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When You Make the Rules…

You see a lot of people on the left waving this around, but the minute you look at it objectively, the whole thing falls apart.  Supposedly, America has dropped to the 8th “best” country and it’s all Trump’s fault.  Never mind that under Obama, it fell from 4th to 7th place, that’s not important, this is just one more reason for the liberal lunatics to scream about Trump!

But the whole survey is pointless to begin with.  What are the criteria?  Purely liberal taking points of course!  So let’s take a look and see why this whole thing means nothing when it’s the left making the rules.

If you ask a liberal why we’re so low, and this is out of 197 countries mind you, they will spit out things like universal health care and minimum wages.  In other words, liberal talking points.  The whole survey is just that, a survey, personal opinions by a reported 21,000 people world wide.  But is subjective opinion a worthwhile way to determine who is best?  I think not.  Let’s look at some of these points.

Adventure.  So the hell what?  I mean honestly, the U.S. has one of the top tourism industries on the planet, more people want to come here (and honestly, stay here illegally far too often) than pretty much anywhere else.  Pointless category.

Citizenship.  I find it funny how they define this.  “Cares about human rights, cares about the environment, gender equality, progressive, religious freedom, respects property rights, trustworthy, well-distributed political power.”  In other words, the whole of the liberal playbook.  Sorry, liberalism sucks.  That invalidates the whole survey right there.

Cultural Influence.  Considering the whole world wants to be like us, I find it hard to believe that we didn’t get this one.

Entrepreneurship.  Now I’ll be the first one to agree that this is a major problem.  We need to stop sending jobs overseas. Still, the vast majority of new technologies come from America.  I’m sure a lot of it comes from even more liberal buzzwords in the description like “well-developed legal framework”.  Define that for me.  Oh, you mean liberal?  Joy!

Heritage.  Sure, tell me how many “cultural attractions” Sweden has?  Bias, bias, bias.

Movers. The definition of this is “different, distinctive, dynamic, unique”.  What does that even mean?  If you mean movers and shakers, we’ve got that won too.  How many people tune in to talks by non-American CEOs?  Not that many.

Open for Business. The definition here is “bureaucratic, cheap manufacturing costs, corrupt, favorable tax environment, transparent government practices”.  In other words, it’s built to favor third world countries where you can live on a dime.

Power.  The U.S. is #1.  Nobody can even come close.  Politically, militarily and financially, we are the top of the heap. I’m sure this counted against us.

Quality of Life.  Again, filled to the brim with liberal buzzwords.  “A good job market, affordable, economically stable, family friendly, income equality, politically stable, safe, well-developed public education system, well-developed public health system”. The job market here is fine, it’s certainly better than under Obama.  It’s affordable for people who work hard, again, this isn’t liberal-land and we don’t want it to be.  Then you start putting things in like “income equality” which is pure liberal lunacy, “safe”, which we certainly are, but they still mention gun deaths in the description and “well-developed public health system” meaning socialized medicine.  These people are blatant socialists, which gets absolutely no respect from me whatsoever.

Whether these liberal idiots like it or not, this is the country everyone wants to come to.  This is the country most people want to live in.  But because we’re not some leftist utopia, they still hate us because hating success without their socialist methodology is very, very wrong as far as they’re concerned.  And when you make the rules for the survey, you can get the survey to say whatever you want.  The actual, demonstrable results tell a different story though.  That’s all that really matters.

Are There “Leftist” Ideas That Are Worthwhile?

I find a lot of weird things over on Minds.  First, I found an article that was criticizing the ideas they found in a YouTube video, made by a friend as I understand it, so I read the article and watched the video and hey, might as well take this on.  The original video was entitled “Which ideas from the left are worth taking on board?”  I’ll link to the video below.  So as I said, I watched it and disagreed with a lot of what was said, but I also disagreed with some of the things that the Minds article writer said, so as usual, I’ll just piss everyone off.  So let’s look at the four points and see where I stand on all of them.

1. Ideology.

This one is questionable because I really don’t agree that “ideology” is valuable in any meaningful way.  Your ideology is only important to me insofar as it corresponds to objectively demonstrable reality.  If it doesn’t, your ideology, like your religion, is idiotic and I couldn’t care less about it.  And this is really where we have problems on both the political left and the political right because I’ve found that the farther you go to the extremes, the less realistic these viewpoints are, the more emotionally-biased and irrationally-dogmatic they tend to be.  When your beliefs become irrational, your position becomes untenable as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t care how you feel, I care what you can prove.  And here, I agree with the article writer who defines ideologies as “an intellectual system of ideas or rigid abstract formulas mixed with scientific jargon and some empirical facts that claims knowledge about reaching perfection in the temporal order.”  I think a lot of that goes too far, as most ideologies I see are just emotional positions, based on wishful thinking, and accepted over demonstrable fact.  That’s where so many ideologies simply go wrong.  Always have, always will.

2. Gender Identity is a Social Construct

Now here, I think the video-maker is an idiot.  Gender identity is not a social construct, any more than species-identity is. Some furries might disagree with me but I think they’re emotional imbeciles too.  You cannot change reality because reality makes you feel bad.  It doesn’t work that way.  You are born male or female, or on extremely rare instances, both.  The last category is most often surgically corrected just after birth.  But your genes determine what you are.  They might not determine how you feel, but fuck how you feel.  Your emotions don’t determine reality.  I couldn’t care less about your emotional state.  Come to grips with reality and stop pretending that deciding to be male on odd-number days and female on even-number days is even an option.  It is not.  Time for a lot of people to grow the hell up.



3.  Homosexuality is fine and so is gay marriage

That’s two things I completely agree with.  First off, whether homosexuality is “fine” or not is irrelevant.  Homosexuals exist.  Welcome to the real world. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if  you like that gay people exist, they still exist, they have always existed and will always exist.  Time to grow up and deal with the real world.  Because they exist, what difference does it make if we let them voluntarily engage in legal marriage?  How does it demonstrably harm anyone if they do?  And no, I don’t mean your emotional discomfort which come from your delusional beliefs, I mean where is the objectively verifiable evidence that gay people being married produces any harm to anyone?  Because if such evidence exists, I certainly haven’t seen it and nobody on the anti-gay side has even tried to produce it.  I must therefore assume it simply doesn’t exist.  But our article-writer insists that somehow, being gay is wrong, again with no evidence and that equality across the board is somehow wrong, with nothing to back it up.  And honestly, I don’t  care if we can prove the existence of a gay gene or not.  What difference does it make?  People who identify as gay, whether they can prove it or not, have the same rights as everyone else, right?  So if a non-gay person can choose to marry some of the opposite gender, why can a gay person not choose to marry someone of the same gender?  Where is the demonstrable harm?  It isn’t like they’re trying to force the religiously delusional to marry them, I would oppose that, even though I think the religiously delusional are idiots.  But we’re talking about secular marriage.  I guess some people just want to feel special.  I think they’re idiots.

4. Abortion is fine

This is one I don’t get at all and recently, I’ve been asking a lot of right-wingers why this is a problem.  Give me one non-religious, non-emotional reason why abortion is a problem.  Go ahead.  But none of them can produce anything.  It’s always an emotional answer because they have nothing else.  Now I’d personally prefer, as a conservative, if people didn’t choose abortion, if they were responsible before pregnancy and thereafter dealt with the consequences of their actions.  That would be the way to go in a perfect world, but we all know this isn’t a perfect world and people are, unfortunately, irresponsible.  To be perfectly honest, most of the people who would have an abortion are probably not people who I would want to be parents in the first place.  We’re better off without having the irrational and irresponsible breed.  Therefore, I’m fine with abortion because I don’t think humans are magical or special or anything like that.  But the guy who wrote the article sure seems to.  He thinks humanity is sacred.  I think he’s nuts.  And before anyone suggests adoption, we have thousands and thousands of kids just in the U.S. alone that will never be adopted.  The idea of throwing hundreds of thousands of unwanted children into the mix is not only insane but utterly reprehensible.  I’d much rather have them never exist at all than exist in a life of suffering and unhappiness.  But then again, I don’t think human life is special.  I’m not religiously or emotionally delusional.  Some people unfortunately seem to be.

In the end, I think all of these ideas are neutral, it only matters how you define things and how those things correspond with reality.  As I said, the farther to the extremes you get, the less anything they hold to be true can be defended intellectually or objectively.  They get more and more delusional and less and less able to recognize the inherent delusions in their midst.  Are there good “leftist” ideas?  I don’t know.  Most of the positions that I agree with that are typically on the left, I agree with them for entirely conservative reasons.  No emotion required.  It’s every bit as important to have good reasons to support an idea than it is to have an idea to support in the first place.  I find that I emphatically disagree with the reasons most liberals hold their positions, even if their positions are defensible in other ways.  But I feel the same way about the far right because their ideals aren’t held rationally either, even if they can be defended intellectually.  So people like me, we’re just screwed in the end. Everyone hates us because we reject the emotional and expect people to be intelligent.  Too bad that so rarely happens.

Entitlement Idiots Ramble On

The far left has no clue what responsibility is.  This is nothing new, of course, we’ve seen all kinds of demands from the far left to forgive all of their debts, to give them all manner of free stuff, just because they don’t want to pay for it.  But now, even if they get it for free, these entitlement happy morons, they don’t want to take responsibility for their own failures.

Students at Oberlin College are now demanding that the college eliminate any grades that fall below a C for the semester.  Because apparently, earning good grades is just too much of an expectation, so now everyone deserves to get them, no matter how badly they do in their classes.

