ignore things that go against their narrative. Someone recently brought up the fact that blacks had slaves in the U.S. as well, plus they are currently the biggest slave-owners on the planet, but hey, liberals ignore that.  And not only did they immediately spring to the defense of black slave owners, they did everything they could to minimize black slavery so they could get back to their “whites are evil” rhetoric.

And that’s the thing, this isn’t about racism, it’s about identity politics.  Liberals love anyone who isn’t a cisgender white male.  They will defend those people, no matter how far they have to contort their views, because white men are evil and everyone else is not.

This reminds me of a recent exchange where I brought up, in passing, the Malik Obama story where he presented a picture of what he claims was his brother’s Kenyan birth certificate.  Now I very clearly said that I thought the whole thing was stupid, just as I have said since 2008, but it’s interesting, at least, that someone who you might reasonably expect might have access to such things is now presenting it.  Interesting.  Not worthwhile, since Obama is out of office.  I don’t even think it’s true.  But it is conceptually interesting.  And apparently, my specifically saying I’m not a birther somehow makes me a birther to the liberal lunatics.  The very fact that I brought it up at all, in a forum dedicated to breaking news stories, was enough to make me a pariah for the liberal community.  These people are idiots.

I will never understand what is wrong with these idiots.  If something is true, be it Obama’s birth certificate or black slave owners, then it is true, whether it offends your liberal sensibilities or not. If it is false, it is false. Reality is what reality is.  How it makes you feel doesn’t change anything. But these idiots are so quick to defend anyone on “their side” or part of “their protected groups” that they are going to attack anyone who even dares to question their regressive faith without regard for the truth or falsehood of their statements.  Whether it’s actually true or not is irrelevant to the left.  It falls outside of their blind faith so it has to be not only rejected, but actively attacked, with the reputation of the offender impugned, because the very idea that liberal beliefs are not totally true is impossible to conceive of.

And this is the major problem with the political left these days.  You can see it in everything they do. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who can see this.

Horror Show Sunday: Murdered For Being Hungry

The kind of childish religious in-fighting that we see around the world is disgusting, especially when one group of delusional people target another group of delusional people and this leads to violence against the innocent.  Such is the case here where Muslims in Uganda went after a Christian’s family because she dared to eat during the Ramadan fast.

So what do they do?  Do they kill this woman who dared to be hungry?  Nope, they poisoned her infant daughter.  It’s the religion of peace!

24-year-old Angel Nabirye, a Christian living in the Luuka District in Uganda, was eating during the daylight fasting hours of Ramadan.  Her mother-in-law, a Muslim, demanded to know why she was doing so, even though non-Muslims are not required to observe the Muslim holiday.  She said that her daughter needed to be breastfed so she had to eat.  The mother-in-law, Nubu Kiiza. brought herbs for the baby, but after several hour, the baby died.  Hospital officials determined that the baby had been poisoned.  The mother-in-law told her son, Angel’s husband, that the baby had been killed specifically because Angel wasn’t respecting the Muslim traditions on Ramadan.

Yeah, you have to love these Muslim monsters, don’t you?

But this is nothing new and certainly nothing uncommon.  Violence against Christians in Uganda by Muslims has been on the rise in recent years.  Not long before, Christian preacher Yokannah Zirinkuma was found dead near his home, following an encounter with Muslims who demanded that he stop “misleading” Muslims or else face Allah’s sword of judgment.  Ibrahim Mwede, a Muslim, was arrested for the crime, in which he was accused of strangling Zirinkuma for his beliefs.

And this is Uganda, where even the Christians are violent fucks.  This is the place that passed the short-lived “kill the gays” law, pushed by American religious zealot and “crimes against humanity” lottery winner Scott Lively.  It’s hard to feel a lot of sympathy for one side who wants to kill the gays, when they’re murdered by the other side who wants to kill the infidels.  Maybe it’s time we nuked all of these idiots from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

How long are we going to allow these religious animals to run amuck and kill the innocent, for no reason other than their religious delusions?  Longer than Horror Show Sunday is around, I’m unfortunately certain.

MGTOW is a Cult

I can sort of sympathize with some people who identify as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). After all, at least when you’re looking at far-left liberal women, there isn’t anything really worth wanting to be around, so making an individual decision to avoid the radical feminist idiots is pretty easy to understand.

