Dealing With the Real Problem

There’s a lot of talk about raising the minimum wage and giving the lowest-income workers a “living wage”, yet nobody ever  bothers to deal with the actual reality of the situation and that is, these people simply do not deserve to make more because they’re just not worth more to their employers.  With the call […]

Extinction Happens

You know, I get rather sick of seeing conservationists, typically very liberal conservationists at that, whining about how man is ruining the planet and killing off species and we should all be horrified at ourselves because species are dying because of our evil machinations on the planet.  Well guess what?  That’s evolution!  Species die off […]

The Woo is Strong in This One

I was recently having a conversation with someone who is completely in love with various medical woo claims, from homeopathic nonsense to poking yourself with needles to chiropractic stupidity.  All of the failures of these various and sundry woo claims don’t work on him, he’s convinced that these things must work because credulous people that […]

22 Answers to 22 Creationists Part 2

As promised, here’s part 2 of my responses to 22 creationists who were interviewed by Matt Stopera following the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate. Matt’s original presentation is here on Buzzfeed.  The first part is here. I honestly get sad when I see some of these, it’s disturbing how ignorant some theists are about the world […]

What’s Wrong With Medicine?

I originally thought this was yet another one for the Religious Horror Show, but it turns out that there is no demonstrable link to religion.  There is, however, a very strong link to homeopathy and that’s yet another irrational belief that no intelligent human being ought to hold because, as we’re about to find out, […]

The Importance of Falsifiability

I’m sure we’ve all heard theists say “you can’t prove God doesn’t exist, therefore I’m justified in believing he does!”  Yes, we get into concepts like burden of proof, which rarely ever goes over well, but there’s another tool in our belt that we far too often forget about and that is falsifiability. Falsifiability is […]

Predicting Religious Failure

It’s really sad to be able to accurately predict the actions and responses of the religious and predict religious failure virtually every time.  I mentioned this on an episode of The Bitchspot Report a while back, where I was debating a theist and predicting each and every response that she would give, before she gave it. […]

Ancient Historicity and Why it Isn’t

You find a lot of theists who seem convinced that just because they found something in an ancient book of mythology, that must mean it actually happened because, weren’t the authors historians too?  Weren’t they just recording what they saw and experienced accurately?  Can’t we trust that the primitive shepherds that wrote the Bible are […]

Tech Support Follies

Last night sometime, I can’t be sure when exactly since I was off watching TV, my ISP had a problem.  I found this out around 10:30 when I sat down to write my reviews for the TV Thursday post on my other blog and couldn’t reach my site.  Immediately, I contacted tech support for my […]

Genesis: An Easy $10,000

Psst!  Want to make an easy $10,000?  There’s a creationist out there, Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, to anyone who can disprove a literal interpretation of Genesis, using science, in front of a judge.  He’s calling it the Literal Genesis Trial.  According to the challenge, a bailiff, court reporter and judge will be in attendance and all […]

TV Thursday – 1/31/13

Arrow #1×11 – “Trust But Verify” – After a series of armored car robberies, Oliver realizes that one of the people on his list may very well be part of the heist ring.  Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of Diggle’s ex-military buddies and he refuses to believe that Ted Gaynor could have anything […]

A Matter of Scale

I think one of the things most people simply don’t understand when talking about complex subjects is the importance of being able to shift one’s perception of scale.  Some subjects and concerns are really on valid at a particular scale, yet I continually run into people who get stuck at a particular view and cannot […]

Crazy Enviro-whackos and their Cars

We all know the silly Hollywood liberals who drive around in their special little Prius’ and act superior to everyone else.  However, there’s an even harder-core group that doesn’t want a gasoline engine at all, but still recognizes that they have to have a vehicle for transportation.  There’s a particular subset that I’ve run into […]

Spot the Robot

GE has some new really cool commercials out but this one really caught my eye, it features some of the best known robots in reality, TV and movie history, with a couple of notable exceptions that were likely too expensive to license.  Can you name them all?

Not Safe For Children

I’ve had this in the queue for a couple of days but it just hadn’t reached the top.  However, I’ve seen it posted on a number of different blogs so I might as well play along. Every once in a while, I come across these short YouTube videos that really require no explanation or comment.  […]

It’s Not Just The Religious

Sometimes it feels like the religious pretty much have a lock on making stupid claims and ridiculous arguments.  I know that’s not strictly true, but, at least from where I’m sitting, they seem to be a majority of really asinine claims. But occasionally, you run across someone else without a clue. Case in point, someone […]

Welcome to Life

Yes, this is silly and it’s intended to be, but it has some serious implications.  Just imagine if we can do this a few decades in the future, especially if modern day trends continue as they have in this short video.  Is this really where we want to be? And no, I have no interest […]

Technical Overload

I tend to be a very technical person, although I certainly am not the early adopter that I once was.  There was a point in time where I was among the first to embrace every new technology that came down the pike, I wanted to have it early on, if I could, although I was […]

I don’t get the Japanese sometimes

The Japanese have made some really cool advancements in robotics, they tend to be the world leaders in humanoid robots in a wide variety of areas.  They’ve done dancing humanoid robots that are almost indistinguishable from real.  They’ve done dental robots that are incredibly close to human.  They’ve even done this, which if you didn’t […]