But why are they failing their classes?  Because these special snowflake are so busy protesting absolutely everything under the sun, they have no time to actually go to classes, much less study or have the slightest clue what degree they’re supposed to be going for.

“A lot of us worked alongside community members in Cleveland who were protesting,” said Megan Bautista, a co-liaison in Oberlin’s student government. “But we needed to organize on campus as well — it wasn’t sustainable to keep driving 40 minutes away. A lot of us started suffering academically.”  Well sure, because you were doing everything except what you were supposed to be doing!  Come on,  you’re supposed to be adults!  That means you have to have some priorities and if you choose not to go to class, not to learn what you’re supposed to learn, then you’re going to fail.

But the far left doesn’t want any responsibility.  “You know, we’re paying for a service. We’re paying for our attendance here. We need to be able to get what we need in a way that we can actually consume it, student Zakiya Acey said. “Because I’m dealing with having been arrested on campus, or having to deal with the things that my family are going through because of larger systems — having to deal with all of that, I can’t produce the work that they want me to do. But I understand the material, and I can give it to you in different ways.”  Well maybe you ought to get a better set of priorities and not get arrested or any of that other nonsense!

And sure, paying for a service.  That’s why they follow the idiotic Bernie Sanders school of “give us free college!”  They don’t want to have to pay for anything and they don’t want to have to earn anything, they want to do what they want to do with no ramifications and everyone else better cough it up or else!  So no more bad grades, no matter how well deserved.  School gets in the way of protesting, but they need those feminist studies degrees so they can pretend they tried, even if nobody will hire them because they all have criminal records by the time they get out of college.

The world is going straight to hell and the regressive left is leading the way.  Is it any wonder the future is so dim?

Do White Men Only Find White Women Attractive?

That’s the assertion of yet another self-identified liberal who says that there aren’t a lot of black women on television because white men don’t find black women attractive, because we’re all racist.  And tons and tons of people broke down laughing at this sad sack because clearly, that’s just not the case.  Even among self-identified conservatives, the vast majority could come up with at least some black women they identified as physically attractive.  I guess the regressive left loses again.

But it was an interesting topic so I thought I’d revisit it again here.  It got me thinking about actresses on TV that I thought were cute and the more that I thought about it, there are quite a few non-white actresses that I think look great, just on modern TV alone.  So here’s my list, in alphabetical order by show name and it could be a long longer if I spent more time thinking about it.  I guess the absurdly racist liberal left haven’t got the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

There’s a really good new show on Canadian TV called Frankie Drake Mysteries, set in the 1920s about a female detective.  Her partner, Trudy Clarke, played by Chantel Riley, is really cute.  The character itself is bright, creative and talented (Riley is has a beautiful singing voice that I could listen to for hours).  Honestly, of everyone on the show, if I was going to be shallow and only pay attention to looks, she’s probably the best.

Moving back to American shows with The Flash.  Candice Patton who plays Iris West is very attractive as well.  Again, another strong female character who is intelligent, brave and creative in her own right without having to rely on a man, although let’s be honest, Flash does have to save her (and everyone else) a lot.  I’ve met her in person and, while I didn’t spend a lot of time with her, she was really nice for the limited amount of time that we’ve spent together.

On to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which has two gorgeous black women right now.  Masie Richarson-Sellers plays Amaya/Vixen and Tracy Ifeachor plays Kuasa, her granddaughter.  Again, it’s not just looks they have going for them, their characters are strong, independent, self-reliant and smart.  They aren’t damsels in distress that exist to be taken care of, they can kick all of the asses and take all of the names and outperform a lot of the male members of the cast in physical and mental prowess.  I don’t know, maybe you’re seeing a pattern here.


Getting back to Canada, Murdoch Mysteries had, until last season, a gorgeous black woman working as assistant coroner and I’m really sorry that she’s gone.  Mouna Traore was Dr. Rebecca James. Of course, they had to portray her as a black woman struggling in a white world, but she was one of the strongest characters, male or female on the show.  Great actress.

Jumping to a show that’s no longer on the air, but Sleepy Hollow had two really beautiful black women on it, sisters Abbie and Jenny Mills, played respectively by Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood.  Both of them are really good looking in my opinion.  They’re also both excellent actresses.

Now I could probably do the same thing for other actresses of any racial group you could mention, but I think that’s plenty for the moment.  I mean, Jade Eshete over on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is cute, if she’d only do something about that hair.  Of course, I’m not actually interested in any of them, even if I met them in person, because I’m happily married, but the idea that white people think black women are ugly is just absurd.  Even conservative white men who aren’t racists can find beauty in women of any color.  We don’t care.  It doesn’t matter to us.  It’s just that the regressive left are so busy playing the race card that they’ve given up even pretending that what they say is factually correct or not.  It just doesn’t matter.  But that’s not our problem, it’s theirs and it’s pathetic.


More Abject Liberal Stupidity

I can’t possibly make this stuff up.  So anyhow, there’s a discussion going on about Trump supporting women and of course, the liberals are all up in arms because Trump is literally Hitler or some crazy crap like that.  So one of these special little snowflakes pops up and says “If he really did he would support equal pay for equal work for women.”

So, facepalming all the way, I posted “It already exists and has for more than 50 years. Have you honestly never heard of the 1963 Equal Pay Act?”  And she comes back with:

I just about fell out of my chair.  Here’s this special feminist snowflake who has never even heard of the 1963 Equal Pay Act.  Well of course not, she’s completely ignorant of history and reality, she only pays attention to the feminist echo chamber, where other ignorant snowflakes know no more about anything than she does.

But this is really typical of the childish regressive left.  They have no clue what’s actually going on in the world, they refuse to venture outside of their Tumblr and Twitter safe spaces and picking up a history book to find out what’s actually happened in the past?  Heresy!  Why bother when they can just rail on about all of the crazy things their side has to say! And you wonder why I rarely manage to have productive conversations with these people, because they’re incapable of understanding anything that doesn’t come from women’s studies courses or feminist authors.

And they don’t care either!  This conversation continued for a couple of exchanges and she refused to admit she was wrong. Because all of those feminist “scholars” couldn’t have been lying to her all this time, no!  That’s impossible!  Therefore, history has to be wrong!  The data has to be wrong!  Reality has to be wrong!  There’s no other explanation.  And then she just stopped responding because things weren’t going her way.

But you know, what else is new?

Liberals are Horrible People

No, not all liberals, but certainly a considerable number, especially on the far fringes of the political left.  Why?  Because in a recent discussion about colleges uninviting conservative speakers, these people, as is no real surprise, turned right to victim blaming.

Of course they did.

No, colleges shouldn’t allow conservative speakers because apparently, it’s somehow their fault that the fucktards on the political left cannot control themselves when someone with a different political opinion appears, therefore it is now the fault of the conservative speakers that property gets destroyed by the illiberal left.

It’s like saying that a woman deserved to get raped because she dared to wear a short skirt.  These people are unbelievable.  They need a 2×4 to the back of the head, and I abhor violence but for these assholes, I’ll make an exception.

And yes, they are completely serious, they know what they’re saying and they’ve continually doubled down on their idiocy.  They believe that it’s the fault of the conservative speakers that liberals destroy property.  They believe that words are somehow responsible for actions.  They believe that conservative speakers, if they are allowed at all, should be required to pay for all of the damages and cover the costs of security keeping the liberal mobs at bay.

These people need a swift kick in the backside, that’s clearly where whatever passes for a brain resides. And you wonder why I hate self-identified liberals?  And why I keep questioning why those who insist on using that label want to be at all associated with these reprehensible pieces of human filth on the political left.  This is what liberalism is today.  It’s not about free speech, in fact, it’s exactly the opposite.  It’s not about freedom and liberty, it’s exactly the opposite.  This is not your grandparents’ liberalism. What you are is conservative.  The more people realize that, the better.

Fear of Responsibility

Not too long ago, Vjack over on Atheist Revolution posted an article asking whether health care was a right or a privilege.  So I stupidly said “neither, it’s a responsibility” and the inevitable liberal dogpile began, along with the inevitable name-calling and moral degradation that inevitably comes from the left. But that doesn’t change anything, it just reveals the pathetic nature of the political left once again.

Whether people like it or not, everything in your life, health care included, is your responsibility.  Your life and the lives of those under your care is your responsibility to provide for.  That means you have to feed your family.  That means you need to clothe your family.  That means you need to put a roof over their head and give them at least the basics that would be considered necessary in society.  And if you can’t do that or you don’t do that, it’s your failure.  Society is not to blame.

This brings me back to why I’m convinced that liberalism kills societies.  Conservativism builds them, it makes them successful and powerful and then, at a certain point where there is more money and resources than absolutely necessary, when people no longer have to be concerned with basic life necessities, they turn their attention outward and everything comes crashing down.  So for a  lot of these people, not all certainly, but for a lot of very vocal leftists, they think that just waking up in the morning entitles them to money from the government and, for an alarming number, respect from their peers.  Just wanting to be respected somehow guarantees respect now, apparently.  And to get these things, they simply arbitrarily declare them to be a “right”.  Healthcare is a “right”.  A job is a “right”.  And it isn’t even a job anymore, it’s a well-paying and “respectable” job, or for some, they don’t even want a job, they just want a check, a “minimum guaranteed income” whether they choose to work or not.  What is wrong with these people?

Of course, that’s on top of free college and guaranteed retirement benefits, all of which comes without the requirement to actually earn any of it.  It’s a gift, given to them, because they somehow deserve it. Exactly how they think they deserve it, or anything else they haven’t earned, is beyond me.  But damn it, it makes them feel good to think so, so “gimme gimme gimme!”