But damn, there are a lot of people who go far beyond making their own decisions to advocating that all men everywhere adopt the female-free lifestyle and if you happen to be married, or happen to want to get married, they’ll rain down holy hell on your head because you’re not swilling their particular flavor of Koolaid.

This is really where some people, not all by any means, but a painfully large percentage of the MGTOW movement become cultic in their behavior.  It stops being an individual choice and starts being an action plan.  But of course, this is why I’m not a joiner and really don’t get people who are.  I don’t sign on to any group ideology.  Even if I didn’t want to get married, I would never join a group of people who likewise didn’t want to get married.  It would be my choice and my choice alone and I wouldn’t have to embrace a cult identity to get it.

This is a problem with the Child-Free movement as well, which a post over at Atheist Revolution recently reminded me.  Not for everyone, of course, but I have had more than my fair share of people who are adamantly child free and think everyone else should be too.  Too bad for you.  You don’t get to impose your emotional nonsense onto the world, just because you don’t like it.

I probably wouldn’t say if there was ever a rational reason they give, but it’s always emotional.  Women suck!  Kids suck!  No, you suck!  You have unrealistic expectations of the world.  Grow up and knock it off.  Come back when you have a rational, intellectual argument to evaluate.  I’ll look at your claims and see if they meet logical muster.  But if all you can do is scream “I hate da wimminz!” and “I hate da kidz!” then fuck you.  You hate them because you are intellectually and emotionally a child.  And that’s not something you, or anyone else, should be proud of.

Horror Show Sunday: Muslims Rioting in India

It never fails to disgust me how much adoration radical Muslims have for their silly book of mythology. And when someone does something they don’t like, they take to the streets in a murderous rage, determined to kill anyone who does anything that offends them.  Once again, this happened in India, where pages of a Qur’an were found torn and the whole place went bat-shit insane, attacked the police and burned a bus, resulting in more than 250 people being arrested.

After finding the torn pages near Jarg Chowk in Malerkotla, a mob of more than 300 went to meet with Punjab Assembly legislator Farzana Nissara Khatoon, but were turned away.  Instead of making an appointment or going elsewhere, this group of people freaked the fuck out, stormed the compound and started destroying stuff.  According to reports, the security forces fired in self-defense as the mob attacked them and lit things on fire.  8 people were injured in the attack, although luckily, no one died.

What the hell is wrong with these people?  It’s just a book!  Print more!  But no, instead you get crazed fanatics rampaging through the town, lighting things on fire and trying to murder the “guilty”, whether they are actually guilty or not, it has to be religion.  Or liberalism.  It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.

These stories crop up time and time again though, where someone gets butt-hurt over some idiotic book and goes on a rampage, reducing worthwhile property to rubble and injuring or killing innocent people over something so shallow and stupid.  If it’s not someone disrespecting the Qur’an, it’s someone drawing a picture of Mohammad.  What children these Muslims are!

How many of these stories will appear on Horror Show Sunday?  How long will the religious children get to run rampant and destroy the lives and livelihood of people because someone hurt their religious feelings?  I guess only time will tell.

The Bechdel Test and Identity Politics

I will never understand it.  Everywhere I go, I see people talking about how horrible it is that women aren’t in every leading role in every movie, that blacks are not represented in every TV show and that gay people aren’t prominently and positively portrayed at every turn.  And my question to you is… who cares?

I was listening to a podcast and they started arguing about the Bechdel Test for Godzilla movies and I spent the whole time just shaking my head.  What difference does any of it make?

Because here’s the thing.  I don’t care.  I don’t give a damn about the sex or skin color of the people in my entertainment.  As most people know, I’m a big fan of Japanese dramas.  I watch a ton of them and review them on my other blog.  Not once have I ever given the slightest shit that there are no white people on screen.  Not once.  Because I don’t care.  And if you do, why?  Explain it to me. Rationally.

I just finished playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider and it didn’t bother me a bit that the only option I had was to play a woman.  Big deal.  Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?  Or in games that I’ve played where the main character is black, am I supposed to fall into an existential funk because they’re not just like me?  Or am I just supposed to play the game and not give a damn?  Because I fall into the latter camp.

So why do I not care and the identity politics fanatics on the left get butt hurt because they can’t personally identify with the characters in movies, TV shows and video games?  Why do things have to look or act or sound just like them in order to be worthwhile?  That comes off as terribly racist and sexist to me, but then again, that’s exactly what the left is.