And that’s where the whole of society comes a tumbling down.  Societies are built on hard work and personal responsibility.  You get where you are because of your own sweat and effort, not because someone hands you a check.  A healthy society operates as a meritocracy.  Liberals hate merit.  They don’t want everyone to have equal opportunity, they want everyone to have equal outcome, but reality simply doesn’t work that way.  You cannot have equal outcome when everyone doesn’t work as hard, everyone isn’t equally skilled or talented and everyone doesn’t achieve the same things.  And that becomes clear when liberal jealousy brings everyone down to the lowest common denominator so no one feels bad that they didn’t win the trophy.  We just give out trophies to everyone.  We just hand out government checks to everyone.  How we pay for any of it, who cares, right?  Just print money or borrow it from others and ride the liberal crazy train into ruin.  This is what happens when you spend more time feeling and not nearly enough thinking.  But hey, that’s the liberal way, right?


Racist Liberals Ignoring Black Slavery

You know, it’s funny to watch liberals scramble to ignore things that go against their narrative. Someone recently brought up the fact that blacks had slaves in the U.S. as well, plus they are currently the biggest slave-owners on the planet, but hey, liberals ignore that.  And not only did they immediately spring to the defense of black slave owners, they did everything they could to minimize black slavery so they could get back to their “whites are evil” rhetoric.

And that’s the thing, this isn’t about racism, it’s about identity politics.  Liberals love anyone who isn’t a cisgender white male.  They will defend those people, no matter how far they have to contort their views, because white men are evil and everyone else is not.

This reminds me of a recent exchange where I brought up, in passing, the Malik Obama story where he presented a picture of what he claims was his brother’s Kenyan birth certificate.  Now I very clearly said that I thought the whole thing was stupid, just as I have said since 2008, but it’s interesting, at least, that someone who you might reasonably expect might have access to such things is now presenting it.  Interesting.  Not worthwhile, since Obama is out of office.  I don’t even think it’s true.  But it is conceptually interesting.  And apparently, my specifically saying I’m not a birther somehow makes me a birther to the liberal lunatics.  The very fact that I brought it up at all, in a forum dedicated to breaking news stories, was enough to make me a pariah for the liberal community.  These people are idiots.

I will never understand what is wrong with these idiots.  If something is true, be it Obama’s birth certificate or black slave owners, then it is true, whether it offends your liberal sensibilities or not. If it is false, it is false. Reality is what reality is.  How it makes you feel doesn’t change anything. But these idiots are so quick to defend anyone on “their side” or part of “their protected groups” that they are going to attack anyone who even dares to question their regressive faith without regard for the truth or falsehood of their statements.  Whether it’s actually true or not is irrelevant to the left.  It falls outside of their blind faith so it has to be not only rejected, but actively attacked, with the reputation of the offender impugned, because the very idea that liberal beliefs are not totally true is impossible to conceive of.

And this is the major problem with the political left these days.  You can see it in everything they do. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who can see this.

The Bechdel Test and Identity Politics

I will never understand it.  Everywhere I go, I see people talking about how horrible it is that women aren’t in every leading role in every movie, that blacks are not represented in every TV show and that gay people aren’t prominently and positively portrayed at every turn.  And my question to you is… who cares?

I was listening to a podcast and they started arguing about the Bechdel Test for Godzilla movies and I spent the whole time just shaking my head.  What difference does any of it make?

Because here’s the thing.  I don’t care.  I don’t give a damn about the sex or skin color of the people in my entertainment.  As most people know, I’m a big fan of Japanese dramas.  I watch a ton of them and review them on my other blog.  Not once have I ever given the slightest shit that there are no white people on screen.  Not once.  Because I don’t care.  And if you do, why?  Explain it to me. Rationally.

I just finished playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider and it didn’t bother me a bit that the only option I had was to play a woman.  Big deal.  Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?  Or in games that I’ve played where the main character is black, am I supposed to fall into an existential funk because they’re not just like me?  Or am I just supposed to play the game and not give a damn?  Because I fall into the latter camp.

So why do I not care and the identity politics fanatics on the left get butt hurt because they can’t personally identify with the characters in movies, TV shows and video games?  Why do things have to look or act or sound just like them in order to be worthwhile?  That comes off as terribly racist and sexist to me, but then again, that’s exactly what the left is.

The reality is, a lot of the movies that they complain about, the games they make teary-eyed videos about, those are things that are intended for and generally consumed by men.  It is the demographic that typically spends the most money to consume that content.  So it’s no surprise that the majority of lead characters in those games and movies are going to be men.  But you can hear the whiny feminists screaming whenever they notice this, can’t you?  You know what you don’t hear?  Men complaining about the content of chick flicks.  Men don’t get offended when women are the leads in movies and games and TV shows intended for women.  Oh no.  Men don’t scream because male actors are treated as eye candy. Men don’t care. Or at least most conservative men don’t care.  What the hell is wrong with liberals?

This is why I keep objecting to identity politics, because it’s mindless leftist stupidity.  I mean, probably the first time I recognized this was way back when I was a kid and people were insisting that they make black Barbies for black girls because they don’t want to play with white dolls.  It struck me as stupid then, it strikes me as stupid now.  I’m fine with them making whatever might sell, but to do so on racial terms because little black girls are being trained to only care about black people is ludicrous.  If a white kid wants to play with a black doll, good for them.  The reverse is also true.  If they complain that they only want to play with a doll that’s the same color that they are, get them out of that liberal indoctrination center that they’re clearly attending.

I find the whole thing to be terminally idiotic.  Why everyone else doesn’t as well is beyond me.

The Selective Liberal Dictionary

Have I said how much I hate liberals lately?  They are hypocrites of the highest order, at least the ones I tend to debate.  Recently, the story of Ben Carson calling African slaves “immigrants” came out and, of course, the liberal whine parade had to run around screaming that the sky was falling.  Slaves can’t be immigrants because it wasn’t voluntary!

So I pulled out the dictionary and presented the definition of the word:  a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.  Nowhere in that definition does it describe the circumstances under which a person comes to live in a foreign country, it just says that they do.  It’s a perfectly accurate term to use, whether the illiberal left likes it or not.

You’d think these people don’t know what dictionaries are.  Of course, we know they do, they trot them out whenever the definition fits what they want to claim, like feminism, but when it doesn’t, they shrug and say “what’s a dictionary?”  Words only mean things when it helps them. They’re a bunch of hypocrites.

But why is this?  Because they have no actual arguments, they are just constant rage machines.  They don’t think, they just react.  They’re looking for something to get upset about, even if what they get upset about makes no rational sense.  This is what happens when emotions are used in place of intelligence.  The left has become the ideology of virtue signaling.  They want to look moral so they get upset at anything and everything that they can justify to themselves just might be bad, even if it isn’t. It’s why we see so much political correctness and censorship on the left, because they have to be higher and mightier than you are, even if they’re really not.

Please people, before you go screaming about some word that made you feel bad, go look up what that word actually means in the dictionary.  It might stop you from looking like an idiot, or at least it might make you look less like an idiot before you open your fool mouth and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

Liberal Hypocrites

This has come up a lot lately, where you will have liberals, and it is only liberals that I see this in, who will hold a double standard on something, based on whether they like the person or the group involved.

This came up most recently in a discussion about taxes, with a self-professed liberal whining long and hard that Donald Trump didn’t pay taxes for some period of time.  I pointed out that everything he did was legal and, let’s be honest, most poor people don’t pay any taxes either and I don’t hear him whining about that.  Then he twice… TWICE, ignored my point about the poor and instead of acknowledging that what both do is legal, he started saying that tax laws were written specifically to “suppress” the poor, and anyone wealthy who followed the same tax laws was criminal scum.  That’s kind of where I gave up.

But you get the same kind of thing over the recent Milo Yiannopolis debacle when you start asking why Milo can say something stupid about pedophilia, but liberal Lena Dunham can do the same thing and not suffer any negative repercussions from it.  You didn’t see the political left screaming that Dunham should never work in Hollywood again.  Where Milo just talked about pedophilia in general terms, Dunham admits to actually engaging in sexual activity with her sister.  But no… liberals would never demand the same thing from someone on their side, would they?

There’s a certain degree of hypocrisy in virtually everything I see the political left do.  I’m not saying you never see it from the right because, as I say constantly, the right is more liberal today than it is conservative, but it’s something I constantly see from the left.  Trump is a liar!  But we’re not going to point out that Hillary was a bigger liar or anything because she’s on their side.

So why is this?  If you have any insight, please post it in the comments. I’m really interested in hearing what people think.

Liberals Making Excuses

I find it really sad to see how idiotic and blind the liberal left can be.  Case in point, in a recent discussion about MTV host Ira Madison III mocking Jeff Session’s Asian family, saying that his grandkids looked like he got them at Toys R Us, instead of just admitting that it was a sleazy thing to say, liberals, and I don’t mean just one liberal, but scores of liberals, could only say that Trump said some pretty bad things too.

So what?  What does that have to do with Madison?  Even if you can criticize Trump, and you absolutely can, that has nothing to do with what Madison did. Madison was a prick.  Admit it.

But this is just commonplace.  Liberals like to point fingers at everyone else to explain their own failures.  Take the election.  They’re screaming that Russia is to blame for Hillary losing.  Nope.  All Russia did was get the truth out there.  It didn’t falsify anything, it just exposed DNC secrets.  It was the reality of the DNC’s dishonesty that cost Hillary the election, not anything sinister that Russia did.  Should they have hacked the DNC?  Probably not.  Should the DNC have done those things?  Absolutely not.  Who is more to blame? But they don’t want to take that responsibility and blame their own party so they scream and cry about the ones who brought their own wrongdoing to light.

And I’m frankly sick of it.  Yes, I’m also sick of it when the GOP pulls the same thing.  Both parties are full of crybabies, but that isn’t an excuse for being a dishonest idiot yourself.  Is Trump a dick?  Yeah, sometimes.  Was Madison a dick with that tweet?  Absolutely.  Does one have anything to do with the other?  Does one excuse the other?  Hell no.  Stop pretending that it does.  Take some responsibility for your own actions for once.  Stop acting like children.

Liberals and Personal Responsibility

I got asked this question recently, how do I know that liberals reject the idea of personal responsibility, since I make that claim so often.  And my answer is simple.  Look at the social programs that liberals support, programs that simply cannot exist if personal responsibility does.

So what do I mean by personal responsibility?  Wikiquote seems to sum it up pretty well.  It states: “Personal responsibility or Individual responsibility is the idea that human beings choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions. A corollary idea is that because we cause our actions, we can be held morally accountable or legally liable.”  When I talk about personal responsibility, largely that’s what I mean.

Now tell me how you get from liberal social programs to personal responsibility.  Go ahead, tell me.  Because we all know you can’t.

I wouldn’t say if most liberal social programs had an element requiring users to improve their lives.  You can qualify for welfare if, and only if, you do something to better your life and get off the public dole.  But none of these programs actually do that.  They don’t require that the people with their hands out actually do anything but sit on the couch, watching Oprah, waiting for a check.  In fact, a lot of these programs actively penalize people who try to better themselves.  That’s not taking personal responsibility for your life!

The fact is, you just can’t get from personal responsibility to liberal social programs without turning off your brain and just going on feelings.  By definition, anyone who supports said programs cannot support personal responsibility because the two are diametrically opposed.  You cannot say “I support people being held accountable for their own actions” and “here, have some free money from the government, no strings attached”.  It just doesn’t work that way.

And that’s really why I think there are a significant number of people who claim to be liberal, but actually are not.  Way back in my podcast days, I noted that a lot of self-identified liberals actually are conservative, they just refuse to adopt the label because they don’t want to be lumped in with the religious extremists.  I can understand that, but that doesn’t actually change what you are, only the label that you choose to wear.  Whatever characteristics you actually have, that’s what you actually are, no matter how that might make you feel.  There are a lot of people I’d consider conservatives living on the liberal side.

I’d be happy to see self-identified liberals, people who actually support liberal social causes and programs, demonstrate how they are actually for personal responsibility as well.  How do you get from there to here?  I just don’t think you can do it.  Maybe they ought to be reconsidering the label they wear if they actually are in favor of responsibility and thing these programs are off in the wrong direction. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Turns Out Obama Has Been Useful After All

I’ve been thinking that Obama was a complete waste of space over the past 8 years, but it turns out I was wrong.  In fact, Obama has been tremendously useful while he’s been in office.  He’s shown how ridiculous liberalism actually is and it’s had a tremendous effect on the political landscape.  Since he’s been in office, Democrats have lost power across the board, both in the House and Senate, as well as state governors!

You have to remember that this election wasn’t just a condemnation of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, but of all of liberalism, as Democrats lost big absolutely everywhere. Starting in 2017, Republicans will be in power across the political landscape, they will be in the majority of both the House and the Senate, they will have the Presidency, and, from what I’ve read, 35 out of 50 state governors will be Republican as well.  To say this isn’t a condemnation of liberalism is absurd.  And this has been a long time coming, it isn’t one election, it’s a dramatic fall from the day Obama was elected, when people see just how harmful these kinds of liberal policies are, and the voters make their displeasure known.

Now I’m not saying I support the GOP, I certainly don’t, I think they are far too liberal as well, especially on the fiscal side, but to see the special little snowflakes out rioting in the streets, throwing a fit because they didn’t get their way, it’s hard to take them seriously.  I mean, even in 2008 and 2012, you didn’t see Republicans out lighting things on fire because Obama won, did you?  You didn’t see Ted Nugent, a complete douchebag if ever there was one, making death threats against Obama, did you?  We’re seeing the true immature children at work here and they’re all regressive leftist assholes.

The left has failed.  Obama has failed.  Clinton has failed.  The American people have seen clearly what an utter disaster liberal policies have been.  I’m sure it will swing around in the next election, it always does, but for the left to scream that their ideas are best is simply not true in reality. The American people have made their voices clearly heard.  Thanks Obama for one thing, showing how awful your brand of politics actually is.

Unsupported Liberal Claims of Racism

Liberals and the regressive left spend a lot of time claiming that there is institutional racism out there, but can never actually present any evidence to back it up.  Oh, they throw around a ton of claims and anecdotal evidence showing that blacks generally perform worse than whites, but they can never make the demonstrable link to racism, particularly institutional racism, as the cause.

The fact is, you can’t just claim that something is true, you have to prove it and you prove it by being able to demonstrate it through objective evidence and logical inference.  Liberals have done neither but are so emotionally attached to the idea that this failure never dawns on them.

For a group that makes up 13% of the American population, and since this is overwhelmingly male, that number drops to about 6.5%, they certainly commit far, far more than their proportionate amount of crime, according to FBI crime statistics.  But the liberals, instead of acknowledging this demonstrable fact, whine and cry because reality doesn’t make them feel good.  They’re perfectly happy to throw the facts under the bus if it gets them emotional comfort.  Sorry, that’s not how this works.

I have yet to see a single case of modern demonstrable institutional racism presented by the political left.  Not one.  Sure, they will pony up example after example of disparities between blacks and whites and claim this is because of institutional racism, but they can never actually draw the lines proving that it’s actually so.  Saying “this is racism” doesn’t prove that this is racism.  It takes more than that and they have nothing to show.

But they don’t care.  When you point out their own failures, they get upset.  They don’t step back and realize that their emperor has no clothes, they scream and cry and throw around insults, they never actually back up their claims with objective, demonstrable evidence.  That’s because there is none.  The fact is that blacks simply do commit more crimes, per capita, than other racial groups.  This is both economic in nature and because of the “black culture” that poor blacks have insisted on adopting, that teaches them that the world owes them something.  So long as blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crime, they will represent a disproportionate percentage of the prison population and be executed a disproportionate amount of the time.  Welcome to reality.

Blacks are poor at a disproportionate rate, but this is because they have a disproportionately high rate of making bad life decisions.  They drop out of school at a disproportionate rate.  They get involved in drugs and gangs at a disproportionate rate.  They have children out of wedlock at a disproportionate rate.  All of these things are directly linked to poverty.  This isn’t racism, this is people making choices and paying the consequences of those choices.  That’s not racism, that’s responsibility and we all know that responsibility is a dirty word for liberals.

Of course, the fact that they’re so laughably wrong won’t stop liberals because they don’t care about the facts, only the feels.  They want their target demographics to feel good, whether they’ve done anything to earn it or not.  They can’t actually blame their target demographics for anything, they can’t point out where people fail, because according to them, nobody can fail, at least unless you’re white and male, so it has to be someone else’s fault.  That’s just not how reality works.

Smoking is Not a Tax on the Poor

There are a ton of really idiotic propositions coming up on the California Ballot, which by the time you read this will probably already be past.  One of them, Prop 56, wants to raise the cost of tobacco again to pay for a whole bunch of liberal causes.  But the major argument that I’ve heard against it is, get this, that tobacco taxes unfairly target the poor.

Um… nobody is forcing them to smoke, are they?

The idea is that a disproportionate percentage of poor people smoke, hence if you raise taxes on tobacco, they will be unfairly harmed by it.

Or they could just stop smoking.  Why in the world would someone who has very little money be throwing it away on things like tobacco and alcohol in the first place?  Of course, that assumes that these people are acting rationally and, if they were, they most likely wouldn’t be in that situation to begin with.

Now personally, I don’t care what the taxes on tobacco are because I think anyone that smokes is a complete idiot to begin with.  If you make a choice to do something that is known, without a doubt, to harm you, how can you point fingers and complain when you get harmed?  In fact, the prevalent use of tobacco and alcohol among the destitute is probably one of the reasons they are that way, but nobody ever bothers to think about that.  Because thinking is hard and sometimes uncomfortable and nobody ought to be required to do anything that doesn’t make them happy 24/7.  Or some kind of liberal bullshit like that.

Nothing changes the fact that smoking and drinking is a choice.  It is not mandatory.  It is not helpful. It costs money.  You make a choice and accept the consequences.  If you make a bad choice, you get bad consequences.  While I reject these kinds of liberal money-grabs out of hand, I still think the argument against the proposition is utterly asinine.  It doesn’t disproportionately target the poor, the poor are disproportionately self-destructive and stupid.  That’s why they’re poor.  Learn the difference between correlation and causation.

But of course, the left will just accuse me of being every kind of “ist” they can think up because they can’t handle reality.  They can’t handle people being required to take responsibility for their lives.  It’s all about excuses and complaints.  These people are idiots.

Subjects You Can’t Talk About

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t talk about religion or politics.  I break that rule all the time. I speak truth and I really don’t care if it offends anyone.  But I recently ran into a situation where it’s clear there are other things that people really don’t want to talk about, whether they’re factually true or not.

I was sitting with some friends, talking about work and one of them brought up some of his problem clients.  These tend to be young and poor and, as he said almost under his breath, overwhelmingly black. And he wondered why that was the case, that a group of people that made up less than 13% of the population could cause more than 90% of his headaches.

So I told him.