The reality is, a lot of the movies that they complain about, the games they make teary-eyed videos about, those are things that are intended for and generally consumed by men.  It is the demographic that typically spends the most money to consume that content.  So it’s no surprise that the majority of lead characters in those games and movies are going to be men.  But you can hear the whiny feminists screaming whenever they notice this, can’t you?  You know what you don’t hear?  Men complaining about the content of chick flicks.  Men don’t get offended when women are the leads in movies and games and TV shows intended for women.  Oh no.  Men don’t scream because male actors are treated as eye candy. Men don’t care. Or at least most conservative men don’t care.  What the hell is wrong with liberals?

This is why I keep objecting to identity politics, because it’s mindless leftist stupidity.  I mean, probably the first time I recognized this was way back when I was a kid and people were insisting that they make black Barbies for black girls because they don’t want to play with white dolls.  It struck me as stupid then, it strikes me as stupid now.  I’m fine with them making whatever might sell, but to do so on racial terms because little black girls are being trained to only care about black people is ludicrous.  If a white kid wants to play with a black doll, good for them.  The reverse is also true.  If they complain that they only want to play with a doll that’s the same color that they are, get them out of that liberal indoctrination center that they’re clearly attending.

I find the whole thing to be terminally idiotic.  Why everyone else doesn’t as well is beyond me.

Horror Show Sunday: Another Exorcism Death

It comes as no surprise that when religion gets involved with crazy people who don’t know when to stop, people get hurt.  Our story this week comes from Germany, where 5 people have been arrested and charged with murder, after their relative was subjected to an exorcism at a German hotel.  Things didn’t work out so well for the victim.

A 41-year old woman was found dead at a hotel in Frankfurt after her family decided that she had been possessed by demons and required an exorcism.  The family came from South Korea.  According to reports, they exerted “massive force on her chest and stomach area” while stuffing rags into the woman’s mouth to keep her from screaming.

“According to our current information the suspects subjected the victim to pain and agony for at least two hours, and their actions were motivated by a callous and merciless attitude,” Nadja Niesen, the German prosecutor said. “The woman eventually died from asphyxiation as a result of the massive chest compression and violence to her neck.”‘

Sure, because this sounds like such a good idea.  This is what happens when you bypass reality and start believing in demons and gods.  But of course, religion never hurts anyone, does it?

The ringleader of the exorcism gang is identified as Doean K., the cousin of the dead woman.  She has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for the murder and the other four are still being considered for sentencing.  Granted, I find 6 years for murder to be ridiculously light, but I suspect they plead down to manslaughter because these are religious fanatics and even in Europe, religion often gets a pass.  But without that religion, this is yet another crime that couldn’t possibly have taken place.  If you didn’t believe in imaginary men in the sky, why would you try to exorcise imaginary demons?  It’s something I spend a lot of time asking about on Horror Show Sunday, and no one has ever had a decent explanation.

Social Media is Strange

I know I recently wrote a post on how much I hate social media, but right after that, someone over on my YouTube channel asked me if I was a member of the “conservative atheist” group on Facebook.  Well, I had no idea such a thing existed.  I was the second member of the “conservative atheist” group on Google+ and even though it’s grown in membership some, I doubt anyone has ever posted more than one or two comments to it that I am aware of.  But she said there were hundreds of conservative atheists over on Facebook so I figured I should take a look.

And frankly, I’ve forgotten how to use Facebook, or more likely, Facebook has changed so much while I’ve been away that it’s no longer the software I used to know.  But while I was there, I realized that none of my posts have been going to Facebook in the past 8 or so months.  I had no idea.  Apparently there was some change to WordPress or Facebook a while ago and instead of needing a plugin to auto-post, you just needed to set something up internally.  I’ve now done that so we’ll see if my material goes back to being auto-published again.

Thereafter thought, I went to Tumblr and Twitter to see if they were still receiving posts.  I figured Twitter was because, for some weird reason, I keep getting more and more people following me there, even though I haven’t actually logged on in several years.  In fact, people were still mentioning me over there, which shocks me to no end.  Why would you keep referencing someone, and not just responding to auto-posts, but actually sending messages to me, when I haven’t responded in years?  I don’t get it.