The reality is, the poor black community has been lied to for generations by the liberal left. They’ve been told that society owes them things.  And society owes them things simply because they are black.  They don’t have to do anything to earn it, but if you don’t show deference and “respect” and fork over whatever they want, they get pissed because they’ve been told that simply because they woke up that morning with black skin, they deserve stuff.

And this guy got really nervous.  He said I shouldn’t talk about things like that.  Well why the hell not?  It’s true, after all!

I think the biggest reason things like this continue to exist in society is because we’re afraid to talk about it. We’ve been told that offending people is the biggest sin imaginable.  Political correctness is rampant in society whether we recognize it or not.  There are things that I think we all recognize, but lots of people are terrified to open their mouths because they fear that if they put it out there, people will think badly of them.

Personally, I don’t care.  I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me.  I tell the truth and deal with the consequences.  The people who don’t want to hear the truth can deal with it.  Maybe if more of them did, instead of living in a liberal fantasy land, these problems wouldn’t be so rampant in the first place.  And it’s not racist to bring up reality.  Facts have no race.  It isn’t the fact that these people are black that makes them irresponsible, unreasonable people, it’s the fact that they’ve been lied to, and have bought into the lie, that their skin color matters.  It does not.  We’re seeing the fallout of these liberal ideas today with Black Lives Matter and the return of segregation.  Far too many black people, particularly poor black people, think that the color of their skin makes them inherently different.  They think that they get a different set of rules to live by simply because they are black.  They are wrong.  They need to be told that they are wrong.  How else can we get rid of these ridiculous ideas if nobody has the balls to open their mouths and say so?

People need to stop pretending that they shouldn’t talk about things.  I talk about anything I want to talk about, to anyone who wants to engage in a conversation with me.  I don’t worry if they get offended.  I owe them nothing but the truth and if the truth offends you, the problem lies with you, not with the truth.  That’s something more people ought to figure out.

Is #BLM to Blame?

A funny thing has started to happen recently, as those involved with or supportive of the #BLM movement have started standing up for the movement in the light of recent cop shootings.  They say they’re not responsible because the leadership of #BLM didn’t directly and demonstrably order the murders.  Okay, I get that and I agree, the leadership of this movement isn’t personally responsible for these particular heinous crimes, any more than radically anti-abortion churches that teach that it’s better to shoot abortion doctors than allow fetuses to be aborted are personally responsible if someone goes out and pulls the trigger.  The only ones personally responsible for these horrific crimes are the ones who actually committed them.

That said though, in both cases listed above, there is a toxic ideology at work.  No one is saying “hey you should go kill people” but they are  certainly saying “it isn’t the worst thing in the world if this gets done”.  When you are openly teaching that it’s acceptable and a greater good to resort to violence, does it really matter if you are directly commanding the violence or not? And when  you are spewing this kind of hatred far and wide, does the fact that the person who acts on it isn’t actually a card-carrying member of your movement matter?

But in all honesty, I don’t blame #BLM for the violence because the real cause is actually much more insidious.  It’s the same thing that gave us the laughable “occupy” movement.  It’s the same thing that gives us campus crybabies looking for safe spaces.  It’s the same thing that gives us modern radical feminism.  It’s the regressive leftist political ideology that is totally toxic to everything that it touches.  And I’m trying not to call this liberalism because I recognize that a lot of self-professed liberals really, really hate this ideology too, but it’s hard when both occupy the political left. It’s hard when this is the ideology that is taking over the Democrats.  Something needs to be done, but I’m just not seeing widespread opposition to it.

This ideology really is poison to everything.  If Christopher Hitchens were still alive, I’m sure a book along the lines of “How Progressivism Poisons Everything” would be on the way.  It has reversed decades of racial equality, it has reversed decades of class peace, it has tried to stomp on everything good and decent in this country, replacing it with a policy of hands out, gimme gimme gimme, socialist nonsense.  The longer this goes on, the worse things are going to get.  It is a cancer and it is spreading and it is causing violence, not only against innocent cops who are doing their jobs protecting the people, it is putting good people out of jobs for daring to question the regressive narrative, it is causing violence against political opposition.  it is going to destroy this country and this planet.  It’s time that the left excises this regressive poison from their midst, just as conservatives have been excising the religious right from theirs.  We’ll never be better so long as we allow this toxic ideology in our midst.  Who is with me?

The Dictionary Does Not Dictate Reality

I find it funny how many people on the left absolutely worship the dictionary, as though they have no clue what the dictionary actually is.  We see this most commonly from feminists who love to quote the dictionary definition of feminism and then… go do something entirely different.

But today I ran into a self-identified liberal who didn’t really like that I was calling out liberals for things he didn’t seem to think were particularly liberal.  So he trots out the dictionary definition of liberal, then goes on to present his own positions that are 180-degree diametrically opposed from the dictionary definition.

These people need to realize that the dictionary doesn’t define words, the dictionary provides common usage.  The dictionary isn’t proscriptive, it’s descriptive.  That’s why dictionaries change definitions all the time and add entirely new words, because the general public changes how it uses words and invents new ones.  Therefore, the dictionary doesn’t actually tell you what words mean, that’s done by linguistic etymology, it just tells you the current usage of a particular set of sounds that come out of  your mouth.

That means that it all depends on which dictionary you look at as to what definition of a word you actually get.  If you find a dictionary published in the 1970s, you’re not going to get a modern definition of “feminism”.  There are such dictionaries online, like this one, the Webster’s Dictionary from 1828.  Look up “liberal” and compare it to a modern dictionary.  The word “feminism” didn’t even exist at that time.  It’s interesting to see how words have changed over almost 200 years.

Regardless, just because the dictionary says something doesn’t make it actually so.  As I said before, feminists will point to the dictionary definition, then go off and talk about gay rights and transgender issues, none of which fits with the dictionary definition of feminism.  They will scream about the “political, social, and economic equality to men” and when it’s pointed out that they already have all of that, they freak out.  There simply are no legally demonstrable rights that women lack that men have.  The reverse is entirely not the case, but women are, in every single way imaginable, entirely equal to men.  These special little snowflakes have just been indoctrinated to believe otherwise and not ask questions because, just like religion, if you ask questions, you’re just asking for trouble.

The dictionary doesn’t actually prove anything.  It certainly doesn’t prove that your actions fit any particular dictionary definition.  It just proves that lots of people use that word in a particular way.  So what?  If people started calling dogs “horses”, in a generation, the dictionary definition of “horse” would have a picture of a dog next to it.  Does that make a dog a horse?  I don’t think so.

Liberals Hate Business But Don’t Understand It

I hate to feel like I’m always picking on liberals, but they just deserve it.  They earn my derision.  Here’s another  case where a self-professed liberal attacks a private business because a government entity “beats” it by putting out a product that is honestly like comparing apples to oranges.  This guy lives near Denver, Colorado, where his town put in fiber optic Internet service that is much faster than the private alternative, Comcast.  Now I have no love for Comcast, in fact I think they’re a shitty company, but if you’re going to criticize them, at least criticize them for something legitimate.

So he posts the following graphic, showing the difference in speed and price between the two.  Oh look, he says, the government is far superior to private enterprise!  Well, never mind that the Comcast price includes TV and phone service, something the Nextlight service does not.  Never mind that the Nextlight price is an introductory offer that goes up to $100 a month for anyone who signs up after the initial 3 month intro period.  The government is just better!

Well, not if you actually compare apples to apples.  The Comcast service is for DSL, not fiber optic.  Obviously, fiber is a lot faster, especially when you realize that Nextlight has 1% of the subscribers that Comcast does and that if they both were serving the same number of customers, the Nextlight speed would be a lot slower.  So this idiot starts saying that it’s Comcast’s fault that they don’t put in fiber lines, it’s a failure in private business that they don’t have millions of dollars to throw around.  I mean, it isn’t like the city got money from bond issues to install their fiber optic lines or anything.  Oh wait, they did!  And it isn’t like the city isn’t getting preferential treatment in billing.  Oh wait, they are!  They’re getting lower rates for their electricity costs and leveraged extremely low interest rates for their bond issue, something that a private company simply cannot get.

Yeah, but private companies suck.  Tell me another one.

And everyone points this out to him.  Everyone.  But he refuses to budge.  Private industry sucks, the government rules, so there!  And when people pointed out how ridiculous his comparison was, he decided that all he cared about was how things “seemed to him”.  Never mind the reality of the situation, he was going to compare two entirely non-analogous things and use whatever personal criteria happened to appeal to him at the time so he could believe what he wanted to believe whether it made any sense or not.  And then he started throwing insults and ran away because that’s apparently what immature liberals do.

A lot.

I honestly wouldn’t pick on these people as much as I do if they didn’t work so hard to earn it.  There’s another self-described liberal socialist who just showed up, declaring that liberalism has made the world great and then complaining that anyone who dares to disagrees is oppressing him.  Oh, and it turns out this mental midget is 15.  No surprise there either.

Racist Liberals can Read Your Mind!

Has this ever happened to you?  You explain to racist liberals that you’re not racist, that you don’t care about a person’s skin color, that you don’t take their race into account in making any decisions about an individual, and they just tell you, flat out, that you do.  Because apparently, they know you better than you do.  Somehow, liberals have developed great powers of mental telepathy, they know what you actually think and believe, even if they have no clue who you are.  They’re just amazing like that.

The problem here isn’t that people are racist, it’s that the liberal mindset tells them that people have to be.  Whether they are or not is irrelevant, their racist ideology makes it necessary to pretend like the world hates blacks and women and gays anyhow, reality be damned.  And when they run across people for whom that isn’t the case… well, that’s the case anyhow.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Another self-identified liberal decided, and I quote:  “In general, blacks face a greater chance of being discriminated against based solely on skin color.” Okay, that’s a claim, now back it up.  Please show us this data, explaining how you eliminated other potential factors that might skew your findings.  And yeah, as expected, not a peep.  They have no evidence.  They have no data.  They just have claims that they think ought to impress people because they said so, as if their say so is enough to convince anyone of anything.  I don’t care how much you want it to be true, it’s only actually true if you can prove your claim with objective evidence.  So why don’t you even bother trying?

And I wouldn’t say if it was just one guy, but it was 4 guys in the same thread, trying to tell me that they know how I think better than I do.  Another one said “Almost everybody says that. Most people are kidding themselves. You may be one of the relatively who actually acts that way, but if so you are indeed rare.”  No, I’m one of the ones who caught you in your empty and frankly offensive lies.  People who are not racist don’t fit into your liberal narrative, hence you refuse to accept that anyone who isn’t racist actually exists.

It’s like that execrable Ghostbusters remake.  Now that it’s actually out and people have actually seen it and, almost without exception, said it’s a horrible, awful movie, the SJWs are still scrambling to defend it because… women.  Every male reviewer who says bad things about it is a misogynist, no matter why they say they don’t like the movie.  And the female reviewers?  Well they don’t exist, unless they liked it, at which point they’re heroes, but if they have anything bad to say, the SJWs refuse to even acknowledge they exist.  Women cannot possibly hate the movie because… you know… women.  It just makes my head hurt.

But all of this makes my head hurt.  Dealing with these liberal idiots running around in circles trying desperately to rationalize their ridiculously false narrative ought to make everyone’s head hurt.  Facts don’t matter.  Reality doesn’t matter.  Only their precious and delicate little feelings mean a thing.  And that’s just stupid.

Men Not Only Have Balls, They Have Standards

Modern feminism screws up a lot, it’s no wonder that so many men are deciding that women just aren’t worth it and “going their own way”.  But the feminists complain about that fact, never realizing that it’s their own damn fault, as this article over on Elite Daily clearly shows.  So I’m going to take some excerpts from the article and point out just how absurd the whole thing actually is.

There’s no door-holding, no hand-holding and definitely no free drinks. There’s no taking off hats or courting through invitations. There are no smooth moves, no jackets to dinner. There are no flowers, no tables by candlelight. But, most importantly, there are no dates.

And that’s because that’s the way you want it.  For decades, you’ve demanded that women be treated exactly the same way that men are treated.  Men don’t hold the door for other men.  Men don’t buy drinks for other men.  Men, at least straight men, don’t court other men.  Decades of feminism has taught women not to act feminine and has beat men over the head with the belief that women shouldn’t be treated that way.  And now you’re complaining about it?

If you’re a single woman, you probably envisioned your twenties as a roaring social scene full of expensive dinners and lavish nights out. You probably thought you’d have a boyfriend, or at least a few dates a week.

You probably thought you’d meet a guy at a bar and that he’d ask for your number. You probably thought you’d be on your way to dinner next week.

If you’re trying to meet guys in bars, you’re an idiot. Bars exist for pickups.  Bars exist for cheap sex.  They do not exist for forming long-lasting relationships.  Clearly, you’re already doing something seriously wrong.  Sitting at a bar getting drunk isn’t an invitation for anyone to get to know you, it’s an excuse to get you into bed for some anonymous sex.  Don’t be stupid.

We’re dealing with a new breed of men here and it’s not the kind we grew up dreaming about. It’s the want-what-I-want-but-don’t-know-how-to-get-it type; it’s the sweet and cuddly mama’s boys who grow up terrified of making the first move; it’s the guys who have so much to say but don’t know how to say it.

Because there is a difference between the “kind of man you grew up dreaming about” and the kind of man that has been beaten down by decades of feminist rhetoric, into being literally afraid to approach a woman for fear of being called a misogynist. They’re not terrified of making the first move, they’ve had that ingrained in them by many encounters with radical feminists who have taught them to be afraid.  So men, by and large, don’t do that.  They don’t go up to random women on the street because they’ve had really bad experiences that come with it.  What you have left are the predators at bars who don’t care about relationships, they just want another notch on their bedpost and there are far, far too many women who are only too happy to oblige them.

Anyone notice the problem here? Yet again, women are left to do all the work. We’re left playing both sides of the game because they’ve simply forgotten how to play.

And that’s exactly the kind of attitude that guarantees nobody will want to be with you.  Relationships are not a game. Stop pretending that it is.

This leaves women making all the moves. We must tell them what they want if we’re to get anywhere close to the goals we had for ourselves. But it will never be as we fully imagined because, in our dreams, men weren’t timid or scared little boys; in our dreams, men are the ones with the balls to ask us out.

But isn’t that what feminists wanted? Equality?  Expecting men to make all of the moves is sexist, according to feminist dogma, but here we have a feminist who wants to be courted, wants to be treated like a woman, yet still spends her time looking down on and insulting men for not meeting her expectations.  Make up your damn mind!  You can’t get mad at the dog for being timid when you spent all of its life kicking it.  You’ve brought this on yourselves.

They’ll never admit it, but you scare the hell out of them. After years of social conditioning, we’ve been duped into thinking that men are the strong ones; that they are the leaders, the protectors and the fighters; that they are the ones that see what they want and go after it.

They are scared of you and it’s all your fault.  It’s years of feminist rhetoric that has done it.  It’s years of being called names, being accused of being rapists and animals and evil that has done it.  You wanted equality, you got it.  They no longer take care of you because you wanted to take care of yourselves.  Now you’re realizing what it is that you’ve lost and pointing fingers back at the men who are only doing what you said you wanted them to do.  Make up your fucking mind already!

Why are men like this? Well, for years they’ve been raised by their mamas, the women who told them they were the best thing God created on this earth. For years, they’ve been given everything on a silver platter — up until the end of college when they were picking up women who just threw up their jungle juice.

Of course, some mothers have raised great men. This isn’t to discredit the generation of mothers before us who raised the myriad of young men we’re dealing with today. But for the select few who didn’t teach them how to properly court a woman, well, shame on you.

Shame on you for not teaching them how to properly approach a woman. Shame on you for giving them the idea that women must go to them. Shame on you for making them believe all they had to do was stand at a bar and wait for a girl to appear on their arm.

Yeah, that’s a problem caused by feminism too.  Feminists want to do away with gender roles, they want to raise men to be in touch with their feelings and when that’s actually done under the feminist flag, feminists complain that men are wimps. You made them that way!  No, women are not going to teach their sons how to pick up chicks.  That’s something that has traditionally been taught by the father, but feminism has no need for traditional families, or even having the father in the picture, it’s no wonder that children raised in these broken homes don’t get the full well-rounded social education that they once did.  And again, feminism is to blame, yet the feminists take zero responsibility for their actions.

In a sad, but not all that surprising, report by Nickelodeon UK, men are 11 years behind women in maturity. While women reach maturation by 32, men aren’t fully matured until 43. While this study garnered much attention, women everywhere were less than surprised. Didn’t we already know this?

No, what’s sad is that it takes anyone until 32 to mature.  Maturity used to happen by the late teens or early 20s.  But again, this is the result of widespread liberalization, where people don’t go out on their own when they’re 18, their parents protect them through college and then the kids just move back in so they don’t have to deal with the reality of life.  Liberal parents don’t want to kick their kids out of the nest and this results in a much longer period of immaturity.  Don’t blame men, blame liberalism.

To add insult to the few dates you have yet to be asked on, men are also getting married less than ever before. According to a study by Pew Research Center, only 26 percent of Generation-Y is married.

Compared to the 48 percent of our parents at this age, there’s no denying that men just don’t have their sh*t together.

Yeah, because liberalism in general and feminism in particular has forced those changes on society.  It’s said women don’t need a man.  It’s said men are scum.  It’s said that getting married is part of the patriarchy.  If you want to have kids, don’t get married, just find a sperm donor.  That’s all you need!  Any of this sound familiar?  It’s no surprise that marriage has been in serious decline since the 1960s, just when modern feminism and the rise of liberalism was getting its start.

We’re dating less and thus, marrying less. And the downfall picks up speed with every failed attempt to ask a woman out.

No, the downfall picks up speed as long as third and fourth-wave feminism continues to exist.  It is a social poison that destroys everything.  Now that’s not to say that equality is a bad thing, it  certainly is not and I fully support equality, but being equal and being identical are not the same thing.  Women don’t have to be identical to men to be equal.  But you have a sizeable movement within radical feminism, the lipstick lesbians, who think that the only acceptable course of action is to eliminate men entirely.  They don’t want there to be men.  They want ot turn men into breeding stock and nothing else.  And this is nothing new, it goes back to the beginning of third wave feminism.  Linda Gordon said “The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.”  Well, that worked out well, didn’t it feminists?  Or how about Sally Miller Gearhart, who said “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.”  Or Mary Daly, “If life is to survive on this planet, there must be a decontamination of the Earth. I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.”  This is nothing new and nothing surprising.  This is what feminism is.  It’s what it’s been for the past 50 years.  And now feminists are figuring out that they don’t like what their ideology hath wrought?  And they’re blaming men for it?

These people are fucking idiots.

The Left Desperately Protecting Islam Against Reality

It’s really sad how far the left will go to make sure that nobody ever blames Islam for violence, ever.  They’re at it again in the midst of a preliminary report that the FBI found no convincing evidence that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had gay lovers or acted out of some kind of shame for being gay.  That means that we’re back to blaming radical Islam for the massacre that claimed 49 lives.  I mean, it isn’t like Mateen didn’t call 911 while in the midst of the massacre and swear allegiance to ISIS or anything.