Further, while I was poking around these platforms, I was actually surprised how long I’ve had accounts. Twitter, for instance, is an account from 2012, although I did delete my account once and probably got my original closer to 2009.  Facebook was the biggest surprise as my main account there is from December 2004.  That’s 11 months after the stupid thing started.  That’s pretty much when the blog went online so I guess I was there from the start.  I still don’t use it much though.  And Tumblr? Who knows, I couldn’t find a start date after poking around for a couple of minutes, but probably around 2010 or so if I had to guess.

I did reinstall my Twitter client and posted a couple of things today, although honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll stick around.  As always, the majority of it is shit.  It’s a bunch of whining about Trump and theist spam.  I think the biggest thing I object to is that it’s mostly mindless memes, especially if you’re watching a hashtag, which I usually do.  I checked out #atheism and 99% of what goes by is just memes. There are no conversations going on, it’s just people sending pithy pictures out into the ether.  And nobody is paying the slightest bit of attention, it’s seemingly all automated.  I tried responding to a couple of them and never got any response whatsoever.  So what’s the point of Twitter again?  To watch endless spam?  I think not.

So maybe, one of these days, I’ll get around to that conservative atheist group on Facebook, once I figure out how everything works again.  Maybe.  It might be nice to see some sane people for a change. I’m terribly tired of the other kind.

More Failures of Twitter Feminism

I’m starting to remember why I walked away from Twitter, it’s still the same old irrational cesspool that it always was.  Trying to engage with anyone there is utterly ridiculous because I find it difficult to find anyone who can actually discuss anything rationally.  Take this case for instance.

Someone posted something about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, that it was so great that girls have an “empowering” character that looks like them.  So, stupid me, I have to ask why it’s important that people have an “empowering” character that looks like them.  Can’t they just find their empowerment in any worthwhile character?  Why does it specifically have to be female?  They come back saying “oh, I just meant that it’s great that this wonderful character is getting a movie” as they run for the hills.

That doesn’t answer my question though.  That’s also not what they said.  They did not say “it’s great that this deserving character is getting a movie”, they said that it was great for girls, specifically, that a female character, specifically, is “empowering,” specifically.

I even agreed, I like Wonder Woman and I’m a man.  Am I not allowed to be “empowered” by a female character?  Are women not allowed to be “empowered” by male characters?  Are blacks not allowed to be “empowered” by white characters and vice versa?  Why does everyone need someone that “looks just like them” in order to get anything beneficial out of it?  I don’t get it.

And neither does this poster, who as soon as I pushed the issue about empowerment on racial or gender lines, suddenly stopped responding.  I get it.  They got caught with their pants down and realize there is no winning outcome for their philosophy so they ran away to their safe space to hide.  It isn’t like they stopped tweeting, they were active, they were just ignoring me.  No surprise there.

So since the feminists won’t address it, I guess I’ll direct the question to the blog audience.  Why do people need to have “empowering” characters that look just like them?  Why can’t they just be “empowered” by worthwhile characters, regardless of their gender or race or sexual orientation? Can someone explain that to me please?  I’d really appreciate it.

The Selective Liberal Dictionary

Have I said how much I hate liberals lately?  They are hypocrites of the highest order, at least the ones I tend to debate.  Recently, the story of Ben Carson calling African slaves “immigrants” came out and, of course, the liberal whine parade had to run around screaming that the sky was falling.  Slaves can’t be immigrants because it wasn’t voluntary!

So I pulled out the dictionary and presented the definition of the word:  a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.  Nowhere in that definition does it describe the circumstances under which a person comes to live in a foreign country, it just says that they do.  It’s a perfectly accurate term to use, whether the illiberal left likes it or not.

You’d think these people don’t know what dictionaries are.  Of course, we know they do, they trot them out whenever the definition fits what they want to claim, like feminism, but when it doesn’t, they shrug and say “what’s a dictionary?”  Words only mean things when it helps them. They’re a bunch of hypocrites.

But why is this?  Because they have no actual arguments, they are just constant rage machines.  They don’t think, they just react.  They’re looking for something to get upset about, even if what they get upset about makes no rational sense.  This is what happens when emotions are used in place of intelligence.  The left has become the ideology of virtue signaling.  They want to look moral so they get upset at anything and everything that they can justify to themselves just might be bad, even if it isn’t. It’s why we see so much political correctness and censorship on the left, because they have to be higher and mightier than you are, even if they’re really not.