Oh wait, he did.

But the left can’t admit that.  They refuse to acknowledge that Islam could have had anything at all to do with it.  Even though the FBI has, at least so far, found no credible evidence that Mateen was gay, the left still insists that he must have been because there’s just no way that Islam could have been responsible.  He must have been ashamed of being gay!

And I have to point out, if he was ashamed, what made him that way?  Could it have been… oh, I don’t know… ISLAM?  Funny that it all keeps coming around to religion, isn’t it?  Either Mateen’s religious hatred for homosexuality came from Islam or his religious revulsion for his own homosexuality came from Islam.  That’s a little hard to get away from.

But the crazies on the left just won’t admit it no matter how blatantly obvious that it is.  They can’t get away from it but they insist on being purposely blind to reality.  They are out and out delusional.  They are so ideologically dead set against blaming Islam for anything that they’ll go to virtually any lengths to avoid admitting the blatantly obvious.

And it’s not just this case, there are still lefty lunatics out there arguing that the San Bernardino shooters couldn’t possibly have been motivated by Islam. Because, you know… reasons.  Or liberal ideology.  Take your pick.  But religion?  Never.  At least not religion often practiced by brown people.  Those people need the left’s protection for some reason.  Because the left is fucking stupid.

The Untruth Behind Privilege

So I usually try to give a little benefit of the doubt to young people who post stupid things on the Internet, at least if I see them trying to make some sense and apply some logic to their writing.  After all, they just don’t know any better and how are they supposed to learn if they never try?

But that doesn’t mean that what they write gets any less critical evaluation than anything else.  If you’re going to take the time to write an article or make a video, at least take the time to make sure your facts are correct, otherwise you deserve all the derision you receive.

Take this short article from Feminist Culture, written by 16-year old Sergio Pena. Is it technically well-written?  Yes.  Is it intellectually vapid?  Unfortunately, also yes. So I wanted to take the whole of the article and respond to it, pointing out just how ridiculous the whole thing is and how, with a little research, young Sergio might not have made such a fool of himself.  So let’s get started.

A social privilege is an advantage that is given to a specific group of people for a trait that pertains to that group. Privileges manifest themselves in many ways due to certain traits being favorable over others for a variety of reasons, to the point that they have been normalized and ignored by the groups that benefit from such privileges.

Except nobody has ever been able to prove that any specific group of people have been privileged just for belonging to that group.  In fact, if  you look at one of the left’s primary whipping boys, white men, you find that they make up the largest segment of the homeless population.  I guess that makes being homeless “privileged”.  The fact remains, there are no demonstrable privileges that can be traced to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  There certainly are social privileges that come with religion in this country and many others and a lot of unspoken but very real biases against those who fall outside of the local majority religious belief.  But none of that gets talked about in this article, beyond the standard boilerplate arguments about Islam.

Male privilege is one of the more widely acknowledged forms of privilege, which favors cisgender men over all other genders. This privilege is based on the idea that men are stronger and smarter than women, meaning men should be favored over women – thus giving men power. Male privilege manifests itself in many ways but the most significant one is patriarchy – a system of power which puts men as the head of the unit. The patriarchy enforces rigid gender roles that make women seem weak and need more guidance which leads to the subservience of women, while men have greater freedom without as many risks.

That’s absolutely not true.  In fact, you cannot find a single right that is slanted toward men, a single law that is slanted toward men, regardless of their “cis”-ness.  But we have tons of laws and rights that are slanted toward women.  Women can get abortions without consulting their partner if they want out of an unwanted pregnancy, but men have no means of eliminating financial responsibility for an unwanted pregnancy and may pay for 18 years for a child they aren’t even allowed to see.  Woman get reduced sentencing for identical crimes versus men.  Men receive 3x more jail time and are 20x more likely to receive the death penalty for identical crimes.  Women make up the majority of college attendees, yet are still seen as a discriminated against class and are given more gender-specific scholarships than men.  Women are more likely to get spousal support and almost automatic child custody compared to men.  Men work more hours than women and are 9x more likely to die at work than women.  Men are more likely, by far, to be attacked in public and 3x more likely to be murdered.  They are much more likely to commit suicide than women.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  But somehow, men are so much more privileged because… reasons.

The success of women and other genders has been made difficult to achieve due to the existence of an entire system that favors one gender over others in many different ways. The wage gap is another obvious system that favors men over women but it also factors in race, ability, and other aspects of identity. For every dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes 78 cents, a Black man makes 75 cents, a Black woman 64 cents, a Hispanic man makes 67 cents, and a Hispanic woman makes 54.  Notice how the men of each race make more than the women of the respective race: that’s male privilege.

Except the wage gap doesn’t exist.  This has been so completely and absolutely debunked over the years that I really don’t want to waste time going over it again.  It is based on comparing all wages made by men and all wages made by women and finding that  there is a disparity.  This is not comparing men and women in the same jobs, with the same experience and the same skills, this is comparing apples to orangutans.  Men, on average, choose to go into fields that require more experience, more education, more time and more skills and thus pay more.  Women, on average, choose to go into fields that require less experience, education, time on the job and skills and thus make less.  Men work far more overtime than women.  Men take far less time off work than women.  Men retire far later than women.  It’s no wonder that men make more on average because men work harder on average.  This isn’t discrimination, this is personal choice.  But you still get feminists pushing for artificial gender quotas in the highest paying jobs, regardless of whether women have earned their place, or even want it.  There is a constant push for women to enter STEM fields, yet women, by and large, reject all offers, preferring to go into other fields that simply do not pay as well. The only demonstrable “victimization” going on here is by women, to themselves.

Another obvious example of male privilege is the different expectations set for genders when it comes to sex. When a man has sex and discusses it, he is celebrated and he feels empowered for having sex. When a woman has sex and discusses it, she is seen as dirty and promiscuous. Also the concept of virginity has been and still is being forced upon women to save themselves for men, but women should have the choice of when to have sex for the first time. The same concept of virginity is rarely applied to men and when he does have sex for the first time, he’s celebrated and is finally seen as a man. Men receive so many privileges that there are too many to list, but most are sexist and misogynistic in nature.

I don’t think that’s an issue in the west at all.  Sure, if you’re going to talk about the Middle East where women are demonstrably oppressed, you might have a point, but western feminists not only don’t want to talk about Middle Eastern abuses, they stand up and support Islam at every turn.  But let’s get to the concept of virginity.  It is true that in the past, female virginity was valuable, only because female virginity could be objectively measured.  You know if a woman isn’t a virgin, with men, not so much.  And no, that’s not sexism, that’s biology.  With men, they could go out and sow their wild oats, under the social radar of course, and nobody would ever know.  Today though, and it’s been like this for a long time, nobody really cares.  I think that’s a problem because it speaks to one’s moral character how they choose to act and running around rutting like donkeys in heat says nothing good about one’s moral character, male or female.  But in the west, nobody really cares and neither gender suffers any social harm for doing whatever they want to do.  That’s why the out-of-wedlock birth rate is skyrocketing.

Cisgender privilege is the favoring of cis people, those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, over non-binary and trans people. The normalization of being cisgender has led to a harsh view of trans and non-binary people since their genders don’t fit what society considers “normal.” Cis privilege is present in so many basic ways. A cis person doesn’t have to worry about somebody asking about his or her genitals or how he or she has sex; trans and non-binary people have to deal with that frequently. Cis privilege is known that you’ll be able to safely use gendered spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and in-store dressing rooms, whereas trans and non-binary people are often forced to use the bathroom that corresponds with their genitals, putting them at a greater risk of being assaulted or harassed by cis people in the bathroom for their gender identities.

Here’s a secret for you.  Nobody has a gender assigned at birth.  Gender is what sexual organs you have, controlled by what genes you inherited from your parents.  Doctors do not assign you a gender at birth, they recognize the gender you are born as, based on an observation of your external sexual characteristics.  You are welcome to continue to identify as that gender or change your mind as time goes on.  Your mindset doesn’t change reality.  Bruce Jenner can become Caitlin Jenner or go back to being Bruce Jenner as much as desired, it doesn’t change the fact that she has a particular genetic profile that identifies her as biologically male.  I have no problem with people choosing, for whatever reasons, to identify as whatever they want to identify as, but their desire doesn’t change “normal”.  Normal is what is average in society and the overwhelming majority of humans identify as their biological genders.  When you operate outside of the norm, you are going to get questions from curious people and curiosity is normal.  It might be somewhat uncomfortable for the one being questioned, but as I say continually, actions have consequences and one needs to accept the potential consequences before they take the actions.  Such is reality.

Cis privilege extends beyond the basic necessities. For example, the portrayal of trans and non-binary in media is near non-existent but when there are trans and non-binary roles in a film or television show, they’re often given to cis people such as Eddie Redmayne’s (a cis man) portrayal of a trans woman in The Danish Girl. Also cis people don’t have to worry about their gender not being listed on forms that ask for gender or their gender identity being wrong on official forms of identification. Because of the normalization of cisgender, crime rates against trans and non-binary people are higher than crime rates against cis people.

Why do you people not understand the concept of “actors”?  Actors and actresses work by portraying people that they, themselves, are not.  The idea that studios only ought to hire gay actors to play gay roles and transgender actresses to play transgender roles is utterly idiotic and betrays a complete misunderstanding of what acting actually is.  More and more often, “other” is becoming commonplace on forms below “male” and “female” and because non-binary whatever you want to call it makes up a minuscule percentage of people in any given society, that is probably all that you have a right to expect.

Able-bodied privilege is the favoring of able-bodied and neurotypical people over those who are disabled and/or neurodivergent. The normalization and favoring of able-bodied and neurotypical people is the result of disabled people being seen as weak and inferior while neurodivergent people aren’t “stable.” This privilege was systematically enforced at one point through eugenics which tried to weed out the genetically weak, specifically targeting disabled and neurodivergent people in order to create a “stronger” gene pool and a more “efficient” society. In addition, the unemployment rate for disabled people is nearly twice as high as able-bodied people’s rate at an overwhelming 12.5% in 2014. Employers tend to overlook disabled people because disability may interfere with the person’s ability to do the job or able-bodied people are just believed to do the job better simply for being able-bodied.

I get really sick of this “neuroatypical” nonsense.  This is just more politically correct, don’t offend anyone for any reason bullcrap.  And of course the unemployment rate for disabled people is higher, they are not as capable of performing work as non-disabled people are.  He says right there, employers tend to overlook disabled people because their disability may interfere with their ability to do the job.  So are employers supposed to hire people who are unable to do the work for which they are being hired?  Is this guy stupid?  That’s not saying there aren’t jobs which the disabled can do and certainly, if they can do a job with or without minimal aid, they should be allowed to do the job.  That part is already written into the law.  But to suggest there’s some kind of overt discrimination going on is ludicrous, it’s like saying that newborns are being discriminated against because they have a near 100% unemployment rate.  Well that’s because they can hardly hold their heads up, much less do any kind of work!

Disabled and/or neurodivergent people may have difficulties paying for the services they need in order to function, due to insurance costs, not having insurance, or the insurance not covering the services needed. The portrayal of disabled and neurodivergent people in the media is very limited but when a character that is meant to be neurodivergent is portrayed (such as Deadpool who has schizophrenia), the disability or mental illness is erased as was done with Deadpool. The use of ableist slurs is extremely prevalent with slurs such as r*tard, and id*ot, being thrown around by able-bodied people as young as middle-schoolers. There are many more ableist slurs that are so commonly used such as d*mb and st*pid, and these slurs are ableist in nature since they note limited intelligence, which may be a result of a disability.

And that’s why most of these people are covered by free or ultra-low cost insurance provided by the government.  People with legitimate disabilities are already taken care of at taxpayer expense. And if you can’t spell “retard”, fuck you.  Enough with this childish nonsense.

Another systemic form of privilege is white privilege which favors white people over all other races. White privilege is enforced through eurocentrism and racism so that people of color aren’t seen as superior or even equal to white people. White privilege gives white people benefits that people of color don’t receive, such as a higher pay for white women and men, knowing that a traffic stop won’t end badly, and having more representation in the media. A fellow Feminist Culture writer named Salli Sanfo wrote a more in-depth article about white privilege.

White privilege doesn’t exist.  If it did, we wouldn’t have affirmative action.  We wouldn’t have race-based scholarships for non-white students.  We wouldn’t have quotas for hiring of non-white workers.  If there was white privilege, then white people would have all of those things and non-white people wouldn’t.  But don’t bring that up to progressives or  they’ll shit themselves.  Again, just like the gender wage gap, the difference in average income between races has to do with life choices, not racism.  People are responsible for their own choices in life. Everyone is responsible for getting the best education they can while it is available and it is available to everyone.  Everyone is responsible for making the best, most responsible choices they can.  They are responsible for not breaking the law.  They are responsible for not joining gangs or doing drugs.  They are responsible for not having children out of wedlock.  But if you look at the statistics, 73% of blacks have children out of wedlock, compared to 29% of whites.  Now I think that 29% is absurdly high, considering that it was only 2% in the 60s, but 73% is just ridiculous and it is all personal choice.  Nobody is holding a gun to their head and forcing them to breed irresponsibly.  But if you drop out of school, if you join gangs and do drugs, if you break the law and go to prison, if you have illegitimate children, what do you expect to happen to you and to your children?  The dropout rate in California for blacks was 37% compared to 14% for whites and 10% for Asians.  Whose fault is this?  It isn’t racism, it’s personal irresponsibility.

Privilege is completely intersectional, meaning that you may benefit from multiple privileges at the same time. For example, the most privileged group in Western society is an able-bodied, neurotypical, wealthy, cisgender white man. Privilege also includes class privilege because of the benefits of being wealthy or well off, and straight privilege because being heterosexual is seen as normal. It is important to not feel resentful for having privileges pointed out; rather, you should acknowledge them and use them to empower and amplify the voices of disadvantaged groups.

Or you might not be privileged at all, maybe you just worked harder than the other guy.  Sure, we don’t all start off at the same spot, that’s just reality.  There are plenty of wealthy blacks out there that are far better off than I am and I don’t point at them and pretend racism got them ahead of me.  They worked hard and earned what they got.  Good for them.  I don’t blame others for my shortcomings.  That’s entirely on me.  And here we see more progressive whining about what’s “normal”.  News flash for you pal, being able-bodied, sane, successful, heterosexual and non-transgender is normal.  Normal just means that it represents the majority.  Being part of the majority doesn’t make you privileged.  Yes, we need to make sure that those people who fall outside of the norm are not abused or discriminated against and by and large, they are not.  Where they are, we need to fight for equality.  Mostly, those fights have been won.  But for the regressive left, they can never admit that their fight is over, they have to constantly look for more and more wars to wage under the same labels they’ve always used.  They don’t want to actually win, they want to constantly find more victims so they can proclaim discrimination.  Sometimes they just make victims up because it’s easier than admitting that their ideology is unnecessary.  They want the government to solve all problems and in so doing, they absolve their victim groups of having to take any responsibility for themselves.  This is why people laugh at the regressive left and honestly, they’ve earned it.  Maybe when this writer grows up, he’ll figure that out for himself but I wouldn’t bet on it.  Growing up is something the regressive seem resistant to doing.

Freddy Gray Got What He Deserved

The verdict has come back regarding the driver of the van that Freddy Gray died in the back of, clearing him of all charges, and as should have been expected, the liberal shitbags are up in arms because… reasons.  It has to be the fault of the cops that Freddy Gray died.  It just has to be.

It’s just that reality says otherwise.  The court found that the testimony given by another person in the back of the van held up to scrutiny, even though the testimony was eventually retracted because going against the racist #BLM thugs tends to be bad for your health.  The testimony matches all of the forensic evidence that states that Freddy Gray was told to remain laying down on his stomach during the van ride, he chose instead to stand up and act erratically, and that led to his injuries and subsequent death.

Well stupid, do what you’re told!

Apparently, the racist left think black people are too stupid to do as they’re told because it must be the fault of the police that this happened!  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray, who has a long criminal history in the first place.  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he violated his probation.  It can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he got arrested and it certainly can’t be the fault of Freddy Gray that he decided to stand up and dance around in the back of a moving police van in violation of orders to do otherwise.

Sure, not his fault at all!  It’s all a white conspiracy!

See, the law is colorblind.  There are no laws only for black people, no laws only for white people, the laws apply to everyone. If you violate the laws, you deserve to pay the penalty.  For some weird and wholly racist reason, the left seems to think that being black makes you special and that you can ignore some laws with impunity because they shouldn’t apply to you.

Liberals are idiots.  I am sick to death of idiots, especially the racist idiots that the illiberal left is turning into.  Freddy Gray got what he deserved.  It’s a shame that he’s dead, but his entire life led to that moment.  Nobody is to blame but him.  Maybe it’s about damn time the asshole left figured that shit out.

Why Can’t Liberals Face Reality?

I can’t tell you how many discussions I have with liberals where they simply are unable to deal with reality, they have to create strawmen and shift the goalposts because they fundamentally can’t handle what’s actually out there.  Take a recent example, I was debating someone on welfare, specifically welfare in the inner cities.  I produced a ton of evidence about kids dropping out of school, out of wedlock pregnancies, crime and imprisonment rates, gang membership, etc.  All of these things are personal choices.  I was pointing out how these people are poor because of their own decisions and because of the decisions of their parents and community.

But no, my liberal opponent couldn’t answer any of those positions.  They instead kept bringing up all kinds of things that had nothing at all to do with the discussion at hand.  People who lost their high paying jobs and the 2008 financial crash.  People who had a run of bad luck.  Anything they could do to get around the lack of personal responsibility of the people that we were actually talking about.  And when I pointed out what they were doing, they tossed a whole host of insults and blocked me because they simply couldn’t deal with the facts.

Now I’m not saying that bad things didn’t happen in 2008, or that people can, and do, have bad luck, but the idea that we can ignore all of the demonstrable cases of poor people who have caused their own problems because of their own personal and cultural failures, just because that doesn’t describe every single conceivable case is ludicrous.  These people demonstrate some serious black-and-white thinking.  If it doesn’t fit into their ideology, then they pretend it doesn’t exist and run around the field with the goalposts, hoping to find some way to get the discussion back on track.  They argue strawmen.  They shift the burden of proof.  Anything to keep from actually having to face the facts that everyone isn’t a victim.

But what do you do with these people?  When they get backed into a corner, they spew vile and run away declaring victory.  They are no different than the religious who do the same thing, or the libertarians who do the same thing, or even vegetarians who do exactly the same thing.  None of them are interested in actual facts.  They want emotional comfort and when denied that, or when the facts get in the way of their emotional comfort, their heads explode and they lash out because the real world doesn’t accurately represent their ideology.  These people cannot be rationally debated because none of their positions are at all rational.  They are emotional.  That’s why their ideas are so crazy.  It doesn’t take long to find out if your opponent is completely off their rational rocker, just suggest that they are not completely correct in any of their assertions and watch the sparks fly.