Please people, before you go screaming about some word that made you feel bad, go look up what that word actually means in the dictionary.  It might stop you from looking like an idiot, or at least it might make you look less like an idiot before you open your fool mouth and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

Horror Show Sunday: Punishing the Victims

Kessler Lichtenegger

It’s bad enough that sexual abuse is so rampant in religious organizations, but when they try to blame the victims of said abuse as a means of getting back at them for daring to complain, that’s when we need to really question these religious houses of ill repute.

Kessler Lichtenegger, a former volunteer at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, Kansas, plead guilty to attempted rape and electronic solicitation of sex from minors.  But when the girls, who were 14 at the time of the assault, and their families tried to file a lawsuit against the church in question, the church tried to publicly shame the girls and their families by requiring that they be publicly identified before the lawsuit could continue.

The church filed a petition that read: “While the Defendant admits the sensitivity of the allegations, Plaintiffs tactically decided to ‘draw first blood’ on the issue publicly, in time, that may ultimately be seen in hindsight to be a bad decision. However, they should not be able to hide behind pseudonyms after systematically and intentionally initiating a campaign specifically designed to damage Defendant’s reputation.”

Well I hate to break it to you, but minors are never identified in the courts in sexual abuse cases.  Their anonymity is important to maintain.  In fact, David Clohessy, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, finds it absurd.  “This has happened in a relatively small number of cases involving adults, but I’ve never seen a defendant try to ‘out’ kids who are still kids in a child sex case.”  To demand this will just stop other kids from coming forward after being molested.  “It is a shameful move by officials who profess to be ‘Christians.’”

No, it’s shameful for anyone, Christian or not.  It’s a complete dick move, but one I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by.  But we’re talking about a church not only should have known better,  but admits they didn’t do their due diligence with Lichtenegger, who is now serving 17 years for his crime.  He volunteered to work at the church, who apparently missed the fact that he plead guilty in 2012 to sexual assault on a developmentally disabled girl and another sexual felony.  How do you miss that and then put someone like that in charge of kids?

Oh yeah, it’s a church.  Of course they missed it.  How else would they stay up front and center on Horror Show Sunday?

What is Wrong With These Crazy People?

Now as everyone knows, I’ve been checking out Minds as a new social media platform, not because I have any love for social media, but because a lot of people have been abandoning places like Twitter and Facebook and moving over there and these are, what I thought, were “my people”.

But wow, was I wrong, at least for a sizeable chunk of them.

Now these people are seemingly intelligent, at least they can string together a couple of sentences of decently chosen words, but on more than one occasion, and it’s more than you might even think, these people will be speaking semi-intellectually about things like politics or philosophy and suddenly go into a diatribe about the Illuminati.  Or the flat earth.  Or some other crazy conspiracy theory that leaves me shaking my head, once my jaw stops bouncing off the floor.  Because it makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people?

I mean seriously, I was watching one video where this woman was having what seemed to be a serious discussion about the rise of communism in America, when she just broke off into “well, I could talk about the Illuminati or the Bilderbergs, who really run things…” and I just shut off her video.  Sorry, you’ve just lost yourself a viewer.  And I have also noticed that there are a ton, and I mean a metric ton of anti-Semites running around too, blaming the Jews for everything.  I mean, holy crap, what is wrong with these idiots?

There honestly doesn’t seem to be anywhere I can go where people are just rational.  It’s always varying degrees of irrationality.  There’s always some kind of crazy running around out there, even in so-called “skeptic” communities, where people will be pretty decent most of the time until you find that one thing that they are just out of their bloody minds about.

What the fuck is wrong with humanity?

Liberal Hypocrites

This has come up a lot lately, where you will have liberals, and it is only liberals that I see this in, who will hold a double standard on something, based on whether they like the person or the group involved.

This came up most recently in a discussion about taxes, with a self-professed liberal whining long and hard that Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes for some period of time.  I pointed out that everything he did was legal and, let’s be honest, most poor people don’t pay any taxes either and I don’t hear him whining about that.  Then he twice… TWICE, ignored my point about the poor and instead of acknowledging that what both do is legal, he started saying that tax laws were written specifically to “suppress” the poor, and anyone wealthy who followed the same tax laws was criminal scum.  That’s kind of where I gave up.

But you get the same kind of thing over the recent Milo Yiannopolis debacle when you start asking why Milo can say something stupid about pedophilia, but liberal Lena Dunham can do the same thing and not suffer any negative repercussions from it.  You didn’t see the political left screaming that Dunham should never work in Hollywood again.  Where Milo just talked about pedophilia in general terms, Dunham admits to actually engaging in sexual activity with her sister.  But no… liberals would never demand the same thing from someone on their side, would they?

There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy in virtually everything I see the political left do.  I’m not saying you never see it from the right because, as I say constantly, the right is more liberal today than it is conservative, but it’s something I constantly see from the left.  Trump is a liar!  But we’re not going to point out that Hillary was a bigger liar or anything because she’s on their side.

So why is this?  If you have any insight, please post it in the comments. I’m really interested in hearing what people think.

Horror Show Sunday: Bombing Artisan Bakeries

Hey, might as well keep the Bangladesh bandwagon rolling because those Islamic idiots are still murdering people in the name of their ridiculous religion.

This time, a group of heavily armed men, shouting “God is Great” stormed an artisan bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh and started setting off explosives.  They took at least 20 people hostage.

Several of the kitchen staff hid in the bathroom, hoping to be rescued.  28-year old Soumir Roy sent a text message to his brother that read: “We are here so if possible break the wall of the bathroom and rescue us.”  However, after a rescue attempt, Roy and his co-workers were dead, more victims of radical Islamic violence.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, reporting that “More than 20 individuals of varying nationalities killed after a commando attack on the Artisan restaurant.”  To date, more than 18 similar attacks have taken place in Bangladesh in recent history, perpetuated against non-Muslims.

Unfortunately, the government of Bangladesh refuses to acknowledge that they have a serious religious problem.  They insist that there are no radical Muslim groups operating within the country, which is ludicrous to say the least.  Ali Riaz, a professor of political science at Illinois State University, argues, “The continuous denial of the presence of local militant group connections with international terror groups has not been helpful. What we’re witnessing can’t be small groups coming together. It is clearly a very coordinated attack. If this doesn’t convince them to come out of denial, then I don’t know what will.”

This is what happens when people refuse to admit that there is a major problem in the world and that problem is called religion. When you get people who are willing to murder others over which imaginary friend they follow, you’ve got issues.  The kind of absurd denial that we see worldwide just guarantees that these stories will remain a mainstay on Horror Show Sunday for many years to come.

The Young Don’t Understand Rights

You have to remember that Minds prides itself on no censorship, making it the de-facto home of disaffected young people who think the world owes them a living.  There are lots of people who have been banned or censored by Twitter or Facebook who flocked to Minds because they can say anything they want, I assume within reason, and nobody will boot them off.  At least that’s the plan, we’ll have to see how things work out in practice in the long term.

But these people honestly have no clue how rights actually work. They think that because they have freedom of speech, they have freedom to speak anywhere and everywhere, even on private networks, without the risk of censorship and when I tell them that’s not the case, they freak out.

I’m sorry to have to break it to you special snowflakes, but your right to free speech doesn’t exist when you’re trying to do it on someone else’s lawn.  If they own the venue, they make the rules and your only option is to follow the rules or go somewhere else.  Nobody says you have to agree with the rules, nobody says you have to like the rules, you only have to follow them or suffer the consequences.

And these people don’t get that at all.  These are the same people whining that Milo lost his account on Twitter or PewDiePie got dinged on YouTube.  Do I think these things should have happened?  No.  Was it completely in the prerogative of the companies running those services to do it?  Absolutely.  And all the screaming of censorship and gnashing of teeth won’t change that.  Your right to free speech ends where you try to voice it on someone else’s property.  If you want to stand on a street corner and rant, that’s fine.  Free speech only refers to the government’s inability to shut you up.  It doesn’t apply anywhere else. Welcome to the real world.

Of course, it gets worse because when you explain that to them, they will argue that because Twitter and Facebook are so widespread, that they deserve to lose their rights as private companies because they have undue influence.  Except that undue influence comes because consumers choose it, not because they have any kind of unfair advantage.  They simply have popular services.  People choose to use them. They don’t stop potential competition, anyone can start another social media service and try to win those users to their side.  And the second you say that, you lose these crazies completely.  They refuse to talk to you.  They just don’t understand that individual choice and market competition is not the same as government censorship.  So they want to force their own form of censorship on private industry because they’re not getting the results they want.  It’s just their own form of control while screaming that control they don’t like is evil.

And you wonder why these people are so clueless?

Exposing Stupidity Wherever It Hides